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Petroleum Reservoir Rock And Fluid Properties Dandekar Pdf

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E.b.o.o.k Petroleum Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties [T.X.T]

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Petroleum Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties

Nojabaei, Bahareh , and Russell T. Black-oil fluid properties are determined by lab measurements or can be calculated through flash calculations of the reservoir fluid. Allowing for a variable bubble-point pressure in black- or volatile-oil models requires a table of fluid properties be extended above the original bubble-point. Reservoir simulation accuracy, however, may be affected by discontinuities in the input data and poor predictions of extrapolated fluid properties. Common practice is to add surface gas to the original oil in the lab and increase the pressure to reach a new bubble-point. Another approach is to use linear extrapolation of oil and gas K -values with pressure on a log-log plot, where K -values are equal to 1. The latter approach results in discontinuities in the phase behavior.

Although gravity differences exist between gas, oil, and water, they do not completely segregate in distinct layers in the reservoir due to capillarity or capillary pres- sure. This so-called capillary pressure is basically a result of the tiny pore spaces that store the petroleum reservoir fluids. Due to this very significant rock-fluid property capillarity or a balance of gravity and capillarity, the location of con- tacts between various fluid phases, such as gas-oil contact or oil-water contact, and the respective transition zones in a petroleum reservoir will vary; this is again a matter of considerable practical importance from exploration and production standpoints. Based on the foregoing, the significance of reservoir rock and fluid properties in the exploration and production of petroleum reservoirs is clearly evident. Therefore, detailed knowledge of reservoir rock and fluid properties is the backbone of almost all exploration and production-related activities such as reservoir engineering, res- ervoir simulation, well testing, production engineering, enhanced or improved oil recovery EOR and IOR methods, and so on. In other words, petroleum reservoirs can be effectively described and efficiently managed only when suitable data are available at all levels such as field, well, core, and pore levels.

Production Geology

A prerequisite of the understanding of waterflood performance is a knowledge of the basic properties of the reservoir rock. Craig 1 indicated that these properties consist of two main types: rock skeletal, such as porosity, permeability and pore-size distribution, and combined rock-fluid properties such as capillary pressure static characteristics and relative permeability flow characteristics. Besides porosity and permeability, pore-size distribution expressed in terms of pore-throat diameter, surface area and pore length and surface rock wettability, is used to determine the mechanisms by which oil is recovered by waterflooding. The objectives of this study are: To investigate the influence of rock properties such as porosity, permeability, surface area, pore-throat diameter, pore length, wettability and tortuosity on ultimate oil recovery.

The Reservoir Rock

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Global Optimization of Parameters in SPE Comparitive Study using this model Reservoir Modeling in Shale-Gas Reservoirs Article: Reservoir Simulation and History My threads; petrolstd1 : Book needed: Principles of Artificial Lift

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Dandekar, Abhijit Y. Petroleum Reservoir Rock And Fluid Properties 2nd Edition

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second edition Petroleum Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties Abhijit Y. Dandekar Boca Raton London New York CRC Press is an imprint of the Taylor.

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A strong foundation in reservoir rock and fluid properties is the backbone of Abhijit Y. Dandekar is a professor of petroleum engineering at the.

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This book deals with complex fluid characterization of oil and gas reservoirs, emphasizing the importance of PVT parameters for practical application in reservoir simulation and management.

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