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Diversifying livelihoods has become a key strategy to disrupt social-ecological traps by seeking to decouple poverty and overexploitation dynamics in many parts of the world e.

Food Security and Livelihoods

Households combine capital assets in a process involving human agency and resourcefulness to construct livelihood strategies and generate well-being outcomes. Here, we 1 characterized types of livelihood strategies; 2 determined how different capital assets are associated with different livelihood strategies; and 3 determined how livelihood strategies differed in food security outcomes. We conducted a survey in southwestern Ethiopia and used principal component and cluster analyses. Five types of livelihood strategies, which differed mainly in food and cash crops comprising the strategy, were identified. A generalized linear model showed that livelihood strategies were significantly associated with food security outcomes.

In a world that produces enough food for everyone, it is unacceptable that million people suffer from hunger or, in other words, their food security is not guaranteed. The availability, access and consumption of nutritional food guarantees food security. Our food security and livelihood projects, as well as dealing with issues regarding production, access and income, help prevent and anticipate future outbreaks of malnutrition. Projects designed to promote agricultural production and the activity of local markets, support micro-enterprise initiatives, etc. The causes of food insecurity depend on a range of factors - national and international policies that affect agricultural development or trade; food price fluctuations; pandemics like malaria or TB; armed conflict; and natural disasters.

Food Security has a direct impact on the nutritional and health status of people. It exists when "all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life. Food Security is often closely linked to Nutrition. Minimum standards helping humanitarian actors ensure adequate food security in humanitarian contexts. Yearly report monitoring progress of the Sustainable Development Goals related to food security and malnutrition, while also providing an analysis of the underlying causes and drivers of observed trends. Reference manual on the management of emergency nutrition field situations for humanitarian workers and medical professionals with limited nutrition training in emergencies.

Addressing COVID-19 impacts on agriculture, food security, and livelihoods in India

Food insecurity remains a major concern for numerous rural households in Sub-Saharan Africa who rely on agriculture as their main source of livelihood. The assessment of the links between food security and livelihoods is central for overcoming widespread food insecurity. However, assessments remain challenging due to food security's multi-dimensionality and the challenge of finding indicators that are comparable and applicable to various contexts. This study addresses this challenge by adapting a food security index FSI and uses it to assess the livelihood drivers of food security. The index captures the multi-dimensionality of food security using conventional food security indicators.

With COVID now spreading in India, massive consequences to health and livelihoods are feared, and the government has imposed a day national lockdown to limit virus transmission. Given the precarious livelihoods of many Indians, agriculture, food security, and safety net policy and program responses are also urgently required. Mahendra Dev, an experienced academic and policy maker in India, provides additional insights into what actions and reforms are needed, and soon. India has taken early action to limit the spread of COVID, ordering a day nationwide lockdown for its population of 1. The novel coronavirus has spread widely in India relatively recently compared to other countries, and the number of reported infections is low so far, with 5, cases and deaths as of April 8. India has to be ready for a possible surge. Testing should be expanded significantly.

Charitable contributions from people like you make it possible for us to support hunger and livelihood programs and so much more. Please support our mission and work around the world with a gift to our Global Action Fund. You can count on us to be good stewards of your generous donation, helping vulnerable children where the need is greatest with whatever they need the most.. Donate Now. For children, continued undernourishment can lead to stunted growth and cognitive impairment, diminished educational attainment and a lifetime of lower income, continuing a cycle of hunger and poverty.

Food security and livelihoods

Jump to navigation. Brief Description: The purpose of this tool is to obtain a quick understanding of the emergency food security and livelihood situation within the first few days after a rapid-onset disaster. This tool collects information on food security and livelihoods. The results of this initial assessment are meant to inform the design of first-phase responses, in the first six to eight weeks after a disaster occurrs.

Reducing Enteric Methane for Improving Food Security and Livelihoods

Food security and livelihoods

Food Security has a direct impact on the nutritional and health status of people. It exists when "all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life. Food Security is often closely linked to Nutrition. Minimum standards helping humanitarian actors ensure adequate food security in humanitarian contexts.

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