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The Cane Borer Beetle In Hawaii And Its Control By Natural Enemies Pdf

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Natural Enemies of Insect Pests in Neotropical Agroecosystems

This book aims to address the importance of natural enemies and functional diversity for biological control in Neotropical agroecosystems. Several aspects related to the conservation of natural enemies, such as vegetation design and climate change, are discussed in Part 1 and the bioecology of several insects groups used in biological control in Latin America is presented in Part 2. Part 3 is devoted to mass production of natural enemies while Part 4 describes how these insects have been used to control of pests in major crops, forests, pasture, weeds and plant diseases. As a researcher, she is focused on biological control of insect pest and published more than peer-reviewed articles, 2 books and 5 book chapters. His research work involved the taxonomy of insect group pests Aleyrodidae and Scolytinae , conservational biological control, agroecological pest management and functional biodiversity in production systems. He published more than articles in peer-reviewed journals and technical magazines and more than 15 books and chapters. Prior to joining UFLA in , She worked as consultant and lecturer for private companies and agriculture schools.

Biological pest control

Biological control or biocontrol is a method of controlling pests such as insects , mites , weeds and plant diseases using other organisms. It can be an important component of integrated pest management IPM programs. There are three basic strategies for biological pest control: classical importation , where a natural enemy of a pest is introduced in the hope of achieving control; inductive augmentation , in which a large population of natural enemies are administered for quick pest control; and inoculative conservation , in which measures are taken to maintain natural enemies through regular reestablishment. Natural enemies of insect pests, also known as biological control agents, include predators, parasitoids , pathogens , and competitors. Biological control agents of plant diseases are most often referred to as antagonists. Biological control agents of weeds include seed predators, herbivores , and plant pathogens. Biological control can have side-effects on biodiversity through attacks on non-target species by any of the above mechanisms, especially when a species is introduced without a thorough understanding of the possible consequences.

Role of parasitoid Trichogramma japonicum and other natural enemies in the management of yellow stem borer and leaf folder in basmati rice. Indian Journal of Entomology 64 2 : , Studies on the natural enemies of the corn borer 2. Parasitic natural enemies of lemon tree borer. A contribution to the knowledge of the natural enemies of durra stem borer. Studies of some shot-hole borer species and their natural enemies. Anzeiger fur Schadlingskunde, Pflanzen und Umweltschutz 47 9 : ,

The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status. Further details may be available for individual references in the Distribution Table Details section which can be selected by going to Generate Report. Agnew JR, Australian Sugarcane Pests.

tempts were made to introduce this parasite into Hawaii, but it. * Paranagrus optabilis the cane borer beetle, which was continued in Java; Dr. Muir arrived at Batavia efforts to control root grubs by natural enemies in other parts of the world.

Tropical nut borer natural enemies and koa seedworm management update

XX, No. Davis and M. Snail Pest Control Achatina fulica Bowdich giant African snail Populations of the giant African snail continued at pest levels in the Hana District, Island of Maui and have spread considerably since their first discovery on this island in December, Eradication measures of incipient infestations on Hawaii and Kauai are continuing. Elsewhere in the state A. The introduced carabid predator, Tefflus zanzibaricus alluaudi Sternberg has not been observed since Lymnaea ollula Gould liverfluke snail The purposely introduced snail predator, Sepedon sauteri Hendel from Fukuoka, Japan was recovered for the first time at Wainiha Valley, Kauai on May 16th.

Photo 1. Solomon Islands. Photo 2. Severe damage to young fronds by adult coconut rhinoceros beetle, Orytes rhinoceros.

But since the mongoose is active during the day, while the rat is nocturnal, the two rarely crossed paths. But the misguided effort hardly qualifies as an example of biocontrol gone wrong. Mongoose did not undergo this evaluation prior to entry and should not be considered an example of biocontrol. Mark G.

Biological pest control

By Yelitza C. The agricultural production in the Neotropical region is highly affected by the attack of pests and diseases. Due to the overuse of pesticides, sustainable methods of control are in demand, such as biological control. Integrated Pest Management IPM considered the use of Biological control as a method to suppress the population of pests in several field agricultural systems and in protected crops systems.

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Tropical nut borer natural enemies and koa seedworm management update

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Common Name

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the Popillia beetle in New Jersey and the sugar-cane Ie fhopper in Hawaii. Another group increased its range by natural spread and more lately as been introduced into natural enemies, purposely introduced into any given fauna by man is a The control of the sugar cane borer is not perfect therefore', and some pre-.

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