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The homework problem sets are not optional. You are encouraged to discuss the class material and homework problems with your classmates and to work in groups, but all submitted problems should represent your own work and understanding. The final exam will be held in Nat. Annex and will cover the complete course material. You must take the final exam to pass the course.

Links to the Website of the Textbook Webpage of Cheng's textbook Please make sure you have the second printing of the second edition of the textbook, since many significant typographical errors have been corrected. If you have the first printing of the second edition, please consult the webpage of Cheng's textbook for the relevant errata. The most recent compilation of the errata to the reprinting of the second edition of the textbook has also been posted to the webpage of Cheng's textbook.

Other Class Handouts 1. By Clifford M. Will Florida U. Mar 28, Published in Living Rev. By Emanuele Berti Mississippi U. Jan 28, Published in Class. A handout entitled The velocity and momentum four-vectors examines the properties of the velocity and momentum four-vectors of special relativity, and provides a careful derivation of the relativistic law of addition of velocities. In addition, an appendix provides a derivation of the most general Lorentz boost matrix.

A handout entitled How do the connection coefficients transform under a general coordinate transformation? The transformation law contains an inhomogeneous piece, which implies that the connection coefficients are not the components of a tensor. Nevertheless, this inhomogeneous piece is critical in establishing two results.

First, the connection coefficients vanish in the local inertial frame. Second, presence of the connection in the definition of the covariant derivative is precisely what is needed so that the covariant derivative of a tensor is also a tensor. A handout entitled Parallel Transport and Curvature presents the details of the calculation that demonstrates the connection no pun intended! The derivation presented is slightly more general than the one given in Box A handout entitled The Cosmological Constant Problem discusses some of the implications of adding a cosmological constant to Einstein's field equations of general relativity.

In particular, the handout describes the worst prediction in the history of physics. The predicted value of the vacuum energy density due to quantum fluctuations is a factor of 10 larger than the observed value. Moreover, if an additional contribution to the vacuum energy exists to cancel off the contribution of quantum fluctuations, the cancellation must be unimaginably precise accurate to significant figures.

This is one of the greatest unsolved problems of fundamental physics. Astrophysical constants and parameters.

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It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This textbook develops Special Relativity in a systematic way assuming no prior knowledge of Relativity; however the student is assumed to be familiar with the basics of the standard vector calculus. The approach is structural in the sense that it develops Special Relativity in Minkowski space following the same steps with the development of Newtonian Physics in Euclidian space. A second characteristic of the book is that it discusses the mathematics of the theory independently of the physical principles, so that the reader will appreciate its role in the development of the physical theory. The book is intended to be used both as a text-book for a teaching course in Special Relativity but also as a reference book for the future.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. In commemoration of the th anniversary of general relativity, many others would look back on its history and achievements, so I will write mine focusing on the problems of general relativity and their solutions. Pieces of writing hereunder are the rearrangement of my past idea from thesis [1] and postings on my personal blog [2] and science community by focusing on the theme of problems and solutions of general relativity. Save to Library.

Special Relativity

The general theory of relativity is a theory of manifolds equipped with Lorentz metrics and fields which describe the matter content. In addition, there are equations describing the evolution of the matter. This book first provides a definition of the concept of initial data and a proof of the correspondence between initial data and development.

The topic of this course is the classical relativistic theory of gravity, General Relativity. This is a geometric theory: the key idea is that gravity is a manifestation of the curvature of space-time. We will then discuss the field equations of general relativity, and explore the physical properties of interesting simple solutions, describing black holes, cosmology, and gravitational waves. Suggestions for the web page are also welcome.

PHY 620 - General Relativity

The homework problem sets are not optional.

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It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This textbook develops Special Relativity in a systematic way and offers the unique feature of having more than problems with detailed solutions to empower students to gain a real understanding of this core subject in physics. This new edition has been thoroughly updated and has new sections on relativistic fluids, relativistic kinematics and on four-acceleration. The problems and solution section has been significantly expanded and short history sections have been included throughout the book. The approach is structural in the sense that it develops Special Relativity in Minkowski space following the parallel steps as the development of Newtonian Physics in Euclidian space.

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General relativity , also known as the general theory of relativity , is the geometric theory of gravitation published by Albert Einstein in and is the current description of gravitation in modern physics.