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Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior, according to the American Psychological Association. It is the study of the mind, how it works, and how it affects behavior.

Branches of Psychology: (Different Branches of Psychology)

Psychology studies and explains the behaviour of entire living organisms. The term behaviour includes the cognitive, Conative and affective, conscious, subconscious or unconscious, implicit or explicit.

It also includes the behaviour of people from infancy to old age, the normal as well as abnormal. It is very difficult to understand all these aspects of behaviour in one sphere. Hence, in order to make it convenient to study, understand and access the behaviour at different fields of life, psychology is divided into different branches. These branches are broadly divided into two categories viz. Pure branches provide the theoretical frame work of the subject.

These branches deal with formulation of principles, theories and suggest different methods for the assessment of behaviour. The pure branches also suggest certain techniques for the modification of problematic behaviour. This branch deals with the fundamental rules, principles and theories of psychology in relation to the study of behaviour of normal adult human beings.

It explains various psychological processes like sensations, perceptions, emotions, learning, intelligence, personality, etc. This branch describes the biological basis of behaviour.

There is a close relationship between body and mind; the functions of each other are mutually influenced. The functioning of the brain, nervous system, endocrine glands and their relation to cognitive, Conative and affective behaviour is explained in this branch of psychology. Human life passes through various stages of development from conception to old age. This branch explains the growth and development of various processes in relation to behaviour.

Childhood extends from 2 to 12 years. This is a crucial period in the life. Future life depends upon development during childhood. Growth and development will be rapid during this stage. Child psychology deals with these aspects. This branch deals with behaviour of animals. Many psychological experiments are conducted to know the functioning of mind in animals. Animals like rats, dogs, chimpanzees, pigeons, guinea pigs, cats are some of the animals used for experimentation.

Today the life is complex. The individual is facing a lot of competition and experiencing frustrations and conflicts. Constant pressures in life are leading to psychological abnormalities. Abnormal psychology deals with various kinds of mental disorders, their symptoms and causes. Human being is a social animal. Naturally the behaviour of an individual is influenced by society and in turn influences the society. Social psychology deals with interrelationships of people among themselves, likes and dislikes of people, attitudes and interests, the prejudices and social distances people have, group behaviour, group cohesiveness, group conflicts, etc.

Some of the psychological experiences are beyond the reach of 5 sense organs. That is why they are called extra sensory perceptions ESP or sixth sense.

Some of the phenomena studied in ESP are as follows:. This is referred to as television, which is seeing the distant things mentally. We perceive at times some situations or things without the help of our eyes.

In total — seeing things which happen beyond our visual field through mind is called clairvoyance. Transformations of emotions from one person to another person who is in a far of place. For example, a person who is in death bed remembering his close relative may be experienced by the concerned person who is far away from him. Moving the objects without direct contact through power of mind is called Psychokinesis. For example, in Mahabharata, Shakuni could move dice with his power of mind.

Knowing the future happenings well in advance. At times people will gain the knowledge of future called precognition. For example, some accident or disaster that may take place after sometime will be known before time. This is otherwise called rebirth. There are some instances reported where people remember their previous life details. There are some reports that the souls of dead people are contacted through people called Mediums.

These Mediums use a plate called Planchette or Ouija board and establish contact with souls. Applied branches deal with the application of psychological principles and techniques for approaching the problems in different fields of life.

This is the most important field where psychological principles are applied. Other aspects like management, teachers, teaching and learning aids are all meant for learners. Learners differ in their abilities, hence they need different approaches of teaching, learning material, etc. This branch addresses to the problems and improvement in teaching and learning processes.

This branch deals with the therapeutic aspect of mental disorders. There are many types of mental illness requiring varied types of therapies like chemotherapy, psychotherapy, recreational and occupational therapies, behaviour therapy, etc. Human beings are different from machines. They will have many problems in their work place like adjustment, safety, security, health, financial and such other problems. Both the management and workers need to cooperate in dealing with such problems.

Industrial psychology seeks application of psychological principles, theories and techniques for the study of all these problems and the industrial environment. Mental disorders may not be completely and easily cured just by drugs and other physical therapies.

In addition to other therapies, these patients need counselling also. Counselling is a process in which an interaction takes place between a trained counselor and a client. This branch also helps people to overcome adjustment problems. In this way, psychology has broadened its scope today and gaining more and more importance.

It may be expected that in days to come, there cannot be any field of life without the application of psychological principles.

Particularly in the field of medicine, for doctors and nurses the knowledge of psychology is very useful and also essential.

Psychological Science

Psychology is the academic and applied study of mental functions and behaviors. The overarching goal of psychology is to understand the behavior, mental functions, and emotional processes of human beings. This field ultimately aims to benefit society, partly through its focus on better understanding of mental health and mental illness. Most psychologists can be classified as social, behavioral, or cognitive scientists. Psychologists study many different areas, including biological foundations, mental well-being, change and development over time, the self and others, and potential dysfunctions. They explore how psychological factors interact with biological and sociocultural factors to influence individual development.

Psychology is the study of the mind, how it works, and how it might affect behavior. compares to other sciences and find out about the various branches of psychology. It is closely related to neuroscience, philosophy, and linguistics. Developmental psychology overlaps with fields such as linguistics.

Theoretical psychology

Theoretical psychology is concerned with theoretical and philosophical aspects of psychology. It is an interdisciplinary field with a wide scope of study. It focuses on combining and incorporating existing and developing theories of psychology non-experimentally. Theoretical psychology originated from the philosophy of science , with logic and rationality at the base of each new idea. It existed before empirical or experimental psychology.

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the science of behavior, both in humans and nonhuman animals. The subject is very broad, with many sub-fields.

How do psychologists think about and study the human mind and behavior? Psychology is such a huge topic and conveying the depth and breadth of the subject can be difficult. As a result, a number of unique and distinctive branches of psychology have emerged to deal with specific subtopics within the study of the mind, brain, and behavior. While each has its own focus on psychological problems or concerns, all areas share a common goal of studying and explaining human thought and behavior.

By Dr. Saul McLeod , updated Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior, according to the American Psychological Association. Psychology is a multifaceted discipline and includes many sub-fields of study such areas as human development, sports, health, clinical, social behavior and cognitive processes. Psychology is really a very new science, with most advances happening over the past years or so.

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What is psychology and what does it involve?

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Psychology studies and explains the behaviour of entire living organisms.

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contemporary psychology but they do not encompass either all its branches or reflecting its historic roots in physiological psychology, is particularly related to branches and fields of psychological endeavor adopted by the International.

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Biopsychology. Biopsychology is a branch of psychology focused on how the brain, neurons, and nervous system influence thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This field draws on many different disciplines including basic psychology, experimental psychology, biology, physiology, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience.