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A problem‐solving approach to value‐adding decision making in construction design

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The construction industry is seen, by researchers, as a slowly progressing industry that is suffering from low productivity and poor performance compared to other industries. Over the past 60 years the UK industry has commissioned several reports with the aim of reviewing its performance and suggesting means of improvement. Although, the elimination of waste has been fundamentally used as a key driver for improvement in the manufacturing industry, and arguably led to great achievements, it has not been as prevalent in construction literature and practice 2. Construction managers have for a long time focused their attention on the transformation of activities, with little attention given to the flow of activities, leading to uncertain flow processes, increased upstream variability, expansion of non value-adding activities, and reduction of output value. In the construction industry, the idea and understanding of 'waste' among practitioners has been typically associated with the quantity of waste of materials on-site.

Value Engineering

Recent deregulation of laws on hospital real estate in the Netherlands implies that healthcare institutions have more opportunities to make independent accommodation choices, but at the same time have themselves become responsible for the risks associated with the investment. In addition, accommodation costs have become an integral part of the costs of healthcare. This sheds new light on the alignment between the organisation of healthcare and accommodation: care institutions themselves bear the risk of recouping their investment in real estate and high accommodation costs lead to higher rates for healthcare compared to competing institutions. CREM can be defined as the management of the real estate portfolio of a corporation by aligning the portfolio and services with the needs of the core business in order to obtain maximum added value for the business and an optimal contribution to the overall performance of the organisation. This definition assumes that accommodation can add value to the organisation and contribute to its overall achievement. Elaborating on the added value of real estate in addition to quantifying these added values and making them applicable to hospital real estate management is therefore central to this study. The added values determine the transition between the different phases in the cycle of the initiation, design, construction and occupancy of the accommodation.

Added Value in Design and Construction

He has his PhD from Federal University of Technology, Akure and he has been teaching several courses in value management, quantity surveying and project management for some years. His areas of specialisation is construction value, cost and general sustainability management and he has published several papers relating to these areas in reputable journals and conference proceedings. His research interest are situated in the fields of sustainable human development, with the focus on: sustainable housing regeneration urban renewal and informal housing , Life Cycle Assessment in the Construction Industry, remanufacturing, leadership in low-income housing, Biomimicry, post occupancy evaluation and green job creation.

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Value Engineering is a conscious and explicit set of disciplined procedures designed to seek out optimum value for both initial and long-term investment. First utilized in the manufacturing industry during World War II, it has been widely used in the construction industry for many years. VE is a creative, organized effort, which analyzes the requirements of a project for the purpose of achieving the essential functions at the lowest total costs capital, staffing, energy, maintenance over the life of the project. Through a group investigation, using experienced, multi-disciplinary teams, value and economy are improved through the study of alternate design concepts, materials, and methods without compromising the functional and value objectives of the client. The Society of American Value Engineers SAVE was formed in as a professional society dedicated to the advancement of VE through a better understanding of the principles, methods, and concepts involved.

To illustrate the use of a Value Adding Toolbox by construction industry designers when addressing customer value expectations using problem solving. Focused literature review establishes the need for construction industry design solutions to deliver customer value and a Value Adding Toolbox is proposed in response. Case studies validate Toolbox use and one illustrative example is provided.

Value Engineering

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PDF | This chapter focuses on a technique for integrating upstream and downstream project information from the conceptualisation, planning.

A problem‐solving approach to value‐adding decision making in construction design


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