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Supply chain management is a multi-faceted process with many stakeholders and even more moving parts. New technology aims to make the supply chain more efficient, yet investing in the wrong technology further complicates productivity while hindering profitability, causing supply chain issues.

Stockouts of popular contraceptive products are common and persistent across many countries Figure 1.

7 Main Challenges in Supply Chain Management And How You Can Workaround It

Supply chain management is a multi-faceted process with many stakeholders and even more moving parts. New technology aims to make the supply chain more efficient, yet investing in the wrong technology further complicates productivity while hindering profitability, causing supply chain issues.

Effective supply chain management offers numerous benefits for companies, so overcoming challenges to keep things running smoothly is a top priority for supply chain professionals.

To learn more about the biggest supply chain challenges plaguing companies today and what supply chain leaders can do to mitigate risks and overcome common challenges, we reached out to a panel of supply chain professionals and asked them to answer this question:. Read on to learn what our supply chain pros had to say about the biggest challenges of supply chain management and how you can overcome them.

Sebastian is a co-founder at KAPUA , an enterprise SaaS provider, where he helps companies to improve their forecasting accuracy and speed. Or poor fulfillment rates and missing revenue targets as they are facing out of stock situations. All of the above and other down-stream KPIs and processes are heavily influenced by the accuracy of a demand forecast: if the demand forecast is much more accurate, a company is more likely to have the right product, in the right quantities in inventory and will have less of the products in inventory that is not required.

This will not only influence fill rates and service levels driving more revenue , but it also helps to keep the cost down increasing the bottom-line. Calloway Cook is the Founder of Illuminate Labs , a dietary supplement company that does business differently. Illuminate Labs tests every single batch of finished product for label accuracy and contaminants, and then posts the test results on each product page for consumers to see themselves. Our supply chain involves a contract manufacturer, a third-party testing facility, warehouses to store inventory and a freighting company.

If one of these suppliers has a delay, it affects all the others. For example, if my contract manufacturer is late with an order it can cause me to incur excess costs with the freighting and warehousing companies, respectively.

I do not work with suppliers who are unable to respond back to me same-day. I learned the hard way that this can magnify the problem. Mitigating and accounting for unforeseen delays somewhere along the chain. There are so many potential issues that can impact a supply chain to cause delays such as fluctuating availability of raw materials, hold-ups in customs, adverse weather, staffing problems, political issues, procurement problems, changes in legislation and so on that being able to realistically foresee and safeguard against each of them will only ever be partially successful, and it takes up a lot of resources.

This initially necessitated the expansion of our warehousing provision, revision of our stock rotation and warehousing policies and associated costs, which we had to bear.

However, the elasticity and leeway this has afforded us in terms of our ability to avoid being negatively impacted by supply chain delays of any type and the breathing space it affords us if we consequently need to make other arrangements has saved us many times more time and money in the medium term than it cost us initially. It has also helped us to safeguard our working relationships with our clients, who can rely on us to deliver as ordered and on time without fail or excuses!

Emily earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Santa Cruz, for her major in Film and Digital Media and has experience in writing, publication and teaching. Keeping up with consumers and their buying behaviors. Consumer demands are constantly changing, whether this is their demand for faster order fulfillment due to the e-commerce last mile race currently occurring or meeting customer demands for omnichannel communications and better service.

Many areas of the supply chain might not feel as if they are affected by this omnichannel revolution, but it disturbs every part of the supply chain. These changing buyer habits then require complete cohesivity within your organization.

Therefore, better network design, planning and operations are all needed, and all of which might not be completely satisfactory. This is overall a very complex challenge, and the best way to confront it is with flexibility and better communication within your entire organization.

Louis, M. Air Force Institute of Technology and Ph. University of North Texas. After 12 years as an Air Force logistics officer, Michael got his PhD in a top 5 logistics program, and now teaches supply chain management and marketing.

Surveys and other research overwhelmingly show that cost is the biggest deterrent to investment in technology. Part of the problem is that technology is inherently risky. Will the technology be compatible with suppliers and customers?

Will it go obsolete quickly? Will it require frequent maintenance and re-tooling? Some public-private partnerships are working to standardize blockchain so that its benefits reach everyone. And firms can only grow so big before they become unmanageable. The next wave of technology will make technology cheap enough to be nearly everywhere, and the benefits will be accessible to nearly everyone.

Rishit Shah is a finance and costing professional who teaches financial topics at TallySchool. When the products are ready to be sent out from the manufacturing facility, the company has to decide where to send the goods, how much to send and through which channels the goods should be shipped and delivered to minimize the delivery and logistics costs and to maximize sales.

Companies can overcome this challenge by optimizing the supply chain through data, information and using automated processes to make decisions. If the information flow right from the manufacturing facility to sales is automated and centralized, this problem can be solved to a greater extent. You just make the decision instantly on the basis of the information available.

For example, a certain product is ready to be shipped from the manufacturing facility. Now, with the help of real-time information and automated processes, the company can have information about which sales point requires how many goods and in how much time and if there are any return goods which can be sent back in the same delivery vehicle. We can also know if there are any exceptions to the plan so that backup plans can be easily activated. Logistics and delivery can be handled in a very optimized way with the help of automated solutions using data and information.

Jessica Thiele is the Director of Marketing at VL OMNI , an iPaaS point-to-multipoint serverless data integration platform able to capture business rules for a fully automated supply chain and technology stack partnered with Shopify Plus. Digitizing and automating key processes. Coupled with the complex nature of automating data flow throughout your supply chain is the fact that many suppliers, logistics companies and 3PLs each use unique software, sometimes not used anywhere else.

Connecting and automating into each of these data centers is now an even more complex problem to solve. But automating supply chain data is certainly possible: all the way from the days of EDI which, by the way, is still going strong to the modern evolution of EDI communication with REST and SOAP APIs of today, merchants can strategically integrate technology throughout their supply chain, from sale to last mile and back, in the case of returns.

Merchants finding themselves in the precarious but exciting moment of growth and the need to automate key systems while maintaining agility should look towards data integration applications or services, and stay away from plug-ins. Instead, rest on the authority of an expert company specializing in iPaaS or data integration, and push for a holistic integration system design over an application-by-application approach.

Merchants can also implement a data integration strategy in iterative steps, effectively taking action today on events to come tomorrow to bolster your business against change.

While they strive for perfection in these areas, there are more challenges and limitations than ever before. Additionally, the advancements and constant changes in technology and analytics play a huge role in supporting the success or failure of a modern day supply chain. There is one common thread behind all of these issues that rises to the top of list of challenges for companies today — cost control.

Perhaps one of the biggest dilemmas in cost control is dealing with the new tariffs that have been imposed. There is no easy answer to solve this current challenge, and many companies are already experiencing the financial impact of these tariffs on their bottom line. Some companies are having to retract and tighten up production and inventory levels to ride out the storm, while others are finding innovative work-arounds to get their goods shipped and imported with respect to packaging, labeling and logistics.

While we have not seen the implications for consumers just yet, it is certainly assumed that this cost will squeeze margins to a level that will have to be shared by consumers in the form of higher prices for products and services down the road. In the meantime, companies need to make sure they have the most talented negotiators and leaders heading up their procurement and supply chain functions.

From a shortage of talent, to growing environmental compliance regulations, those working in supply chain management are responsible for forecasting potential challenges, risks and setbacks in order to find opportunities to overcome difficulties moving forward. As we touched on above, the challenges of talent acquisition — and retention — was clear in and this has continued into Simply put, if this shortfall continues, the performance of supply chain management can only decrease.

By having a people-focused outlook, the quality of products and output will naturally increase. Tom Kieley is CEO at SourceDay , a SaaS solution that automates purchase order, request for quote and accounts payable management to remove costly waste and errors from global supply chains. Tom is a veteran business owner with more than a decade of experience in product management and operations, hardware and software sales and supply chain management.

Many companies still accept manual processes, waste and costly mistakes as a way of life. In some organizations, receiving an order on-time, by the originally scheduled date, happens so rarely that the original due date has become obsolete. The high rate of manual processes within supply chain management is a large part of the problem.

Communication, communication, communication. Many companies with high value products need constant communication and updates as to what is going on over the road. Commodities such as produce, electronics, mail and military FAK require updates as often as hourly. There will obviously be a few bad apples in the bunch. Another option is MacroPointing drivers. MacroPoint is an app that can be downloaded and a text can be sent to driver that tracks their location progress hourly for the duration of their transit.

Customers who work strictly with asset-based carriers, or carriers who own their own trucks, can have ELDs or EDIs installed. She has particular expertise in supplier relationship management and supplier partnerships. The sudden emergence of trade disputes underscores this need. Within weeks an organization may need to find a new facility and country of production to use or face a steep cost increase.

The human aspect of supply chain management. The processes are in place and the tasks fairly routine and simple, but issues with communication, management and being on the same page is what affects operational efficiency the most.

If leadership is on point and every subordinate understands the mission and acts proactively, all the process and systems in place that make up for human error which still fail!

How to utilize enormous data collected throughout a supply chain in order to improve the overall performance of the supply chain. Or, can Amazon use their data collected at their website, the warehouses and the points of delivery to identify the areas where costs can be reduced?

She has been in the industry for many years and loves the constant challenges and strategies the supply chain management industry brings. We constantly have new vehicles being delivered and shipping to customers all over.

Not to mention we also must balance the logistics of our parts department, since our dealership also serves as a local parts supplier to customers and businesses in the area. David Millington, MSc. He brings over 25 years experience in the organizational and supply chain excellence arenas, and is a Certified Supply Chain Professional. What it takes to meet customer requirements in a cost-effective manner. The consensus is that their biggest challenge is understanding the true cost of operating their supply chains and making informed decisions about product, customer and supply chain rationalization from this data.

Leveraging a Total Cost to Serve Matrix provides this type of cost visibility and a way to overcome this challenge. They fight with everything in the way of efficient and smooth material handling according to the schedule. But there are a lot of things in the way — equipment breaks, human errors, miscommunication with partners and vendors, you name it.

The Five Biggest Supply Chain Challenges of 2020

This can be due to mergers and acquisitions , entering new markets, expanding product ranges or indeed changes to the regulatory environment. PPT Size: Supply chain management is an external integration of interrelated functions of the firm with its channel members, vendors, and all third-party logistics service providers who contribute in the flow of goods raw materials, semi-finished and finished products and related information from the point of inception to the point of consumption with efficiency. D increased outsourcing. The concepts of supply chain management incorporates a wide range of activities that support the planning, implementation and control manufacturing and the delivery processes right from the source of raw material to the spot where the end product is utilized [6]. Lecture notes and problem sets are among the materials available in this graduate-level course. The Supply Chain.

PDF | Efficient supply chain management is crucial for survival and success operations across the globe sourcing from and selling to different.

The Five Biggest Supply Chain Challenges of 2020

COVID continues to disrupt world economies, even in countries that have the pandemic under control. Additionally, despite pressure to get the economy back up and running, ongoing uncertainties, lack of consumer confidence and supply chain challenges continue to exert a stranglehold. The extent is revealed in the latest IMF forecasts that anticipate U. In December , when the first rumors about this dangerous virus surfaced, no one anticipated the extent to which it would spread, nor the resulting human and economic devastation.

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Supply chain management SCM is the process by which supply chain activities are managed to have an advantage over competitors as well as maximize the value of our customers. It basically represents the efforts by which the supply chain management solutions help to develop and manage supply chain activities in the most efficient way. When we talk about supply chain management, we also pertain to product development, sourcing of materias, production of quality goods and logistics.

Supply Chain Management Lecture Notes Ppt

Chevron recognizes that the positive local impact of our supply chain investments can be amplified by the sourcing decisions of our suppliers. We encourage our major international suppliers of goods and services to form partnerships with local businesses and to maximize the purchase of local goods and services. These relationships create an opportunity for the local businesses to gain access to new technology, to bring their processes up to international standards and to train their people on the latest industry practices. In Kazakhstan, the Chevron-led Tengizchevroil TCO joint-venture works closely with its major contractors and suppliers to encourage an increased focus on local content to enhance local impact and economic contribution to the Republic of Kazakhstan. Chevron also seeks to build and maintain a supply chain that reflects how deeply we value diversity. For example, in the United States, we are dedicated to developing and promoting successful partnerships with woman- and minority-owned businesses and small businesses. We expect our suppliers and contractors to treat their employees and to interact with communities in ways that respect human rights and adhere to the spirit and intent of our Human Rights Policy.

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28 supply chain professionals share the biggest challenges of supply chain management

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28 supply chain professionals share the biggest challenges of supply chain management

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