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Use the following information to answer the next three exercises. A grocery store is interested in how much money, on average, their customers spend each visit in the produce department. Identify the population, sample, parameter, statistic, variable, and data for this example. This is an example of a:. Use the following information to answer the next two exercises.

An Assignment on Advanced Biostatistics

Epidemiology and biostatistics are the cornerstone of public health and preventive medicine. These practices use mathematical, scientific, and social methods to monitor disease trends and provide intervention to prevent future disease. In researching preventable colon cancer mortality, which study design would be scientifically and ethically most appropriate to compare the effectiveness of utilizing a screening colonoscopy compared to not performing any screening technique?

Example, statistics include injuries, nutrition, vital statistics, and health insurance coverage. A study to determine the effects of a new skin cream to reduce wrinkles is undergoing FDA approval.

The investigators propose using a double-blinded study. Understanding the subjective nature of this experimental compound, the FDA Dermatologic and Ophthalmic Drug Advisory Committee recommends that the experimental wrinkle cream and the placebo cream undergo a triple-blinded study.

Which of the following parties is included in the triple-blinded study, but not the double-blinded study? A young physician is surveying the incidences of disease B and disease C. He concludes that disease C has a higher incidence than disease B. It is later found out that the two diseases have the exact same incidence and that disease B has a much faster disease onset leading to mortality.

What is this phenomenon called? Performing a survey of hospital experience of congestive heart failure CHF patients one week after admission for CHF, in the patients that have not yet been discharged. An investigator is trying to prove that cabbage consumption in pregnancy causes autism, so he interrogates mothers of autistic children about cabbage consumption, but not mothers of children without autism. A new screening test is applying for FDA approval.

The owners of the test say that they can increase the length of survival in patients with pancreatic cancer. Their studies show that by diagnosing it 6 months earlier than any other test, they can increase the length of survival with the disease.

A hospital administrator wants to conduct a study to investigate the benefits of a hand soap that promises to reduce iatrogenic hospital infections. She decides to enroll nurses in the study. The study is designed so that half of the nurses are instructed to use the new soap, while the other half are instructed to use the old soap. Because the preventive medicine physician only works on the first floor, he is only able to sniff nurses that work on the first floor.

The nurses on the second floor are never subjected to the sniff test. When the study results are tabulated, it is found that there is no difference between iatrogenic infections between the new soap and old soap. However, it is found that there were more iatrogenic infections on the second floor than the first. Which answer best explains why there were more infections in patients on the second floor? A biochemist at a pharmaceutical company created a new drug that lowers blood pressure. He instructs the trial investigators to only include study participants that are not taking an antihypertensive and have a systolic blood pressure greater than After screening by the investigator, those that met the criteria were told to return the following month for the first dose of the investigational drug.

On the day that the participants are set to start receiving the new drug, the study investigator has to disqualify many of the study participants because they no longer meet the systolic blood pressure requirements.

Which of the following is a control for confounding primarily used in the analysis stage? An epidemiology student conducted a study to find the strength of association between smoking and cardiomyopathy in his community.

For ease of conducting his research, the student surveyed subjects at his local bar. To his surprise, he found a higher correlation between smoking and cardiomyopathy than other published studies. A group of scientists believe they have found a single dose universal influenza vaccine that is resistant to antigenic drift and antigenic shift.

The FDA grants them a phase 1 trial to test the safety of this new vaccination. The incidence of influenza is shown in the following table:. What is the incidence density of Influenza after receiving the experimental influenza vaccine? A large hospital chain plans to assess the pain scales of patients in the orthopedic units of their 40 hospitals. The same 1—10 scale was used for all of the patients on the day after surgery.

Which of the following hypotheses states that the hospital chain may assume their data approaches normal distribution? His IQ is found to be two standard deviations below the mean. A father believes that his daughter is intellectually advanced and wants to prove it to his friends with an IQ test. A sample was drawn of the following numbers: 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 11, 11, 12, 13, 13, She attributes the change the national obesity epidemic.

If a distribution is skewed to the right, what can be said about the mean, median, and mode? You are the director of four local for-profit urgent care clinics, currently employing 11 salaried physicians. At the end of the month, you decide that you would like to recognize the physicians that have seen the most patients.

Arbitrarily, you decide that the top 50th percentile of physicians deserve your acknowledgment. As the number of subjects in a trial increases, which of the following is always true? You are reading a study about an experimental new weight loss drug given to obese subjects. Meanwhile, similarly matched study participants taking a placebo did not lose any weight.

If the drug is tested on similar sample populations, of these sample populations would likely lose a mean between 1 and 39 lbs. A researcher is questioning whether he should use p- values or confidence intervals to publish the results of his fluoridation prospective cohort study. Which of the following is true regarding confidence intervals? The final grade is based off of one test. All of those scoring higher than two deviations below the mean receive a passing score.

The scores were normally distributed. Approximately what percentage of students passed the exam? Some patients are recovering from both. The rest of her patients abuse a plethora of other recreational drugs. What is the probability that her next patient will be recovering from either alcohol or drug abuse? Which of the following standardized mortality ratios SMR is most likely to be found in a population experiencing an unexpected lethal epidemic?

A young epidemiologist wishes to calculate the standardized mortality ratio SMR of drowning deaths in his landlocked state. Which of the following is the best way to calculate this number? A preventive medicine resident contemplated reading a book full of practice questions and answers to help him prepare for the board exam.

He hypothesized that reading the book would help increase his test score. He asked former residents that have taken the test about whether or not they had read the book and how well they scored. Which of the following statements is true regarding a null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis and p- value? There is no relationship between the null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis and p- value.

Which is true of a purified protein derivative PPD tuberculosis test in a patient that has tuberculosis and poorly controlled HIV? This is a type I error because the result is likely positive when the disease is not present.

This is a type I error because the result is likely negative when the disease is present. This is a type II error because the result is likely positive when the disease is not present.

This is a type II error because the result is likely negative when the disease is present. A professor wants to analyze test scores of his students taking a biostatistics exam. What happens to the PPV of a test if there is an increase in the prevalence of the disease being tested?

A researcher wishes to find out the risk ratio of clinical depression as a result of poor standardized test performance. He hypothesizes that those scoring greater than the 65th percentile suffer less depression. What can he do to increase the power of his study? Which of the following variables is not considered when calculating the necessary sample size of a clinical study?

If the Pearson product correlation coefficient r between the time of sunset and amount of traffic on the highway is 0. A medical student would like to learn the relationship between heart rate and blood pressure. While in a clinic, he creates the following scatterplot of the heart rate and blood pressure of his 10 patients. According to this scatterplot, what is the relationship between systolic blood pressure and heart rate? A teenager believes that the severity of his acne vulgaris is related to the number of hours he works at a fast food restaurant.

Every Sunday for 5 months, he meticulously counts the number of comedones on his face and records the number of hours he worked the week prior. His older sister, an epidemiology student, helps him calculate the Pearson correlation coefficient of 0.

Suppose that developers of a new water coliform test are trying to identify the time of year when water coliform levels are the highest. To find this time, biostatisticians analyze the coliform levels while independently adjusting for water temperature, air temperature, level of sun exposure, water pH and several other factors. When is the actuarial method of survival analysis preferred over the Kaplan—Meier method of survival analysis?

When determining whether there is a causal association between two variables, which of the following is not a consideration? A physician is skeptical of a new weight loss medication that recently became available over the counter. He follows 60 of his weight loss patients for one year.

After one year of collecting data, he conducts a t-test, which confirms his null hypothesis and finds that the drug does not work. A math professor wishes to throw a party to celebrate the end of the year with his students.

To help him decide what kind of ice cream to get, he decides to poll his students. The results are as follows:. In looking at the favorite ice cream by gender, the professor feels that there are distinct differences between men and women in his class. A county health department has recently begun a new fitness initiative by installing outdoor gyms complete with public exercise equipment in local parks.

Applied Biostatistics: Questions and Answers

For health care professionals, the effort to improve the quality of the services they provide to patients never ends. The goal becomes more vital as health care budgets shrink and the demands placed on health care systems push them to the breaking point. Biostatistics is an important tool in the challenge to enhance health outcomes in the face of stretched health care resources. The potential of biostatistics to make nurses and other health care workers more effective and efficient is hindered by the many misunderstandings surrounding the technology. Having a clear biostatistics definition is the first step in helping people interested in a career in health care and health care research to comprehend the positive impact biostatistics can have on their profession. They learn to apply biostatistics in clinical settings in ways that leverage data analytics technologies to improve patient outcomes and enhance the effectiveness of nursing teams.

You must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours of electives coursework. Below are elective options offered by the Department of Biostatistics. All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted. After your first year of coursework, you will complete two written exams to assess your understanding of statistical concepts:. A department examination committee will determine your performance. The examination committee will again determine your performance.

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These questions refer to the table relating normal scores to area (percent population) under the density curve. a. If individuals considered “abnormal” have glucose.

Introduction to Biostatistics Exam 1

Download Biostatistics Lecture Notes Doc doc. Multiple Choice Questions on Biostatistics; Answers: 1. Purposive Sampling. You have remained in right site to begin getting this info. Answer Key.

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Epidemiology and biostatistics are the cornerstone of public health and preventive medicine.

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By attempting with this test you will be able to learn and understand the statistics in an efficient way. At the end of each test, you can get your results. You are evaluated on the basis of the score you achieve by marking each question in the test as the correct one. It also highlights all question which is attempted by you as wrong or correct, giving you an idea about the most appropriate answer. Some questions in a test give you an explanation about the possible correct answer.

You must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours of electives coursework. Below are elective options offered by the Department of Biostatistics. All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted. After your first year of coursework, you will complete two written exams to assess your understanding of statistical concepts:. A department examination committee will determine your performance. The examination committee will again determine your performance.

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You will need the following information to answer questions 6 through 8: There were over million hospital discharges in the year in the U.S. state of.

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Epidemiology and Biostatistics

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