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Routledge Philosophy Guidebook To Kripke And Naming And Necessity Pdf

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The New Theory of Reference pp Cite as. This paper aims to accomplish two interdependent goals, one historical and one philosophical. First, I aim to present a partial history of the theories of direct, causal or rigid reference as they appear in the New Theory of Reference, an account additional to that presented in [Smith, a, b].

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Naming and Necessity is a book with the transcript of three lectures, given by the philosopher Saul Kripke , at Princeton University in , in which he dealt with the debates of proper names in the philosophy of language. Language is a primary concern of analytic philosophers , particularly the use of language to express concepts and to refer to individuals. In Naming and Necessity , Kripke considers several questions that are important within analytic philosophy:. Kripke's three lectures constitute an attack on descriptivist theories of proper names. According to descriptivist theories, proper names either are synonymous with descriptions, or have their reference determined by virtue of the name's being associated with a description or cluster of descriptions that an object uniquely satisfies. Kripke rejects both these kinds of descriptivism. He gives several examples purporting to render descriptivism implausible as a theory of how names get their reference determined e.

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David Hume was one of the most important British philosophers of the eighteenth century. The first part of his Treatise on Human Nature is a seminal work in philosophy. He is the author of Hume on Knowledge , and Personal Identity second edition , both available from Routledge. Du kanske gillar. Saul Kripke Alan Berger Inbunden. Kripke John P Burgess Inbunden.

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The traditional descriptivist distinction between the sense and reference of a proper name came under attack in the twentieth century. Kripke and Putnam attack the idea that the sense of a name determines its reference and serves as a mode of presentation for its reference. They generalize their arguments to natural kind terms too. We place Putnam somewhere between Quine and Kripke on meaning, necessity, and analyticity. We close with an examination of the central use of philosophical intuition in these arguments and think Quine would find much to like in the rise of experimental philosophy.

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Direct, Rigid Designation and a Posteriori Necessity: A History and Critique


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A rigid designator designates the same object in all possible worlds in which that object exists and never designates anything else.