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Criteria Of Normality And Abnormality In Psychology Pdf

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By Saul McLeod , updated August 05, Abnormal psychology is a division of psychology that studies people who are "abnormal" or "atypical" compared to the members of a given society. The definition of the word abnormal is simple enough but applying this to psychology poses a complex problem: what is normal?

Understanding Abnormal Psychology

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The 'multicultural clinical interaction' presents itself as a dilemma for the mental health practitioner. Literature describes two problematic areas where this issues emerges--how to make an adequate distinction between religious rituals and the rituals that may be symptomatic of 'obsessive compulsive disorder' OCD , and how to differentiate 'normative' religious or spiritual beliefs, behaviours, and experiences from 'psychotic' illnesses. When it comes to understanding service user's 'idioms of distress', beliefs about how culture influences behaviour can create considerable confusion and 'normative uncertainty' for mental health practitioners. In the absence of clear diagnostic and assessment criteria on distinguishing between 'culture' and 'psychopathology', practitioners have had to rely on their own intuition and seek out possible 'strategies' or 'procedures' from a contradictory and cross-disciplinary evidence base. Decontextualisation of service users' experiences may result in the pathologisation of culturally 'normative' phenomenon, 'category fallacy' errors, and poor health care experiences and outcomes for service users. This paper situates this dilemma within a wider debate that has concerned both the biomedical and social sciences, namely, the unresolved question of 'normality' or 'abnormality'.

Abnormal psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with psychopathology and abnormal behavior, often in a clinical context. The term covers a broad range of disorders, from depression to obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD to personality disorders. Counselors, clinical psychologists, and psychotherapists often work directly in this field. In order to understand abnormal psychology, it's essential to first understand what we mean by the term "abnormal. Many human behaviors can follow what is known as the normal curve. Looking at this bell-shaped curve, the majority of individuals are clustered around the highest point of the curve, which is known as the average.

Normality (behavior)

A psychological disorder is a condition characterized by abnormal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Definitions of normality vary widely by person, time, place, culture, and situation. To this end, the fields of psychology and psychiatry have developed the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders known as the DSM-5 , a standardized hierarchy of diagnostic criteria to help discriminate among normal and abnormal i. The DSM is a central element of the debate around defining normality, and it continues to change and evolve. Currently, in the DSM-5 the fifth edition , abnormal behavior is generally defined as behavior that violates a norm in society, is maladaptive, is rare given the context of the culture and environment, and is causing the person distress in their daily life.

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Normality (behavior)

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Normal or Abnormal? ‘Normative Uncertainty’ in Psychiatric Practice


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Normality is a behavior that can be normal for an individual intrapersonal normality when it is consistent with the most common behavior for that person.

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