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The book discusses competitive business strategies. It opens with several business questions, such as "Why is it that Casio can sell a calculator more cheaply than Kellogg 's can sell a box of corn flakes? Does corn cost that much more than silicon?

Discipline of Market Leaders

The book discusses competitive business strategies. It opens with several business questions, such as "Why is it that Casio can sell a calculator more cheaply than Kellogg 's can sell a box of corn flakes? Does corn cost that much more than silicon?

It also examines the financial benefits for companies that focus primarily on customer satisfaction rather than shareholder profits. The model suggests that if you truly want to excel in any of the three disciplines you will have to make sacrifices in the other two as these become mutually exclusive. Lois Weisberg stated the book "Provides great insight into the linkage of product value, operating excellence and customer focus," [7] and Dale Dauten also spoke highly of it. An August article in Bloomberg Businessweek by Will Stern first alleged the authors had manipulated sales of their book.

Stern states he interviewed dozens of book store owners, including one who took a suspicious order for copies of the book shortly after it was published.

The authors admitted to buying "fewer than 10," copies of the book for clients and prospective clients. He traced many purchases of the book to CSC employees and affiliates. It was reportedly boasted around the office at Paragon Co that the company was involved in a scheme to make the book a best-seller, and so many copies of the book arrived at the firm they were stored in a tractor trailer.

The New York Times initially stated they were aware of the bulk book sales, and that they were confident the bulk sales had not increased the books position on the best-seller list. It is alleged the authors spent money on their own book in order to gain the benefits that are common from making The New York Times Best Seller list, such as speaking engagements and consulting opportunities, as well as further book sales, as chart success often begets more chart success.

While it is uncertain if the practice is illegal, the tactic has been described by publishers and booksellers as highly unethical. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Discipline of Market Leaders Softcover edition. The New York Times. September 3, Retrieved May 8, Chicago Sun-Times.

April 2, Davis Massage therapist Dorothy January 10, Bloomberg Businessweek. Categories : non-fiction books Business books American non-fiction books Addison-Wesley books Literary collaborations.

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Customer Intimacy and Other Value Disciplines

Was this helpful? Business Library LibAnswers. Warning: Your browser has javascript disabled. Without javascript some functions will not work, including question submission via the form. Where can find articles and profiles of companies that focus on "Customer Intimacy"? Toggle menu visibility.

How was Dell Computer able to charge out of nowhere and outmaneuver Compaq and other leaders of the personal computer industry? How did Nike, a start-up company with no reputation behind it, manage to run past Adidas, a longtime solid performer in the sport-shoe market? All three questions have the same three answers. First, Dell Computer, Home Depot, and Nike redefined value for customers in their respective markets. Second, they built powerful, cohesive business systems that could deliver more of that value than competitors.

Download file or signup to get:. In addition, if an organization wants to become a market leader, it must excel in one of these areas. Each of the three Value Disciplines described by Treacy and Wiersema in their book are outlined below:. The second part of the Value Disciplines Model by Treacy and Wiersema asserts that while a company should strive to be good in these areas, it is virtually impossible to be excellent in all three. Therefore, a company should choose one discipline in which to be the market leader.

Other Value Disciplines by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema And product leadership, the third discipline, means While market leaders typically excel at one value discipline, a few In either case, the customer's file appears on the rep's.

discipline of market leaders

This section is based on Treacy and Wiersema A value discipline is more than just a benefit statement—it is a statement of strategic focus and provides a context for a company to set its corporate vision and objectives, to target its most profitable customers, and to focus and align its activities. In contrast to more traditional market segmentation strategies, which group customers by geography, product mix, or demographics, value disciplines segment customers according to the full range of benefits that are most valuable to them. Specifically, Treacy and Wiersema identify three generic value disciplines: operational excellence , customer intimacy , and product leadership.

Published by HarperCollins in London. Written in English. Get this from a library! Review of The Discipline of Market Leaders by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema By Dwight Lacey on April 22nd, This book, published in , is a management classic and is a must read for the C-suite of any company wanting to develop end-to-end alignment of.

Value Disciplines Model – Online Best Practices Tools & Templates from upBOARD

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The Discipline of Market Leaders by Michael Treacy & Fred Wiersema, Addison-​Wesley. Publishing few decisions to the discretion of rank-and-file employees.

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Does corn cost that much more than silicon?

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Michael Treacy & Fred Wiersema. – Worked for CSC Index Market leaders looking to sustain Describe why a value discipline of rank-and-file employees.