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J esus spoke of the kingdom of heaven and then the kingdom of God. Are these the same and if not, what are the differences between the two?

Knowing the doctrinal difference between the terms "Kingdom of Heaven" and "Kingdom of God" is the key to understanding the complete time line of Biblical history past, present, and future, the proper place of the Church and the prophetic future of Israel.

The Difference Between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven

J esus spoke of the kingdom of heaven and then the kingdom of God. Are these the same and if not, what are the differences between the two? If we want to know about the kingdom we must know about the King of that kingdom and whether it is the kingdom of heaven or the kingdom of God we are talking about.

The King of both of these is Jesus Christ but are these two the same kingdom or are they different? Why does Jesus seem to mention two kingdoms? The gospel writers Mark and Luke wrote more about the kingdom of God while Matthew used the kingdom of heaven and there are reasons for each of these writers using the different names for the kingdom.

The kingdom of God is used more frequently than is the kingdom of heaven and in fact, the kingdom of God is mentioned 68 times and is double that of the kingdom of heaven 32 and there may be good reasons for that.

Matthew was writing to the Jewish people as you can tell in the first chapter where he gives the Jewish lineage of Jesus Christ. Yet the one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. We already know it is the same King of both where we read about the kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven. There is no confusion there but there may be differences in the way or in the place where these kingdoms are referred to.

Jesus seems to refer to the kingdom of heaven as an inauguration of a new covenantal kingdom and the kingdom of God as the invisible theocracy under the sovereignty of God which entails both the Old and the New Testament eras.

Both the kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven are not separate entities or places even though they are about specific applications to each kingdom as to the when and the where of each. In the end, the authors of the gospels are more concerned with referring to different audiences but it is one and the same kingdom. Used by permission.

All rights reserved. Tagged as: Kingdom of God , Kingdom of Heaven. He did his graduate work at Moody Theological Seminary. Read them in the archive below. If you like what you're reading, you can get free daily updates through the RSS feed here. Thanks for stopping by! I think your conclusion is excellent, and points us to what is most important. This world has many distractions, and you help us to stay focused on what is of vital importance for eternity.

You, as always, are so kind. Besides, I am nothing, He is everything so we both know that all glory goes to God and to Him alone. Thank you nonetheless my encourager. Hi Jim, I just wanted to take a moment to thank your for your words of encouragement. I agree Pastor Jack did a great job on this article. I believe that both the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven are the same as you suggest. Christians have many different ideas about what the Kingdom is though. I have not found any completely satisfying.

This fits all of those metaphors Jesus used in Mt 13, from the seed to the dragnet to the leaven and to the pearl of great price. Salvation or the born again experience is when the Holy Spirit comes to reside within the believer.

Jesus said the Kingdom of God is not a location and we are told by Jesus not to seek it as such. Jn Just my two cents as I struggle with the idea of the Kingdom. Thank you, once again for making me think. Thanks brother. We can only view things in this side of the kingdom thru a glad darkly, right?

I wait, like you do, for that great day of the King and His righteous reign and may it come swiftly my brother so I can finally meet you! It is NOT the same. I can direct you to a great utube channel to watch. Micheal Pearl and the 8 kingdoms. Watch at least the 1 and 2. Hello Mr. There are not 8 kingdoms…only two. One is the kingdom of darkenss and the other the kingdom of God or heaven both the same. Please be warned about this Mr.

Pearl becasue there are some very serious errors that those who use their materials should be aware of. When Michael Pearl speaks about the church it is almost always in a negative context. While the family is the foundational unit in the church and society and is very, very important, I believe it is possible to turn the family into an idol, when it is emphasized beyond biblical bounds and when it becomes an end unto itself. My friends, the Bible plainly states that it is the church that is the pillar and ground of the truth 1 Tim.

The context is a scripturally organized assembly that has pastors and deacons 1 Tim. Any family that is not in proper relationship with and submission to God-ordained church authority is not in the will of God unless, of course, no such church exists in the area. I say this on the authority of the Scriptures. While I agree that too many churches are worldly from top to bottom, meaning that even the leaders and workers are worldly, it is equally true that a scriptural New Testament church will never be completely holy.

If a church is reaching the world for Christ as it should, there will always be unsaved and newly saved people in attendance who are not very holy, to say the least.

In fact, if we were to be honest with our own hearts, we would admit that there is plenty of unholiness in the most mature of saints, as even the apostle Paul lamented in regard to his own life.

Pearl, please distance yourself from this as he looks down upon the church Jesus built and said the gates of hell will not prevail against it, but not so with Mr. They are not the same. Matthew is the only one who uses the phrase Kingdom of Heaven.

The others purposefully avoid it. But you can rest assured, the two kingdoms are different from one another. He is not trying to be a good author by mixing it up; such a silly notion. He uses different terms because they are different. But the answer is in the one Gospel that uses the term. Good Luck in finding the real meaning of the Kingdom of the Heavens. It is not right under our nose, but in the context and audience to whom it was written.

Why would there be two kingdoms when there is only one New Jerusalem coming. Your opinion is wrong. If what you were say is right, then there would be two New Jerusalems, which of course we know is not right. You are in error. A good study Bible will clear this up for you. As we know, GOD always was, is, and will always be, but Heaven was created and will be destroyed and will be recreated anew.

Jason, perhaps it would help to understand language a little better. Language is complex and its meaning is based on social constructs. Trying to make arguments that ignore accepted social constructs is illogical. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Subscribe me to your newsletter. All Rights Reserved. Sitemap Privacy Policy Disclaimer Advertise. Thank you pastor Jack for helping us with these two phrases.

May the Lord bless you for all that you do! Amen Pastor Jack! DocReits Reply. Cancel reply Leave a Comment. What Is Speaking In Tongues? What Is the Rapture? What does the devil look like? What will Heaven be like? The mission of this site is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians.

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Is There A Difference Between The Kingdom Of Heaven And Kingdom Of God?

There is no real difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven. The two phrases are simply two different ways to indicate the same thing: a kingdom or system of government that is ruled by God. This power and authority to rule has been given to Jesus Christ by the Father, who is enthroned in Heaven. Christ is currently seated at the right hand of the Father. At a designated future time, the time of His second coming, Christ will then bring this rule to earth from Heaven. The phrase "Kingdom of Heaven" is only found in the gospel of Matthew. The other gospel writers stuck with the phrase "Kingdom of God.

The kingdom of God is at hand. It seems there is no one, straight forward answer. KG is the realm where God exists in complete authority, full of righteousness and holiness, and where His rule is acknowledged in the hearts of believers. The KH, on the other hand, is meant more as a distinction from the earth. Until then, heaven is limited in its relation to the earth.

Knowing the doctrinal difference between the terms "Kingdom of Heaven" and "​Kingdom of God" is the key to understanding the complete time line of Biblical.

Kingdoms in Conflict: Examining the Use of “Kingdom of Heaven” in Matthew

Two main answers have been given to this question in modern church history. They believed that Matthew used KH, not to indicate a difference between the two kingdoms, but to avoid using the divine name. The purpose of this article is to argue that both of these answers are mistaken. To get to these implications, however, we will need to show why the two prevailing answers to why Matthew uses KH are fundamentally flawed. While denotative distinctions between the KG and the KH have been proposed elsewhere,[3] the distinction became widely known through the popular Scofield Reference Bible.

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Kingdom of God

Biblical Hermeneutics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professors, theologians, and those interested in exegetical analysis of biblical texts. It only takes a minute to sign up. Some assert the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God refer to the same thing while others say they are different.

The ultra-dispensational view of E. However, we believe that as they are used in Scripture, these are synonymous terms that both refer to the Millennial Kingdom. It is not unusual in the Bible for something to have different names. For example, Jerusalem is called by many different names in the Bible.

Are the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven the same? Is the Kingdom of Christ also the same as these? The response to your question will be divided into three parts. For example, in Matt. This example occurs in the model prayer that Jesus gave to the disciples. One should notice that the passage indicates that a kingdom already existed in heaven and that the disciples were to ask God the Father to have it come to this earth! The table below reveals that a kingdom existed back at the time of King David before Jesus was born into this earth in human flesh.

The phrase “kingdom of God” occurs 68 times in 10 different New Testament books, while “kingdom of heaven” occurs only 32 times, and only in.

Kingdom of God (Christianity)

The phrase occurs frequently in the New Testament, primarily used by Jesus Christ in the first three Gospels. Though the phrase itself rarely occurs in pre-Christian Jewish literature, the idea of God as king was fundamental to Judaism , and Jewish ideas on the subject undoubtedly underlie, and to some extent determine, the New Testament usage. Behind the Greek word for kingdom basileia lies the Aramaic term malkut, which Jesus may have used. Malkut refers primarily not to a geographical area or realm nor to the people inhabiting the realm but, rather, to the activity of the king himself, his exercise of sovereign power. The idea might better be conveyed in English by an expression such as kingship, rule, or sovereignty.

The view of the kingdom developed during that time included the restoration of Israel to a Davidic Kingdom and the intervention of God in history via the Danielic Son of Man. The coming of the kingdom of God involved God finally taking back the reins of history, which he had allowed to slacken as pagan Empires had ruled the nations. Most Jewish sources imagine a restoration of Israel and either a destruction of the nations or a gathering of the nations to obedience to the One True God. Jesus stands firmly in this tradition.

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Kingdom of God (Christianity)

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He said, the kingdom of God is the method, concept or ways while the kingdom of Heaven refers to the place, 'the where.' To enter the Kingdom of.

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There is no real difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven. The two phrases are simply two different ways to indicate.