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Icai Study Material On Audit And Assurance Pdf

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This will help to analyse the previous exam trends in a better manner and to assess whether our material is able to cater the needs of the examinations or not. This analysis will help you to judge the relative importance of each question in each chapter. Based on that analysis you can easily pay more attention on relatively more important questions.

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ICAI CA IPCC Study Material and Practice Manual for Jan 2021

Also, Students looking for the amendments applicable in their Nov can take the reference from Revision Test Papers where all the amendments are covered. Download the RTP for Nov attempt from the given link. Chapter 5. Chapter 3 Labour. Table of Contents. CA CPT. CA Final. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search the site. Initial Pages.

Chapter 1 Accounting Standards. Chapter 2 Financial Statements of Companies. Chapter 4 Accounting for Bonus Issue. Chapter 5 Internal Reconstruction. Chapter 6 Amalgamation. Chapter 8 Self Balancing Ledgers. Chapter 10 Accounts from Incomplete Records. Chapter 12 Investment Accounts. Chapter 14 Issues in Partnership Accounts.

Chapter 15 Accounting in Computerised Environment. Feedback Form. Chapter-1 to 2. Chapter-3 to 8. Chapter-9 to Chapter to Fee dback For m. Chapter-1 to 5. Chapter-6 to Chapter 1 The Indian Contract Act, Chapter 2 The Negotiable Instruments Act, Chapter 3 The Payment of Bonus Act, Chapter 5 The Payment of Gratuity Act, Chapter 6 The Companies Act, Chapter 7 Principles of Business Ethics.

Chapter 9 Workplace Ethics. Chapter 11 Ethics in Marketing and Consumer Protection. Chapter 12 Ethics in Accounting and Finance. Chapter 13 Essentials of Communication. Chapter 14 Interpersonal Communication Skills. Chapter 15 Group Dynamics. Chapter 16 Communication Ethics. Chapter 18 Communication in Business Environment. Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3.

Chapter 6. Chapter 7. Chapter 8. Chapter 9. Chapter Chapter 4. Chapter 1 Basic Concepts. Chapter 4 Overheads. Chapter 5 Non Integrated Accounts. Chapter 6 Job Costing and Batch Costing. Chapter 7 Contract Costing. Chapter 8 Operating Costing. Chapter 11 Standard Costing.

Chapter 12 Marginal Costing. Chapter 13 Budgets and Budgetary Control. Chapter 1 Scope and Objectives of Financial Management. Chapter 2 Time Value of Money. Chapter 3 Financial Analysis and Planning. Chapter 5 Types of Financing. Chapter 6 Investment Decisions. Chapter 7 Management of Working Capital. Chapter 2 Material.

Chapter 4 Financing Decisions. Chapter 1: Basic Concepts. Chapter 2: Residence and Scope of Total Income. Chapter 3: Incomes which do not form part of Total Income. Unit 1: Salaries. Unit 2: Income from House Property.

Unit 3: Profits and Gains of Business or Profession. Unit 4: Capital Gains. Unit 5: Income from Other Sources. Chapter 7: Deductions from Gross Total Income. Chapter Provisions for filing Return of Income and Self-assessment.

Chapter 2: Supply under GST. Chapter 3: Charge of GST. Chapter 4: Exemptions from GST. Unit I: Time of Supply. Unit II: Value of Supply. Chapter 6: Input Tax Credit. Chapter 7: Registration. Chapter 9: Payment of Tax. Chapter Returns. Chapter 2 Accounting Standards. Chapter 3 Advanced Issues in Partnership Accounts. Chapter 4 Company Accounts. Chapter 5 Financial Statements of Insurance Companies.

Chapter 6 Financial Statements of Banking Companies. Chapter 7 Departmental Accounts. Chapter 8 Accounting for Branches including Foreign Branches. Chapter 1 Nature of Auditing. Chapter 2 Basic Concepts in Auditing. Chapter 3 Preparation for an Audit. Chapter 4 Internal Control. Chapter 5 Vouching Control.

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Thanks for Subscribing Close. You are already Subscribed Close. November test papers are valid till 30th November for all plans Contact us for any query It is quite a known fact that Chartered Accountancy CA is one of the respected and preferred courses in the commerce stream. However, some students are still anxious about pursuing such a course seeing its duration and the amount of dedication and hard work you need to do. Also, there is a popular myth among the individuals pursuing the CA course that it has a very long duration compared to various other professional courses.

Students need to solve more and more practical questions for achieving exemption in this subject. This Subject develops the understanding of students regarding how capital flows. This is purely a theory-based subject and it is divided into two parts i. Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics. Students need to learn its technical terms by heart to score good marks in this subject.

It was established on 1 July as a statutory body under the Chartered Accountants Act, enacted by the Parliament acting as the provisional Parliament of India to regulate the profession of Chartered Accountancy in India. ICAI is the only licensing cum regulating body of the financial audit and accountancy profession in India. It recommends the accounting standards to be followed by companies in India to National Financial Reporting Authority and sets the accounting standards to be followed by other types of organisations. However, the word chartered does not refer to or flow from any Royal Charter. Chartered Accountants are subject to a published Code of Ethics and professional standards, violation of which is subject to disciplinary action.

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Also, Students looking for the amendments applicable in their Nov can take the reference from Revision Test Papers where all the amendments are covered. Download the RTP for Nov attempt from the given link. Chapter 5. Chapter 3 Labour. Table of Contents.

Board of Studies BOS of CA Institute provides multitude of academic resources of fairly high quality and dependable sources of study material. Study Material covers the entire syllabus of CA Intermediate course. CDs have also been developed and made available along with the study materials. Study material of Tax Law as amended by the Finance Act CA Intermediate syllabus for Accounting subject has an appropriate mix of various topics.

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Best Books for CA Intermediate Exam : CA is one of the toughest exams to crack and one will have to use the right resources and put all the efforts in the right direction to ace the exam. Thus, before starting your CA Intermediate preparation, you need to have knowledge of the best books and study material for CA Intermediate.

CA Inter Audit MCQs

Students registered on or before 30th June are eligible to appear in the CA IPCC examinations however those who register on or after 1st July are eligible to appear in the CA Intermediate examinations. We have hundreds of articles to manage. If you find anything missing from the article then click the button below and give us your precious feedback. We will update your query on the page within a couple of hours. Your feedback will help us make our content better for you and your friends.

The CA Intermediate study material is based on the latest syllabus. Candidates can get detailed knowledge on the chapters and topics of the CA intermediate syllabus. Candidates can find the pdf links for the CA Intermediate study material on this article. To know more about the ICAI study material, CA Inter mock test papers, sample papers, revision test papers, and previous year question papers, read the complete article. The CA intermediate study material is designed in a module wise, chapter wise and topic wise manner.

Syllabus - 2016 Intermediate Study Material

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