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Ali Bilgic, Athina Gkouti, Who is entitled to feel in the age of populism? European states have adopted strict migration policies, such as unlimited detention in Britain, to address increasing anti-immigrant emotions in the context of rising anti-immigrant populism. These state practices prioritize the feelings of insecurity of some population groups towards immigrants whose emotions and insecurities are politically marginalized. Consequently, whose emotions matter in politics intertwines with whose security matters.

Catch and release (immigration)

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Restoring the Rule of Law Through a Fair, Humane, and Workable Immigration System

Policymakers must break free of the false dichotomy of America as either a nation of immigrants or a nation of laws, and advance an immigration system that is fair, humane, and actually works. For too many years, the conversation has been predicated on a false dichotomy that says America can either honor its history and traditions as a nation of immigrants 1 or live up to its ideals as a nation of laws by enforcing the current immigration system. Debates over a liberal immigration policy actually predate the start of the nation itself; they infused the drafting of the U. Indeed, it is precisely because these two visions of the country are intertwined that America cannot be a nation of laws if those laws are antithetical to its history and ideals as a nation of immigrants. Put another way, the U.

The first steps were to foster economic cooperation: the idea being that countries that trade with one another become economically interdependent and so more likely to avoid conflict. The result was the European Economic Community, created in with the initial aim of increasing economic cooperation between six countries: Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. What began as a purely economic union has evolved into an organisation spanning many different policy areas , from climate, environment and health to external relations and security, justice and migration. The EU has delivered more than half a century of peace, stability and prosperity, helped raise living standards and launched a single European currency: the euro. More than million EU citizens in 19 countries now use it as their currency and enjoy its benefits.

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PDF | On Sep 1, , Federico Oliveri published Us & them? The dangerous politics of immigration control | Find, read and cite all the.

Irish Clothing Late 1800s

Metrics details. In this paper I consider how the construction of migration as a problem poses both ethical and epistemological challenges to migration scholars and how this is related to political and methodological nationalism. I briefly outline two paradigm shifts that have been highly generative in our field and beyond — methodological transnationalism and the mobilities turn, both of which have as their starting point a critique of the nation state as a container of social processes.

In United States immigration enforcement, " catch and release " refers to a practice of releasing a migrant to the community while he or she awaits hearings in immigration court , as an alternative to holding them in immigration detention. There is no "hard-and-fast definition" of the phrase, [2] which is pejorative. The phrase catch and release originated in recreational fishing over a century ago. It originally referred to releasing fish after capture. Bush administration.

This book troubles the distinction between Us and Them, migrant and citizen. It explores how borders create social, political and economic relations and argues that these are not solely the concern of migrants. The exclusion of migrants helps define the privileges and limitations of citizenship, and close attention to the border physical and metaphorical reveals much about how we make sense of ourselves.

It provides a sharp and engaging reminder that race, class, gender and sexuality are all of importance in shaping how we experience both a sense of belonging and a perception of the 'other'.

What does ‘rule of law’ mean?

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Us and Them?: The Dangerous Politics of Immigration Control

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PDF | On Aug 26, , Giulia Fabini published Bridget Anderson, Us & Them? The Dangerous Politics of Immigration Control | Find, read and cite all the.

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In recent years, international migration has made its way to the forefront of the security agendas of several states, particularly in Europe and North America.