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Difference Between Serial And Parallel Interface Pdf

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In telecommunication and data transmission , serial communication is the process of sending data one bit at a time, sequentially, over a communication channel or computer bus. This is in contrast to parallel communication , where several bits are sent as a whole, on a link with several parallel channels.

Serial and parallel interface pdf

As the name suggests, serial and parallel are the two types of ports. Serial port and parallel port are mainly differentiated by their implementations where the former is employed when we want to do serial communication. As against, the parallel ports are used when we want to achieve parallel communication. Now, what the serial and parallel communication indicates here. In serial communication, the chunks of the data are sent one after the other. In contrast, in parallel communication, all these chunks can be transmitted simultaneously. You can refer to the article difference between serial and parallel transmission to understand the concept in detail.

The crucial difference between serial and parallel communication is that in serial communication a single communication link is used to transfer the data from an end to another. As against in parallel communication, multiple parallel links are used that transmits each bit of data simultaneously. Due to only a single communication link serial communication is comparatively more cost effective than parallel communication. In this article we will discuss some other factors that differentiates the two. In serial communication the data bits are transmitted serially over a common communication link one after the other. Basically it does not allow simultaneous transmission of data because only a single channel is utilized. Thereby allowing sequential transfer rather than simultaneous transfer.

Difference between Serial Ports and Parallel Ports

For transferring data between computers, laptops, two methods are used, namely, Serial Transmission and Parallel Transmission. There are some similarities and dissimilarities between them. One of the primary difference is that; in Serial Transmission, data is sent bit by bit whereas, in Parallel Transmission a byte 8 bits or character is sent at a time. The similarity is that both are used to connect and communicate with peripheral devices. Furthermore, the parallel transmission is time-sensitive, whereas serial transmission is not time-sensitive.

2. Parallel Port: Unlike serial port, a parallel port can move a set of 8 bits at a time on eight different wires. That's why it is.

Difference Between Serial and Parallel Transmission

Doc internet search reveals various suppliers of such specific software. In an asynchronous serial interface sci, data is transmitted in welldefined frames. A queued serial peripheral interface qspi is a type of spi controller that uses a data queue to transfer data across the spi bus. Both the 8bit and 16bit spi operations are compatible with daisy chain connection.


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In parallel mode, each bit has a single wire devoted to it and all the bits are transmitted at the same time. In serial mode, the bits are transmitted as a series of pulses. Serial interface consists of an I2C bus, SPI bus, or synchronous serial control and data lines.

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Serial PortsSerial Ports provide an interface to connect serial lines to prepare a serial communication. Serial ports are typically used in modem.

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