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Breathing is something we do on a daily basis. The body, in a living state, breathes involuntarily whether we are awake, sleeping, or actively exercising. Breathing is living.


With all the news about the corona virus that is happening around the world, people are asking how to look after themselves at this time. It is important to stay healthy and strengthen your immune system and your magnetic energy field aura so that disease cannot penetrate your body. It is also important to find ways to stay centred at these times. Kundalini yoga can help with this. This page will be regularly updated with new kriyas and meditation so please do come and visit again.

Level One Teacher Training Manual , pp. Stand Up. Balance equally on the two feet. Keep both arms straight with no bend in the elbows. Swing the arms in giant circles up and back over the head, then down in back and forward.

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KY Kriyas for Western anatomy and physiology. KY Kriyas for Eastern anatomy and physiology. KY to Channel Energy up the Spine. KY for lower spine and elimination. KY for purifying the self. KY for the glands the circulation and the meditative mind.

Place the palms on the ground next to the hips. Lift the legs off the ground 1/2 feet. Begin a criss-cross motion of the legs. Spread them comfortably to

The Power of Breathing: 4 Pranayama Techniques Worth Practicing

Yogi Bhajan. Kundalini Yoga is not a religion. Religions come out of it. Kundalini Yoga is not a fad, and it's not a cult.

Defining Sadhana: The word Sadhana means a daily practice of connecting with the Infinite. The Aquarian Sadhana is a 2. The two and a half hours before dawn are called the Nectar time Amrit Vela for meditation because 40 breaths per breath the greatest possible pranic energy are available in the pre-dawn hours. It is a time when spiritual masters travel within their subtle bodies to bless the earth — and all those whose very presence is a blessing. Ideally , our aim is to maintain a meditative mind and behaviors in each moment of our lives.

Yesterday I had a sensation, today a confirmation. A realization that all my life as been geared up to this. As I read the chapter on Humanology from the Acquarian Teacher it clicked that this is what I have always wanted to do, learning about things that resonate with me, hearing the words I have always wanted to hear — which are giving me an insight about who we really are and the purpose of this experience. My mind goes back to when I was 14, fascinated by books I used to find on the bookshelf on Astrology, the Vedas and Palmistry.

8 Detoxifying Poses + Kundalini Kriyas

Stretch the arms straight up overhead with palms together. Arch the spine as far up and back as possible. Begin long deep breathing through the mouth with a whistle both on the inhale and the exhale.

See also Ayurvedic Detox Techniques for Fall. How to Do It: Place your feet just wider than your mat with the heels turned in and toes turned out. Breathe deeply. Repeat at least 20 times.

Yogi Bhajan’s Core Teaching: Morning Sadhana

Corona Virus Support: How to boost your immunity and stay stable at this time

The pituitary glad is part of endocrine system. These glands produce powerful chemical transmitters called hormones. It is an important link between the nervous system and the endocrine system and releases many hormones which affect blood pressure, milk, contraction of the uterus, bone maturation and growth,protein synthesis and use of fat reserves. Make your spine straight, whether you are sitting, standing, or lying down. Allow your bottom ribs to expand, and then expand the upper ribs to bring air into all of your lungs! Now slowly move your belly in.

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Kriya for the Lymph Glands

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