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Within the course of your study you will frequently come across the terms organisational efficiency and effectiveness. Because in everyday language the terms efficiency and effectiveness are often used interchangeably but have quite specifically different meaning within the context of organisational management, some explanation needs to briefly made here. Organisational efficiency is a measure of the relationship between organisational inputs resources and outputs goods and services provided and in simple terms the more output we can achieve with a given amount of inputs or resources, the more efficient we are.

Professional and personal tasks for managers often are similar. In both settings, managers organize, direct, coach, supervise, and at times, discipline. One of the other common tasks for managers is budgeting and metrics.

Productivity, Effectiveness, Efficiency Basic Concepts of the Economics of Education

Efficiency and effectiveness were originally industrial engineering concepts that came of age in the early twentieth century. Management theorists like Frederick Taylor and Frank and Lillian Gilbreth designed time and motion studies primarily to improve efficiency. Work simplification efforts again focused primarily on questions like "How fast can we do this task? The concept of effectiveness, which takes into consideration creating value and pleasing the customer, became popular in the United States in the early s when Americans perceived Japanese products such as cars and electronics to offer greater value and quality. The words efficiency and effectiveness are often considered synonyms, along with terms like competency, productivity, and proficiency.

At the most elemental level, organizational effectiveness is a concept that measures how thoroughly and efficiently a company achieves its business goals. An effective organization runs like a well-designed, well-oiled machine. Its moving parts function smoothly to produce the results the business set out to achieve, with minimal wasted resources or time. Read on to find out why organizational effectiveness is worth the hype, and what steps leaders can take to position their company for more efficient performance. Organizational effectiveness refers to how an organization has achieved full self-awareness due in part to:.

Effectiveness vs Efficiency: Why Successful Leaders Need Both

Describes the exploratory use of a statistical technique called data envelopment analysis DEA , which has been widely used in other parts of the service sector, to measure the efficiency of 52 general practices in three health districts, serving , patients 78 per cent of the resident population. DEA identified over half 60 per cent of the 52 practices as less than per cent efficient, with 25 per cent potentially capable of large increases in activity without higher resource levels. DEA efficiency ratings were compared with a proxy for effectiveness the ability of practices to reach target levels set in the new GP contract. Practices which were below target levels before the new contract was introduced were far less likely to be able to reach these targets once the contract was in place if they had been classified by DEA as per cent efficient i. More research effort now needs to be devoted to exploring the use of DEA in measuring efficiency in general practice, and to examining the relationship between measures of efficiency and effectiveness in primary care. Szczepura, A. Report bugs here.

Efficiency and effectiveness are both commonly used management terms. Yet, while they sound similar and start with the same letters, they both mean different things. Efficiency refers to doing things in a right manner. Scientifically, it is defined as the output to input ratio and focuses on getting the maximum output with minimum resources. Effectiveness, on the other hand, refers to doing the right things. It constantly measures if the actual output meets the desired output. Thinking about the future and adding or eliminating any resources might disturb the current state of efficiency.

Efficiency vs Effectiveness

There is great interest in ensuring that health system resources are used effectively. Dictionary says efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency are synonymous. Curiously, it is in many scientific fields where there has been imposed an artificial interpretation of these terms. Efficacy , in the health care sector, is the capacity of a given intervention under ideal or controlled conditions. Effectiveness is the ability of an intervention to have a meaningful effect on patients in normal clinical conditions.

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