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Parliamentary system , democratic form of government in which the party or a coalition of parties with the greatest representation in the parliament legislature forms the government, its leader becoming prime minister or chancellor. Executive functions are exercised by members of the parliament appointed by the prime minister to the cabinet. The parties in the minority serve in opposition to the majority and have the duty to challenge it regularly.

Presidential versus Parliamentary Government

Montesquieu, Baron de French political philosopher whose Spirit of the Laws, a seminal work of political theory, greatly influenced the Founding Fathers. British prime ministers were originally appointed by the crown and only gradually did they become responsible to Parliament rather than the monarch. The phrase responsible government was specifically used in the struggle to establish democratic governments in Canada and Australia during the 19th century. The U. In the United States the party whips are influential figures, but they do not have the power of their counterparts in Great Britain.

This article deals with a comparative study of Presidential and Parliamentary systems. In the 21st century, many countries in the world have an organized government. The work of government nowadays is not limited to a police state i. The government has become a welfare state, which looks after the welfare of its citizens along with the overall development of the country. The significant point, however, is that in order to carry out these activities and functions whatever may be their range, it becomes important for a country to establish certain basic organs or agents or instrumentalities which act on its behalf and thorough which the state can function and operate. The functions that need to be performed by these agents require some authority, sanction or law. This leads to the need for constitutional law or constitution which lays down the function, power, and structure of various organs through which the states act.

Presidential system

In this article, she discussed the difference between the presidential and parliamentary forms of government, along with their advantages and disadvantages. These democratic governments can be representative or direct. In a direct democracy, political power is placed in the hands of all individuals in the state who come together to make a decision. In a representative democracy, on the other hand, individuals that are elected through an electoral process act as intermediaries between the people of the state and the policy decisions. Basically, a person elected by the people takes decisions on their behalf. Now a representative democracy can be divided into Parliamentary and Presidential democracy.

prime minister or premier, and the head of state often being a figurehead, often either a president (elected either popularly or by the parliament) or a hereditary.

Difference between Presidential and Parliamentary form of Government

Presidential and parliamentarian systems. Essential characteristics of the presidential system. Main influences on the original presidential systems in Latin America. Some authors that influenced Latin American presidential systems.

A presidential system is a form of government in which a head of government president leads an executive branch that is separate from the legislative branch. This head of government is in most cases also the head of state. In presidential countries, the head of government is elected and is not responsible to the legislature, which cannot usually in normal circumstances dismiss it.

Parliamentary system

Presidential System vs. Parliamentary System

The institutional design of democratic regimes has attracted much attention from a legal and political perspective, because it affects the actual distribution of power among political actors and the effectiveness of their decisions. The article advances a classification of the democratic institutional design, with particular reference to the triangular interactions among Presidents, Governments, and Parliaments. Moving from the assumption that the arrangements among these three top political institutions identify the main patterns of the democratic government, the distinction among Parliamentary, Presidential, and Semi-Presidential systems set by the constitutional law is rejected and a new classification schema is advanced. In this new perspective, the institutional design of democracy consists of the institutional roles of authority, procedural resources attached to them and arenas of confrontation among the roles. Contemporary political science has established itself on methodological and conceptual bases which have marked its distance from the formal and legal analysis of political institutions. Nonetheless, following or adapting the seminal work by Duverger ; the triangular relationship among parliaments, presidents and governments has sometimes been reduced to three ideal-types: the Parliamentary, the Presidential, and the Semi-Presidential outlined by the constitutional scholars. Footnote 1 This classification generates some ambiguities which political scientists have been dealing with for a long time.

Handbook of New Institutional Economics pp Cite as. The last twenty-five years have witnessed dramatic growth in the number of political regimes that meet basic standards of procedural democracy, such as freedom of association and expression, competitive elections that determine who holds political power, and systematic constraints on the exercise of authority Robert Dahl ; Samuel Huntington A common consequence of these transitions is to focus attention on the constitutional rules that guide competition for and the exercise of political authority under democracy.

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By contrast, in a parliamentary system the head of government and the ministers of state depend for their continuation in office on the confidence of the legislature.

Presidential System vs. Parliamentary System

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