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Obstructed labour

Obstructed labour , also known as labour dystocia , is when the baby does not exit the pelvis during childbirth due to being physically blocked, despite the uterus contracting normally. The main causes of obstructed labour include: a large or abnormally positioned baby, a small pelvis , and problems with the birth canal. The treatment of obstructed labour may require cesarean section or vacuum extraction with possible surgical opening of the symphysis pubis. Abnormal positioning includes shoulder dystocia where the anterior shoulder does not pass easily below the pubic bone. Risk factors for a small pelvis include malnutrition and a lack of exposure to sunlight causing vitamin D deficiency. This relationship is a result of the mother's nutritional health throughout her life leading up to childbirth. Obstructed labor is more common in humans than any other species and continues to be a main cause of birth complications today.

The anterior wall at the pubic symphysis measures approximately 5 cm, and the posterior wall measures approximately 10 cm. The pelvic inlet is bounded laterally by the iliopectineal lines, which can be traced anteriorly along the pectineal eminence and pubic crest to the symphysis. The posterior boundary is composed of the sacrum at the level of the iliopectineal lines. The anteroposterior diameter obstetric conjugate is the shortest distance between the sacral promontory and the pubic symphysis. The inlet usually is considered to be contracted if the obstetric conjugate is less than 10 cm or the greatest transverse diameter is less than 12 cm.

Obstructed labour

Obstetrics Simplified - Diaa M. Labour is the process by which a viable foetus i. The phase of maximum slope is the most detectable and the two other phases are of shorter duration and can be detected only by frequent vaginal examination. The normal rate of cervical dilatation in active phase is 1. The anterior shoulder hinges below the symphysis pubis and with continuous descent the posterior shoulder is delivered first by lateral flexion of the spines followed by anterior shoulder then the body. After delivery of the foetus, the uterus continues to contract and retract. As the placenta is inelastic, it starts to separate through the spongiosa layer by one of the following mechanisms:.

Background: Modified WHO partograph is graphical record of maternal and foetal data during progress of labour entered against time on single paper sheet. Entire labour can be interpreted in a glance on the photograph. It helps to detect abnormal progress of labour. It guides obstetrician to decide about the need for augmentation of labour or termination of pregnancy either by instrumental delivery or LSCS and avoids prolong labour before obstruction. The objectives were to study the course of normal and abnormal labour and to evaluate the maternal and perinatal outcome in normal and abnormal labour.

If your institution subscribes to this resource, and you don't have a MyAccess Profile, please contact your library's reference desk for information on how to gain access to this resource from off-campus. Please consult the latest official manual style if you have any questions regarding the format accuracy. Labor is a sequence of uterine contractions that results in effacement and dilatation of the cervix and voluntary bearing-down efforts, leading to the expulsion per vagina of the products of conception. Delivery is the mode of expulsion of the fetus and placenta. Labor and delivery is a normal physiologic process that most women experience without complications.

PDF | Background: Modified WHO partograph is graphical record of maternal and foetal data during progress of labour entered against time on.

Abnormal Labor

Metrics details. Abnormal labor is one of the common emergency obstetric problems contributing for more than two-thirds of the unplanned cesarean section. In Ethiopia, although labor abnormality and its complications like obstetric fistula are highly prevalent, there is no published study that determines the predictors of labor abnormalities.

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Predictors of labor abnormalities in university hospital: unmatched case control study

Physicians, advanced practice nurses, nursing personnel, and midwives must be aware of what constitutes normal versus abnormal labor. Without proper skills and strategies, appropriate management cannot occur, and poor outcomes become likely for birthing mothers and their neonates. Discerning different types of abnormal labor will allow for proper management. This will decrease morbidity and mortality and improve patient outcomes. This activity characterizes normal versus abnormal labor and encourages the usage of protocols specific to the facility in which the labor is occurring.

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Essentials of Diagnosis

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This means your cervix has opened completely in preparation for childbirth.

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