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Documentation Help Center. The hypergeometric distribution models the total number of successes in a fixed-size sample drawn without replacement from a finite population. The distribution is discrete, existing only for nonnegative integers less than the number of samples or the number of possible successes, whichever is greater. The hypergeometric distribution differs from the binomial only in that the population is finite and the sampling from the population is without replacement. The hypergeometric distribution has three parameters that have direct physical interpretations.

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The simplest probability density function is the hypergeometric. This is the most basic one because it is created by combining our knowledge of probabilities from Venn diagrams, the addition and multiplication rules, and the combinatorial counting formula. Putting this together, we can compute the probability of getting exactly two aces in a 5 card poker hand as:. This solution is really just the probability distribution known as the Hypergeometric. The generalized formula is:.

The hypergeometric distribution arises when one samples from a finite population, thus making the trials dependent on each other. There are five characteristics of a hypergeometric experiment. The outcomes of a hypergeometric experiment fit a hypergeometric probability distribution. A candy dish contains jelly beans and 80 gumdrops. Fifty candies are picked at random. What is the probability that 35 of the 50 are gumdrops?

The probability distribution of a hypergeometric random variable is called a hypergeometric distribution. This lesson describes how hypergeometric random variables, hypergeometric experiments, hypergeometric probability, and the hypergeometric distribution are all related. The following notation is helpful, when we talk about hypergeometric distributions and hypergeometric probability. A hypergeometric experiment is a statistical experiment that has the following properties:. Consider the following statistical experiment.

Hypergeometric distribution

The probability of a success changes on each draw, as each draw decreases the population sampling without replacementfrom a finite population. The hypergeometric distribution formula is a probability distribution formula that is very much similar to the binomial distribution and a good approximation of the hypergeometric distribution in mathematics when you are sampling 5 percent or less of the population. An introduction to the hypergeometric distribution. The result of each draw the elements of the population being sampled can be classified into one of two mutually exclusive categories e. Let x be a random variable whose value is the number of successes in the sample.

Let the random variable X denote the number of successes in the sample of size n, so x Solution: This is a hypergeometric probability experiment because. 1.

Hypergeometric, Binomial and Poisson distributions

The probability of the second pick depends on what happened in the first pick. The outcomes of a hypergeometric experiment fit a hypergeometric probability distribution. A candy dish contains jelly beans and 80 gumdrops. Fifty candies are picked at random.

Hypergeometric Distribution

Hypergeometric Experiments

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4.6: Hypergeometric Distribution

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