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In an oil and gas production, flash-gas is a spontaneous vapor that is produced from the heating or depressurization of the extracted oil mixture during different phases of production.

Heater Treater Charge

Palastak, James E. Ohio, November With the depletion of gas reserves, the increase in commercial demand and the rising cost of natural gas, alternatives for a reliable, safe, economical and efficient method for preheating produced fluids in heater treaters is sought. A case history on the performance of an electric immersion heater versus a conventional gas firetube is presented under similar pumping and climatic conditions. The immersion heater uses the principle of resistive type of heating thermal energy. Some advantages of using electric immersion heater's are: They help reduce the possibility of fire or explosion hazards since there are no open flames.

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Heater Treater is a vessel that uses heat to break oil-water emulsions so that the treated oil can be prepared for delivery. Heater treaters can also function as a free water knockout, a heat exchanger, a filter, and as a water wash tank. This equipment provides a safe, predictable convective heat transfer environment for your sensitive process fluids. The requirement of heating of various medias is achieved with this equipment. Fluids enter the treater skid through the inlet and flow into the cover surrounding the fire tube. Gas that is released from the incoming fluids exits the vessel through the back-pressure valve. Water released from the incoming fluids collects in the lower section of the skid.

Heat Balance In Heater Treaters

Jump to content. Low Flow in Pipes - posted in Ankur's blog. Posted 16 July - PM. I am final year undergraduate chemical Engineering. I am working on a project on heater-treaters. I have to calculate the heat transfer area and thus the length and diameter of the firetube in heating section of heater-treater by performing modelling and heat balance in heating section,.

In oil and gas industry crude oil/water emulsions are normally encountered. This type of emulsion is called normal emulsion if water is dispersed phase and oil is.

Heater Treater Design Pdf

Removing water from crude oil often requires additional processing beyond the normal gravity separation. Crude oil treating equipment is designed to break emulsions by coalescing the water droplets and then using gravity separation to separate the oil and water. In addition, the water droplets must have sufficient time to contact each other and coalesce. It is important when designing a crude oil treating system to take into account temperature, time, viscosity of the oil, which may inhibit settling, and the physical dimensions of the treating vessel, which determines the velocity at which settling must occur. A common method for separating water-in-oil emulsion is to heat the stream.

Emulsions and oil treating equipment selection, sizing and troubleshooting

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Production Equipment

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Because gunbarrels tend to be of larger diameter than vertical heater-treaters, separation section removes flash gas and gas liberated as a result of heating.

Flash-gas (petroleum)

Vertical Heater Treater

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Heater treaters


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The Horizontal Heater Treater utilizes heat and mechanical separation enhancement devices, such as plate packs, baffles and electrostatic grids.

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The heater treater is normally found downstream of a two-phase separator on a high pressure system.

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The Vertical Heater Treater breaks emulsions in crude oil using heat and retention time.