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Melissa And Doug Magic Set Instructions Pdf

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Melissa & Doug Kids Baby Doll Feeding and Changing Accessories Toys Bottles Set

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Melissa Doug Deluxe Magic Set Instructions

Card Tricks Unshuffled-Instruction Manual Riffl e Shuffl e Hindu Shuffl e Overhand Shuffl e

Posted: Apr 8, pm. Okay, I couldn't resist; after reading about this set at allmagic. Actually, fellow magicians, you might want to consider purchasing one of these and not just for your kids. You may actually find one or two props you can use in your act. This is a set of nine tricks, constructed out of wood and gorgeously decorated.

Card Tricks Unshuffled-Instruction Manual ... - Melissa & Doug

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21 Pieces NEW Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse Deluxe Wooden Vehicles Set

The set is manufactured by toy-makers Melissa and Doug and contains 10 easy to do magic tricks that are designed for children, along with instructions on how to perform the tricks. Change the color of a piece of string by passing it through a magic HOW Make sure the string is pulled all the way to one end. Tell change color as it moves through Chamber of Illusion Trick: Ob ects disappear once they enter a magc box. HOW Place the pom—poms in your hand and tell the audience you can make them disappear inside. The Deluxe Magic Set is one of the most complete and comprehensive magic sets available anywhere.

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How it's Done: Make sure the string is pulled all the way to one end. Tell the audience that you can make the string change color as you pull on it. Say the magic.

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Melissa & Doug. Magic. Set Up: Remove the tricks and open the magic box as in figure 1, with the openings facing you. The box that the tricks are stored in.