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A Knowledge Plane for Autonomic Context-Aware Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Service discovery for computer networks has traditionally been done in the application layer. An explosion of growth in the adoption of wireless technology has led to the emergence of a new breed of networks, mobile ad hoc networks MANETs. These networks are constrained for resources, error prone and highly volatile. Cross-layered design approaches address the performance problems faced by traditional approaches to service discovery in MANETs. In these approaches the optimization is achieved by coupling the service discovery functions with routing functions, which reduces the generality of the solutions. In this paper we present a cross-layered solution to this problem that aims to preserve the best of both the traditional application layer and cross-layered design approaches. We propose a framework for service discovery in MANETs that not only exhibits superior performance but is also feature rich, takes an integrated approach to service discovery and is based on a modular design.

Supporting Proactive Application Event Notification to Improve Sensor Network Performance

Publication Date : June 1, International Journal of Informatics and Applied Mathematics. Year , Volume 3 , Issue 1, Pages 22 - 38 Zotero Mendeley EndNote. Abstract Simply because the OSI model has been effective for wired networks, the communications within the wireless sensor networks WSN since its appearance are ensured by a layer model, inspired by the OSI model.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Srivastava and M. Srivastava , M. Of late, there has been an avalanche of cross-layer design proposals for wireless networks. A number of researchers have looked at specific aspects of network performance and, approaching cross-layer design via their interpretation of what it implies, have presented several cross-layer design proposals.

AMCCR: Adaptive Multi-QoS Cross-Layer Cooperative Routing in Ad Hoc Networks

The success of the layered architecture has been its ability to provide modularity and transparency. The established layered architecture is the result of the specific requirements and capabilities of wired networks that reach back to the 70ies. On the other hand, wireless ad-hoc and mesh networks enable many new and exciting applications, including entertainment networks, sensor networks, smart homes and buildings, and automated highways and factories. These emerging systems will have enormous variation in their device capabilities, network requirements, and application demands, giving rise to significant wireless network design challenges.

Mahadev A.

Journal of Computer Networks and Communications

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Patient Data Prioritization in the Cross-Layer Designs of Wireless Body Area Network


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Of late, there has been an avalanche of cross-layer design proposals for wireless networks. A number of researchers have looked at specific aspects of network.

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Due to the emergence of multimedia context-rich applications and services over wireless networks, networking protocols and services are becoming more and more integrated, thus relying on context and application information to operate.

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Request PDF | Cross-layer design: A survey and the road ahead | Of late, there has been an avalanche of cross-layer design proposals for.

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