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The analysis is a subtle mix of history, econometrics and theory which conveys economics in an intuitive way.

The Race Between Education And Technology Books

The threat of automation implies a race between education and technology. The growing mismatch between the demand and supply of skills holds back economic growth and undermines opportunity. At the same time, the returns to schooling are high in most developing countries, and growing skill premiums are evident in much of the world. Automation simultaneously results in deskilling and a need for new skills, and is changing what education will need to look like in the future. Education systems that do well prepare children early on, reform continuously, and use information for improvement. High returns suggest it makes sense to expand higher education as well. The three biggest policy priorities for governments, investors, and the development community include:.

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Article Information Abstract The race between education and technology provides a canonical framework that does a remarkable job of explaining US wage structure changes across the twentieth century. The framework involves secular increases in the demand for more-educated workers from skill-biased technological change, combined with variations in the supply of skills from changes in educational access. We expand the analysis backward and forward. The framework helps explain rising skill differentials in the nineteenth and twenty-first centuries but needs to be augmented to illuminate the recent convexification of education returns and implied slowdown in the growth of the relative demand for college workers. DOI:

Rury The Race between Education and Technology. By Claudia Goldin and Lawrence F. Katz Cambridge, Mass. The culmination of a series of papers and articles extending across more than a decade, it is a rare example of historical analysis applied to contemporary policy concerns. It also features an array of data and analyses that will surely fuel discussion and debate in a number of fields.

In economic terms, the twentieth century fully merits the title “The American Century.” The twentieth century Read Online · Download PDF. Save. Cite this Item. I.

Rethinking the Race Between Education & Technology

The Race Between Education and Technology. This book provides a careful historical analysis of the co-evolution of educational attainment and the wage structure in the United States through the twentieth century. The authors propose that the twentieth century was not only the American Century but also the Human Capital Century. That is, the American educational system is what made America the richest nation in the world. Its educational system had always been less elite than that of most European nations.

We thank Lawrence Katz and Claudia Goldin for valuable and generous input. We are also indebted to Janet Currie for excellent editorial suggestions, Matthew Rognlie for superb research assistance and Andrew Garin for many thoughtful comments and edits. The views expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Bureau of Economic Research.

The Skills that Matter in the Race Between Education and Technology

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Gianmarco I. Ottaviano, Gianmarco I. Ottaviano, Barro, R. Barro, Robert J. Thomas Lemieux, Krueger,

The Race between Education and Technology: The Evolution of U.S. Educational Wage Differentials,. to Claudia Goldin and Lawrence F. Katz.

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By Phillip Brown , Ewart Keep. Experts differ widely in their predictions about how technological innovation will change the labor market, but they all see a need for changes in education. Technological innovation is changing the nature of many jobs and the qualifications employers seek in their workers, convincing more young people to pursue a college education and other postsecondary credentials—at least according to the conventional wisdom among public policy experts. This view of skill-biased technological change has been described as a race between education and technology. The Harvard economists Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz explain rising income inequality in the United States as a result of the education system failing to keep pace with technological innovation and the rising demand for higher-level skills. This analysis resonates well with the idea of a burgeoning knowledge economy and has helped fuel the global expansion of higher education. Recent media headlines, however, proclaim a new phase of technological innovation, variously described as the fourth industrial revolution , the second machine age , the digital economy , or the platform economy , in which digital innovation will introduce a more pervasive and more fundamental transformation in the nature of work.

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The race between education and technology : the evolution of U. Goldin, Claudia Dale. NBER working paper series ; no.


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