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Open And Closed Die Forging Pdf

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Closed-Die Forging Vs. Open-Die Forging

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What’s the Difference between Open-Die Forging and Closed-Die Forging?

When it comes to contorting and deforming metal, there are multiple techniques that involve die forging. Two of these techniques are open and closed-die forging. While both utilize the same basic processes of heating and deforming metal with calculated force, they differ when it comes to the actual die plates themselves. Open-die forging , also known as free forging or smith forging, is the process of striking a hammer to deform a piece of metal, typically placed on a stationary anvil. Another approach is to use compression to press the metal between simple dies. These simple dies are typically flat, semi-round or V-shaped.

Open die forging involves the shaping of heated metal parts between a top die attached to a ram and a bottom die attached to a hammer, anvil or bolster. While impression or closed die forging confines the metal in dies, open die forging is distinguished by the fact that the metal is never completely confined or restrained in the dies. Most open die forgings are produced on flat dies. However, round swaging dies, V-dies, mandrels, pins and loose tools are also used depending on the desired part configuration and its size. Although the open die forging process is often associated with larger, simpler-shaped parts such as bars, blanks, rings, hollows or spindles, in fact it can be considered the ultimate option in "custom-designed" metal components. High-strength, long-life parts optimized in terms of both mechanical properties and structural integrity are today produced in sizes that range from a few pounds to hundreds of tons in weight.

New Opportunities with Open Die Forging

Forging is the process of shaping metal through the application of force. Open-die forging is also known smith forging. In open-die forging, a hammer strikes and deforms the workpiece, which is placed on a stationary anvil.

In their never-ending search for ways to increase production efficiency and develop new capabilities, gear manufacturers should take a look at this time-proven process. True, the unsteady recovery and realigning markets mean business is more difficult for the entire gear industry. Order volumes are lower, sales in historically profitable markets are down, and competition is stiffer. Fortunately, an extremely versatile and highly efficient manufacturing process already exists to benefit the gear industry. Open die forging is flexible, creative, and cost-effective, giving you the competitive advantage you need to find new business and keep your current customers coming back.

Open Die Forging | Difference Between Open and Closed Die Forging

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Open Die Forging vs. Closed Die Forging

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The Closed-Die Forging also referred to as impression die forging, is a metal forming process in which a workpiece that has been previously heated to a high temperature is pressed by means of countermoving form tools forging dies.

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