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Wofford , covering each phase of the equestrian sport of eventing , as well as a brief history of the event and a section on choosing a proper horse for the sport. The book ends with a section on conditioning and interval training, and provides several grids for gymnastic jumping. The book is considered a classic by American eventers. It began printing in , was discontinued, and then began reprinting in This article about a non-fiction book related to sports is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The following information is provided, essentially for juniors and other riders entering the discipline of Eventing and maybe downloaded as appropriate as a pdf file. It is recommended material for riders attending Junior Development Clinics. These plans need not be an essay. In its simplest form use Printout 2 above. However, for older riders, it is good practice to write up important points in a log for each horse. The log could include notes from coaching clinics, competition results, health issues, conditioning plans and general observations and can form part of the Management Diary. There is a new format for this

Equprep was founded by Kristy Fearis in Equprep marries her competition track record with a clear focus on structured horse and rider development; born of decades of training and developing herself and her own horses. Kristy's dad put her on horse when she was three years old, she climbed down briefly when she was ten to change to an English saddle, started lessons and never looked back. In the forty years since that first ride, she has competed across the USA in classes from pre-green hunters to Grand Prix jumpers, three day events and dressage. Success in equine sport requires a disciplined, multi-facted approach to all aspects of training and preparation. Forty years of riding and competition have given us a guiding ethos.

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training the three day event horse and rider Jan 09, Posted By Stephen King Library. TEXT ID dbc. Online PDF Ebook Epub Library. Training The.

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Eventing also known as three day eventing or horse trials is an equestrian event where a single horse and rider combine and compete against other competitors across the three disciplines of dressage , cross-country , and show jumping. This event has its roots in a comprehensive cavalry test that required mastery of several types of riding. The competition may be run as a one-day event ODE , where all three events are completed in one day dressage, followed by show jumping and then the cross-country phase or a three-day event 3DE , which is more commonly now run over four days, with dressage on the first two days, followed by cross-country the next day and then show jumping in reverse order on the final day.

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Eventing gives Pony Club Members a competition which needs courage, determination and all-round riding ability combined with the careful and systematic training of the horse. Riders gain a deeper understanding of the different sports open to them. Its main aim is to encourage a higher standard of riding throughout The Pony Club and to give younger Members a greater interest in riding as both a sport and as a recreational activity. Today, the sport is most known for its cross-country phase where horse and rider gallop over an outside course of solid obstacles which the horse has never seen before.

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training the three day event horse and rider Jan 04, Posted By Leo Tolstoy Ltd. TEXT ID dbc. Online PDF Ebook Epub Library. Training The Three.

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After I graduated from the pony ranks, a Thoroughbred named The Federalist took me to what was then the North American Young Rider Championships three times, where I medaled every year.

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