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The purpose of this paper is to identify the purchase behavior with regard to innovative food packaging techniques and sociodemographic properties of consumers in Turkey the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The survey was conducted with people around 50 persons for each region who live in the different regions to represent the whole population of Turkey as good as possible.


Are on the market active packaging to reduce lipid oxidation rates, control breathing, moisture content and minimize microbial growth. Such packages contain absorbers and emitting carbon dioxide, odor absorbents, ethylene removers, aroma-emitting and antimicrobial compounds. Intelligent packagings include indicators of time and temperature, ripeness indicators and deterioration, biosensors and radio frequency identification. This article presents: definitions and history of active and intelligent packaging; the main types of materials developed for food contact; future trends of active and intelligent packaging with a special emphasis on safety, legal aspects and evaluation; and the global market of active and intelligent packaging. Retrieved from.

Smart Packaging: Intelligent Packaging Part I

This phrase emphasizes the importance of deliberately including a substance with the intention of enhancing the food product. So to sum it up, it seem that Active Packaging is relate to the Protection function of packaging and Intelligent Packaging to the Communication function. However this is a very limited vision, since Intelligent packaging is also related to brand protection or to the unique codes used in E-retailers warehouses and distribution a glimpse of the future int he video below. The first thing associated to smart packaging is usually to engage the customers by offering additional contents, such as product information, promotions, links to websites, videos… etc. As more data is encoded in the symbol, the number of modules rows and columns increases. The information encoded can be made up of any kind of data such as binary or alphanumeric. QR codes are used to help consumers make informed purchase decisions.

Improving standard of living and health awareness among consumers, growing consumption of packaged foods are some of the forces that have contributed in the growth of the packaging industry. These are used in foods, pharmaceuticals, and several other types of products. This type of packaging designed for controlling humidity, absorbing odors and maintaining the right concentration of gases and moisture within the packaged products. Innovative forms of active packaging materials release controlled quantities of ethanol into bakery and meat products to control bacterial growth. Active packaging material depends on the type of food it is designed to preserve. However, high implementation cost and huge investment in research and development for better products development are restraining the market growth.

Examples Time-temperature, etc. Remove excess carbon dioxide from fast respiring produce using very high gas permeability plastic Asparagus. Required for military rations and some pharmaceuticals Cost Maximum temperature, i. The indicator center irreversibly darkens, faster at higher temperatures. Do instrumental, etc.

Assessing consumers’ adoption of active and intelligent packaging

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Dessicare Inc. The active and intelligent packaging market was valued at USD It is expected to reach a value of USD

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Active and Intelligent Food Packaging Legislation

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