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Ans: It is used when there is no specific entry in the routing IP table. Ans: RIP broadcast its routing table after every 30 seconds while OSPF only update those entries which are missing the neighbor routing table. Ans: Switching makes the final ultimate delivery while routing selects the best available path in a network. Ans: There are two types of RIP messages, these request and respond.

CCNP Interview Questions and Answers

Any data packet coming from one port is sent to all other ports. It is then up to the receiving computer to decide if the packet is for it. Imagine packets going through a hub as messages going into a mailing list. The mail is sent out to everyone and it is up to the receiving party to decide if it is of interest. The biggest problem with hubs is their simplicity. Since every packet is sent out to every computer on the network, there is a lot of wasted transmission. This means that the network can easily become bogged down.

Then you are at the right place for getting good interview questions that can land your dream job. Also work with experts on security, wireless, voice and video solutions. Answer : Routing is the process in which items are forwarded from one location to another. Routing is a hop-by-hop paradigm. Routing is a way to learn and maintain awareness of the network topology. Each router maintains a routing table in which it looks up the destination Layer 3 address to get the packet one step closer to its destination. The switching function is the actual movement of temporary traffic through the router, from an inbound interface to an outbound interface.

CCNP Interview Question and Answers

Q-1 Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for reliable connections? Q-2 What is the difference between acknowledgments and handshaking? Answer: Handshaking is used to negotiate the properties of a connection that is being established. Acknowledgments are used to tell the sender that data has been successfully received by the destination during the use of a connection. Q-3 How many VTP modes are there and what are they?

In addition to CCNA exams, professionals must pass either four separate exams, or a composite exam along with two separate exams. A postal address has three components that can be used to deliver mail: state, city, and street. A phone number has an area code and exchange. At the core layer, mail can be delivered to the next post office based on only the state or city and state information. A phone number is delivered at the core layer based on the area code. Is This Answer Correct? A default route is used if there is not a specific entry in the routing table for the destination.

There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. Describe why postal addresses and telephone numbers are routable. What is the purpose of a default route? Describe the difference between routing and switching. What does the term information hiding mean in relation to route summarization? How does the use of a hierarchical routing structure access, distribution, and core enable a scalable delivery system?

CCNP Interview Questions - Table of Contents · CCNP Interview Question and Answers for Beginners · Q1. Describe why postal addresses and telephone numbers.

Ccnp Interview questions

You may like this! An engineer plans to configure summary routes with the ip summary-address eigrp asn prefix mask command. Which of the following, when added to such a command, would create a summary that includes all four of the following subnets: Answer : [B] Explanation :

The FIB is conceptually similar to a routing table or information base. It maintains a mirror image of the forwarding information contained in the IP routing table. When routing or topology changes occur in the network, the IP routing table is updated, and those changes are reflected in the FIB. Because there is a one-to-one correlation between FIB entries and routing table entries, the FIB contains all known routes and eliminates the need for route cache maintenance that is associated with earlier switching paths such as fast switching and optimum switching.

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CCNP Interview Questions

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CCNP Interview Questions & Answers

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