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Types Of Clouds And Their Meanings Pdf

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Not all clouds are created equal.

Clouds – How to Distinguish the Different Types of Clouds?

Choose the best vocabulary word for each sentence and write it in the blank. Relative humidity refers to the percentage of water vapor in the air at a specific temperature compared to the amount it could hold. Water vapor is a gas. You can t swim in water that is in this form. Water vapor, which helps create clouds, gets into the air by means of evaporation. The bottoms of clouds show us where the dew point has been reached.

What is Cloud, Study Notes on Types of Cloud: Physical Geography

Physical Geography is one of the most important topics in General Awareness. A cloud is an accumulation or grouping of small droplets of water and ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere of the earth. They play various roles in the climate system, such as being the bright objects in the visible portion of the solar spectrum, reflecting light to space effectively and thus helping the planet to cool down. When the air is saturated or filled with water vapour, clouds are created. There is more water vapour in the warm air than cold air. Being formed of humid air it is cloudy. When the moist air is progressively cooled, the water vapour and ice crystals of these clouds become larger and fall on earth's surface as precipitation in the form of rain, drizzle, snowfall, sleet, or hail.

Can you distinguish the different types of clouds you see in the sky? When we prepare notes of ClearIAS — we always keep one important thing in mind. Our study materials should help our readers learn faster! In this article, we are going to discuss Clouds — different types of clouds, the shape of clouds, the altitude of clouds and so on. Clouds are classified primarily based on — their shape and their altitude. Take a Free Test.

Variations in Cloud Cover and Cloud Types over the Ocean from Surface Observations, 1954–2008

Bajuk , L. Leovy , : Are there real interdecadal variations in marine low clouds? Climate , 11 , — Bengtsson , L.

A cloud is a hydrometeor consisting of minute particles of liquid water or ice, or of both,suspended in the free air and usually not touching the ground. It may also include larger particles of liquid water or ice as well as non-aqueous liquid or solid particles such as those present in fumes, smoke or dust. Different processes in the atmosphere produce clouds in varying forms and are responsible for much of the weather we experience.

How Clouds Form : Clouds form when water vapor water that has evaporated from the surface of the Earth condenses turns into liquid water or solid ice onto microscopic dust particles or other tiny particles floating in the air. This condensation cloud formation happens when warm and cold air meet, when warm air rises up the side of a mountain and cools as it rises, and when warm air flows over a colder area, like a cool body of water. This occurs because cool air can hold less water vapor than warm air, and excess water condenses into either liquid or ice. For more on the water cycle, click here. Types of Clouds : Prefixes and Suffixes Used to Describe Clouds: Clouds are defined by both the way they look and how high they are in the atmosphere.

Clouds and What They Mean

One of the most common sights in nature are the clouds.

Why clouds appear white in colour?

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What is Cloud, Study Notes on Types of Cloud: Physical Geography

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Clouds play a pivotal role in weather forecasts and warnings.

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