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Function And Role Of National Bank Of Ethiopia Pdf

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Development Bank of Ethiopia DBE is one of the state-owned fi- nancial institutions engaged in providing short, medium and long term credits over the last years. The Bank has been playing central role in promoting the over-all economic development of the Country since its establishment.

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Role and functions of Commercial Banks in Ethiopia

Their goal is to ensure that Ethiopian companies increasingly apply best practices in corporate governance. The documents include the rules that should govern the way the corporate bodies operate and work. There are four appendices covering the following: i key aspects in the supervision of senior management performance; ii the minimum content of the company's Code of Conduct; iii the composition, operation and powers of the Board committees; and iv the policies, manuals and minimum guidelines that must exist in every company. Among the powers that the provisions give to the General Meeting is that of constituting an Appointments Committee, which must propose candidates for seats on the board of directors. Unlike the usual corporate governance structure, this committee will report directly to the shareholders at the General Meeting rather than to the board. It will comprise a minimum of five shareholders, of whom at least two, in the case of banks, must be minority shareholders.

Foreign banks are not permitted to provide financial services in Ethiopia, but the sector may open up in the medium term as the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed pursues broad economic reforms. Currently, Ethiopia has allowed a small number foreign banks to open liaison offices in Addis Ababa to facilitate credit to companies from their countries of origins. Based on the most recently released data, the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia CBE holds more than 60 percent of total bank deposits, bank loans and foreign exchange. Real deposit interest rates have been negative in recent years due to inflation, which stood at 11 percent in mid The state-owned Commercial Bank of Ethiopia CBE dominates the market in terms of assets, deposits, bank branches, and total banking workforce.

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Ethiopia updates corporate governance in banks and insurance companies

WHEREAS, for the rapid economic development of Ethiopia stable price and foreign exchange rate and healthy financial system are being necessary;. The Governor and the Vice Governor shall be permanent ex-officio members. The Chairperson of the Board of Directors and the remaining four members shall be appointed by the Government. The purpose of the National Bank is to maintain stable rate of price and exchange, to foster a healthy financial system and to undertake such other related activities as are conducive to rapid economic development of Ethiopia. The paid up capital of the National Bank is Birr,, five hundred million Birr and may be increased as might be found necessary by regulation to be issued by the Council of Ministers.

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Agency problem in banks. Absence of a share market. Mix of politics and Business. Inadequate shareholder protection laws. Ineffective court system. Regulating transparency and disclosure.

The functions of commercial banks of Ethiopia is clearly stated at Art 2 sub Article 2 of The National Bank of Ethiopia issued the regulatory part of the monitory.

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