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From the jungles of Pacific Atolls to the arid desert of Libya, the icy and windy steppes of the Soviet Union and the rainy bocage of Normandy. There are no signs of this changing soon, with the development of tanks continuing to adapt to the modern battlefield.

This would eliminate the need for the oil pressure sensor and the SW-1 switch in the diagram because the pump would activate on ignition startup. This is not a modified tank and comes EFI from the manufacturing facility. These high-pressure fuel pumps are typically driven by a camshaft and are able to vary their displacement and output to match the needs of the engine.

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The Boxer is a multirole armoured fighting vehicle designed by an international consortium to accomplish a number of operations through the use of installable mission modules. The nations participating in the Boxer program have changed as the program has developed. A distinctive and unique feature of the vehicle is its composition of a drive platform module and interchangeable mission modules which allow several configurations to meet different operational requirements.

The Boxer has been produced and seen service in A0, A1 and A2 configurations. The UK Boxer will be A3 configuration. With exceptions for style and ease of reading, the following development and production history is presented in as near- chronological order as possible. The Boxer is a cooperative European design project, the initial aim of which was to develop the next generation of armoured utility vehicle. The project was originally started as a joint venture between the United Kingdom , Germany and France.

Following negotiations, a contract was awarded in November for eight prototype vehicles, four for Germany and four for the UK. In February , the Netherlands joined the programme and 12 prototypes were built, four for each of the three countries. The second prototype PT2 was rolled out and the vehicle was named Boxer. At this time the first production run was to have been for vehicles, for each country. The Netherlands confirmed in the autumn of the procurement of Boxers, these to replace the M and the support variants of the YPR in the Royal Netherlands Army.

Deliveries were scheduled to run from through to , with vehicles coming from the Netherlands production line.

Also in , on 13 December the German parliament approved the procurement of Boxers for the German Army , [7] to replace some of its M and Fuchs TPz 1 vehicles. Production deliveries of Boxer had been scheduled to commence in , but numerous design changes combined with political problems delayed production until , and the first production example was handed over to the German Army on 24 September In December it was announced that Germany had placed a contract for an additional Boxers worth EUR million.

In December it was announced that Lithuania had selected the Boxer. In August a EUR At this time it was stated that 53 Boxer would be manufactured by KMW and the remaining 35 by Rheinmetall, with deliveries running from through to In Lithuanian service the vehicle is designated as Vilkas Wolf.

Lithuania will receive a total of 91 Boxer in A2 configuration, 89 as variants of the baseline IFV configuration, plus two driver training vehicles. A single IFV will be used for maintenance training. The first two vehicles driver training configuration were delivered to Lithuania in December Of the original German Army order most were delivered in A1 configuration, however 40 APC and 16 command post had been delivered in A0 configuration.

These were subsequently upgraded to A1 configuration. The first A2 configured Boxer was delivered in June Work was scheduled for completion in mid At this time the Bundeswehr also had Boxer APCs, 72 ambulances and twelve driver training vehicles to upgrade to A2 status. In February it was announced that Slovenia had selected the Boxer as the basis for two new mechanised infantry battle groups.

Confirmation of a final proposal schedule for the procurement, which will be via OCCAR, was originally scheduled for September In November it was revealed that pricing issues had impacted the Slovenian timeline and that a new proposal from industry was pending.

According to the Slovenian MoD's initial release on the subject, funding had been allocated for the procurement of 48 vehicles in for the first battle group, which was expected to become operational by , followed by the second in The desired total is reported to be Boxer 96 IFV, 16 mortar plus a small number of driver training vehicles.

Following the completion and approval of the new tactical study, the ministry will re-examine the options available and make a decision on how to build a medium infantry battalion group capability.

Previously, on 28 July it was announced that the Boxer was one of two vehicle types from four down-selected to take part in the month Risk Mitigation Activity for Land Phase 2. Australians will be embedded into teams in Germany to learn the necessary skills before transferring back to Australia for the build of the remaining CRVs.

These industrial opportunities will create up to 1, jobs across Australia, with Boxer deliveries scheduled to be complete by The acquisition is worth AUD5. On 31 March it was announced by the UK government that it was re-joining the Boxer programme. In November , a company of German army mechanised infantry equipped with 11 Boxers exercised for the first time with British Army units on Salisbury Plain. British Army sources denied that the training exercise was linked to any decision on a procurement process for its MIV project.

In July there were three Boxer-related announcements made over a period of three days. On 17 July the Dutch MoD announced that the last Dutch Boxer had rolled off the production line, this being a cargo variant. The contract will contain options to increase the quantity of vehicles by up to an additional On 19 September , UK Defence Minister Stuart Andrew announced that Artec had been given the go-ahead to invite industry to bring forward actual contractible proposals for work on Boxer, allowing Artec to complete their supplier selection process before returning to the MOD with a formal proposal next year.

Figures remained as 'over ' and with the first vehicles to be in-service by In July it was reported by Jane's that the first two of the 25 Boxer being built in Germany arrived in Australia that month. The 25 vehicles delivered from Germany will be split 13 reconnaissance platforms and 12 multi-purpose vehicles MPVs. Once in Australia, these vehicles will receive a number of Australia specific modifications prior to final delivery to the Army.

Modifications include installation of Australian Army specific communications and computing equipment, a remote weapon station, and Australian Army paint. The first vehicles were in use for training purposes by October Rheinmetall will deliver Boxer vehicles to the Australian Army under its contract with the Australian Government, and in service Boxer will fill seven different roles on the battlefield: reconnaissance, command and control, joint fires, surveillance, multi-purpose, battlefield repair and recovery.

The reconnaissance variant will account for of the vehicles and is equipped with Rheinmetall's Lance turret system and armed with a 30 mm automatic cannon. Actual delivery occurred on 25 June. The MoD stated that 15 Vilkas would be delivered in and all 89 vehicles would be delivered by the end of In September there were three Boxer-related announcements.

It was reported that the business case for the purchase of an initial batch of vehicles, valued at about GBP1. The company noticed Boxer users struggling to recover stranded vehicles with the aid of other Boxers and so decided to develop the bespoke mission module for the purpose. The ARM has an approximate weight of 13 tonnes, is manned by two personnel and connects to the Boxer using standard mechanical interfaces.

The turretless vehicle was the first of 25 Boxers — 13 multipurpose and 12 reconnaissance variants — that are being manufactured in Germany through to to meet an early Australian capability requirement for familiarisation and training purposes. This is the company's largest facility outside Germany.

Deliveries of series examples should start very early in All of these vehicles will either be the Specialist Carrier or Command vehicles. The Boxer is an eight-wheeled multirole vehicle, which at the time of its development easily dwarfed most contemporary vehicles with its size. With a development stage combat weight of 33 tonnes it was also about 10 tonnes heavier than many of its contemporaries. Current combat weight of the Boxer in A3 configuration is quoted as up to The A iterations applied to Boxer are specific to the drive module.

Initial production examples were A0 and less than 60 were delivered. Main production was A1, followed in by A2. Current production standard depending on user is either A2 or A3. Boxer is full-time all-wheel drive, the front four wheels steering. Suspension is double-wishbone coil springs, independent all round.

The mission module is a key and unique feature of Boxer, it allows the vehicle to be rapidly changed to meet different operational requirements. Boxer mission modules are pod-like units that are fitted to drive modules to form a complete mission variant vehicle.

Mission modules are attached by four points and can be swapped within an hour under field conditions. The driver can access his compartment through the mission module or in an emergency via the large single-piece power-operated hatch above this position. Production Boxer are fitted with a variety of armament ranging from a 7.

Numerous armament options are offered. Most in-service Boxers are equipped with a remote weapon station for self-defense. The FLW has dual-axis stabilization and incorporates a laser rangefinder and a thermal imager.

The turret is fitted with an independent commander's sight with both commander and gunner provided with thermal and daylight channels. A Rheinmetall computerised fire-control system is installed, which allows stationary and moving targets to be engaged with a high first-round-hit probability while the host platform is moving.

According to ARTEC, the vehicle will withstand anti-personnel and large anti-tank mines of an undisclosed type under the wheel, platform or side attack. It has previously been stated that Boxer's baseline armour is all-round resistant to To increase survivability in case of armour penetration, the crew compartment is completely covered by an AMAP-L spall liner.

The spall liner stops most of the fragments of the armour and projectile brought about by hull penetration. To further enhance crew protection, the seats are decoupled from the floor, this preventing the shock of a mine-detonation being directly transmitted to the crew. The Boxer drive module A1 as designated by the German BWB is an upgraded version of the baseline A0 version of the Boxer drive module, with the primary difference being the installation of a mine protection package fitted to the belly and wheel stations of the vehicle.

The vehicle is fitted an additional armour package focused on protecting against side and underbody blast threats. For the A2 Boxer protection is reported to have been increased further. The powerpack can be replaced under field conditions in approximately 20 minutes. Boxer is fitted with three fuel tanks containing a total of litres, divided between a litre front tank, litre rear tank, and a litre reserve tank. Braking is provided by Knott pneumatic ABS on all wheels with main braking power actuated on the front two axles.

Suspension is of the fully independent double wishbone type with coil springs. Boxer can be transported in the Airbus AM tactical airlifter, albeit not in one piece. In August the Bundeswehr said that it had tested transporting a Boxer via an AM for the first time.

At around 35 tonnes, Boxer is too heavy for the loading ramp of an AM capacity approx. Once this approach is certified the Bundeswehr will be able to transport two Boxers using three AMs, two for the drive modules and a third for the mission modules.

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Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby was the last great British leader of mounted cavalry. He directed the Palestine campaign in World War I. Julian Hedworth George Byng was a British field marshal who conducted the first large-scale tank attack in history at Cambrai, France, November 20, Sir Arthur William Currie rose through the ranks from enlisted militiaman to lieutenant general and commander of the Canadian Corps. He was one of the most-gifted general officers in any army during the war. After the catastrophic Italian defeat at Caporetto October , Armando Diaz stabilized the Italian army and mounted a strong counteroffensive. His decisive victory at Vittorio Veneto, Italy October 24—November 3, , signaled the defeat of the Austrian forces.

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Type 44 Tank. Unlike the T tank, the T featured the mm LB-1 gun mounted in a newly designed turret, and slat side armor. Archer decal site for a complete listing with illustrations. Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater represents the best current practice of American water analysts. It was never used in combat since the Japanese surendered prior to an Allied invasion.

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The Boxer is a multirole armoured fighting vehicle designed by an international consortium to accomplish a number of operations through the use of installable mission modules.