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Industrial Relations And Trade Unions In Hrm Pdf

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Industrial Relations in Ireland

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A short summary of this paper. It is an organization whose membership consist of workers and union leaders, united to protect and promote their common interest or it is any combination of person whether temporary or permanent regulating the relation between workmen and employers. Trade union is formed by labour, workers or employees to achieve their demands for better condition of environment at workplace.

The main purpose of the union is to maintain or improve the condition of the employment. The union negotiate with employers to keep the employee morale high just to protect them from unsafe and unfair working condition.

Trade union mainly creates discipline among the workers and maintain the relationship between the management and worker. Some of the leaders join trade union to fulfil their political ambition. The Trade Union Act, gave legal status to registered trade union.

Therefore, this law was an important landmark in the history of trade union movement in India. The primary purpose of the trade union is collective bargaining. Sometime workers have to adjust themselves in new working environment.

In India trade union can be formed only the person engaged in trade or business can form trade union. Key Words:- Trade Union, Employees, Workers, Labour Relation Trade Union helps in accelerated the pace of economic development in various ways as help in the selection and recruitment process of workers by maintaining a proper and healthy environment.

Including discipline among the workforce. Enabling settlement of Industrial disputes in a rational manner. Help in social adjustment. Workers have to adjust themselves to the new working condition, the new rules and policies. Workers coming from different background may sometime unsatisfy and frustrated. Union help such employee in adjustment. Trade union is a part of society and help in social responsibility.

By promoting and maintaining national integration by reducing the number of industrial disputes. Incorporating a sense of corporate social responsibility in workers. Achieving industrial peace.

It is through union efforts that workers benefit from better pay and working conditions, and that they are treated with dignity and respect at work. Unions represent workers within a given industry in negotiations with their employers. Since the union comprises a group of workers, it has a greater voice than if employees were dealing with employers individually. Unions can organize strikes, boycotts to get employers to consider their proposals.

Union not only have given workers dignity in the workplace, but they also consistently facilitate enhanced welfare and standards of living. The NLRA declares that it is unlawful for employers to dominate a union, discriminate against workers engaged in union activity, and victimize workers who file charges against them with the National Labour Relations Board. If the employer does any of these prohibited acts, the union can take it up with the board on behalf of the employees.

The union representing workers filed charges against the company for interfering with employees engaging in concerted union activity. The board investigates charges and may take a variety of actions, including issuance of orders. The union initiate the push for regulation in areas that concern employees in the workplace. The lobby for the creation of laws and regulations and disseminate information to the employees about them. Trade unions are the expression of the needs and wishes of the working.

Negotiate wages and working condition terms. Regulate relations between workers Its members and the employer. Take collective action to enforce the terms of collective bargaining. Raise new demands on behalf of its members 5. Help settle their grievances. To secure the worker wages in light of the cost of living.

Improve working condition by shorter working hours, better leave facilities. Ensure security of employment. Protect worker against exploitation. To assure the worker a share in the profitability of industry. To protect the larger interest of society by assuring the improvement of trade and industry.

NEED:- 1. Union serves as a platform through which worker can make his voice heard by the employer. By joining union he associates with fellow workers and gain social respect. They can influence decision through collective bargaining. They u se the union as an outlet to become leader. A company union that represents interest of only one company and may not have any connection with other unions.

Also called house union, a company union is often a bogus one and generally illegal. A general union that represents workers from several companies in the same industry. Also called industrial union. A craft union that represents skilled workers in a particular field such as carpentry or welding. In most of the organization there is dispute arise between the employer and worker. The dispute leads to strike. Strike is a stoppage of work. It refers to a situation when workers is temporarily stopped and production is stand still.

During strike employer and employee relation remain intact. It is usually one day. The purpose behind is to pressurize the worker to accept the term of employees.

Workers surround the employer in order to get their demands accepted. It is for a short while. The atmosphere is surcharged with tension. Lokhanday , a factory workers is said to be first trade union in India. In subsequent year number of unions were formed. After independence there was a speedy growth in trade union due to support from both the government and society.

Several splits occurred in central organisations of labour. At present there are more than 50, trade and 10 central labour organisation in India.

Workers in India are unionised mainly on the basis plant rather than on the basis of craft. Craft union are formed among non industrial and professional worker. Unionisation is not limited to blue collar employee. White collar worker are also unionised. Primary union are affiliated to number of central union. There is very close link between Trade Union and Political Parties. The name, occupation and address of the members making in application.

Name of the Trade union and address of its head office. Titles, name, age, address and occupation of the office bearers of trade union. It is necessary that the trade unions all over the country should be actuated in their activities by a spirit of service to the nations.

The workers forming such unions should be made to realize that their interests are connected with the interest of the nations and that they cannot prosper unless the nation as a whole prospers. So they must respond enthusiastically to the call for national reconstruction. Ashok Khurana ed. Hindustan Times, August 18, 5. Related Papers. Trade unions in the workplace and the reasons behind their formation: an employee perspective.

By Yusuf A Mdala. What should be the approach when we are talking about the role of HR and trade union. By Sandeep Gunjan. By International Research Journal Commerce arts science.

Introduction to trade unions

Labour Relations and Human Resources Management. Rights of Association and Representation Breen Creighton. The term labour relations, also known as industrial relations, refers to the system in which employers, workers and their representatives and, directly or indirectly, the government interact to set the ground rules for the governance of work relationships. It also describes a field of study dedicated to examining such relationships. The field is an outgrowth of the industrial revolution, whose excesses led to the emergence of trade unions to represent workers and to the development of collective labour relations.

Human Resource Management as a Substitute for Trade Unions in British Workplaces

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Table of Contents

Part XI.

Skip to content. Find out about trade unions, including what they are and the benefits of being a trade union member. A trade union is an organisation made up of members a membership-based organisation and its membership must be made up mainly of workers. One of a trade union's main aims is to protect and advance the interests of its members in the workplace. Most trade unions are independent of any employer. However, trade unions try to develop close working relationships with employers. This can sometimes take the form of a partnership agreement between the employer and the trade union which identifies their common interests and objectives.

A concise overview of contemporary Irish Industrial Relations, reflecting the changed economic, legislative, social and political environments in Ireland today. Industrial Relations or Human Resource Management courses at third level Institute of Professional Development courses Industrial relations practitioners. Trade Unions 4. Employer Organisations 5. Dispute Resolution and Wage-Setting Institutions 6. Individual Employment Law 7. Collective and Individual Workplace Procedures 8.

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Industrial Relations

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