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Families of Phenolic Compounds and Means of Classification

Tannin , also called tannic acid , any of a group of phenolic compounds in woody flowering plants that are important deterrents to herbivores and have a number of industrial applications. As secondary metabolites, tannins are sequestered in vacuoles within the plant cell , which protects the other cell components. They occur normally in the roots, wood , bark, leaves, and fruit of many plants, particularly in the bark of oak Quercus species and in sumac Rhus and myrobalan Terminalia chebula. They also occur in galls , pathological growths resulting from insect attacks. Commercial tannins typically are pale yellow to light brown amorphous substances in the form of powder, flakes, or a spongy mass. They are used chiefly in tanning leather , dyeing fabric, and making ink and in various medical applications.

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Tannins: Classification and Definition

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Hydrolysable tannins, water-extracted from sweet chestnut Castanea sativa Mill. CHT and membrane concentrated, have several effects as antioxidant, antimicrobial, and metal complexing agents. Some patents described their use as nitrogen release modulators and iron complexing agent to fight plant chlorosis and to control legume seed-borne disease and nitrosamine and mycotoxin during plant and food processing. Biostimulating activity of raw CHT, placed near seed or transplant seedlings, was assessed on early plant growth starter effect and found related to earlier production of a larger plant fine root mass, with greater P early uptake. Increased resistance to nematodes, with CHT applications on tobacco, was investigated. Recent process stream fractioning permitted to identify some CHT fractions with antimicrobial and antioxidant effects which were tested for their potential in promoting selected aspects of plant yield, quality, and protection and maintaining and improving feed and food quality during processing. A protective effect of CHT on some bacterial diseases of olive tree and kiwi was disclosed.

Broadly, the definition of tannin covers a whole mass of components which give overall phenolic reactions [2]. To provide leather, tannin.

Hydrolysable Tannins in Agriculture

Tannins are naturally occurring complex organic compounds possessing nitrogen free polyphenols of high molecular weight. They form colloidal solution with water giving acid reactions. They also precipitate proteins and alkaloids.

E-mail: kkh chemie. The name tannin is derived from the French tanin tanningsubstance and is used for a range of natural polyphenols. Since ancient times it is known that certain organic substanceshave tanning properties and are able to tan animal skins to formleather. Prehistoric tribes already knew about the tanningof protective animal hides with brain material and the fat ofthe killed animals. Thetraditional tanning of animal skins by means of plant tanninshas been replaced gradually by mineral tanning, as representedby alum tanning or glac tanning, a variant of alum tanning and more recently, since the end of the nineteenth century,by chromium tanning.

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Tannins: Classification, Properties and Chemical Tests

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Tannins: classification and definition.

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Tannins are secondary water-soluble phenolic metabolites found in different families of higher plants [3]. Chemically, tannins can be classified.

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Tannins or tannoids are a class of astringent , polyphenolic biomolecules that bind to and precipitate proteins and various other organic compounds including amino acids and alkaloids.

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