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Making vocational choices : a theory of vocational personalities and work environments. H] Lawson, J. The new information professional : your guide to careers in the digital age.

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These articles have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication but are pending final changes, are not yet published and may not appear here in their final order of publication until they are assigned to issues. Therefore, the content conforms to our standards but the presentation e.

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Journal Title. Articles marked with this shopping trolley icon are available for purchase - click on the icon to send an email request to purchase. Register for our alerting service , which notifies you by email when new issues are published online. European Journal of International Management Forthcoming articles Forthcoming articles European Journal of International Management These articles have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication but are pending final changes, are not yet published and may not appear here in their final order of publication until they are assigned to issues.

Articles marked with this Open Access icon are freely available and openly accessible to all without any restriction except the ones stated in their respective CC licenses. European J. To do so, a case study is presented about a mining subsidiary in Portugal, in two historical periods where changes in capital ownership and governance were recorded. The results show that from the shareholders' perspective, in the subsidiary studied, strict adherence to the host country's legislation was observed.

From the local community's perspective, some social investment was found, but less than that expected by private and public entities at the local level. Keywords : corporate social responsibility; co-creation; institutional theory; stakeholder theory; mines.

DOI: Klein, Veland Ramadani, Robert D. It argues that successful entrepreneurs tend to be more empathic than unsuccessful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who offer their new values through an empathic relationship tend to learn vital market knowledge that shapes a shared mental model between themselves and the consumer that increases the likelihood of value co-creation. The performance of this relationship improves when there is a match between the entrepreneur's learning approach and her initial perception of the opportunity pursued.

Matching between learning skills and empathy also enhances the empathy capacity of the entrepreneur. Both matching mechanisms are important for value co-creation. Keywords : empathy; entrepreneurial value co-creation; market knowledge; personality style. It is considered the most challenging theoretical framework for these organisations developed in recent years. Based on a systematic literature review from the Web of Science, articles published from to were reviewed. The results show that an increasing number of works based on socioemotional wealth have been published to respond to research questions on various topics regarding family businesses.

The citations of these articles have also increased greatly, confirming the pervasive influence this perspective has had. This article explains the principles behind the socioemotional wealth perspective and how it has been used in a number of empirical and theoretical studies.

It also proposes an initial discussion of two research questions on a new topic where this perspective has potential to close gaps in existing research. The sample size was calculated using Cochran formula; questionnaires was distributed and was returned. The Structural Equation Modeling was used for statistical analysis of data. The research findings showed that CRM systems, have affected the process of customer knowledge creation.

Our study investigates technological innovativeness of millennials in a cross-cultural setting on the individual level. The research design includes technological involvement and knowledge, and an individual-level measurement of five renowned cultural values as antecedents of technological innovativeness.

Findings from structural equation modelling of 1, millennials from six triad countries confirm that technological involvement and knowledge positively affect personal innovativeness in the technology domain. Above all, from a theoretical perspective on culture, especially individual measures of power distance, uncertainty avoidance, and long-term orientation have a significant negative effect on technological innovativeness.

Keywords : technological innovativeness; individual cultural values; value measurement; millennials; cross-cultural management; triad countries. This research addresses this gap by identifying and empirically testing a conceptual model on all Tunisian listed companies. Semi-structured interviews were also conducted with directors of these firms to discuss the findings. Multiple regression analysis method was used to analyze data. This paper sheds light on an innovative and unexplored topic in the literature.

This work addressed the research gap in the literature as prior studies focused on the effect of BD on innovation rather than on innovation types or even on ambidextrous innovation. This study provides interesting insights for firms that seek to improve their corporate governance. Some small industries have been formed into industrial centres, including leather, batik garutan, fragrant roots and woven bamboo. Some industries have been changed from small industries into national scale industries, such as Dodol Garut and Chocodot.

But, unfortunately, the development of local industry still faces obstacles in market development, owing to the lack of synergy and cooperation between industries. Co-creation superior product of Garut is offered as a stepping method that can be applied. The DART model, consisting of dialogue, access, transparency and technology, is used as a tool to map potential and evaluation tools that can be adopted in the future by value co-creators Garut District Government.

Full government support is absolutely necessary as a centre of co-creation value co-creator. Based on elements from the resource based view and social exchange theory, Greek IJVs operating in South East Europe are empirically examined. This research contributes to the literature in four ways: First, by showing a positive impact of the level of trust the foreign partner has towards the local IJV partner on a successful knowledge transfer to the IJV and b expected benefits from knowledge transfer to the IJV.

Second, by revealing a positive impact of the degree of partner compatibility on a successful knowledge transfer to the IJV and b the level of trust the foreign partner has towards the local IJV partner. Third, by providing empirical evidence regarding the above impacts in new national environments. Finally, it contributes by enhancing the understanding of knowledge transfer from the foreign partner to IJVs in emerging markets. Keywords : international joint ventures; knowledge transfer; trust; partner compatibility; expected benefits.

The empirical analysis is based on a sample of greenfield and acquisition market entries over the period , drawn from 20 countries. The study employs binomial logistic regression to establish the relationships among the variables and, the results reveal that high informal institutional distance leads to the preference for acquisitions over greenfield investments.

The study also finds that high level of experiential knowledge related experience and large parent firm size have positive relationship with acquisition establishment as compared to greenfield investment. We therefore argue that strong related experience and large parent firm size strengthen the choice for acquisitions in relation to high informal institutional distance. Based on the observations of firms over the period of , the findings demonstrate that the program had a positive impact on participants export and economic performance, and the effects were persistent.

The paper concludes that focusing export promotion towards SMEs and beginning exporters and ensuring a balanced mix of various forms of assistance are critical to the effectiveness and lasting effects of export promotion. It also shows that, during the recent great trade collapse starting in , firms using this type of assistance outperformed firms in the control group and the national average regarding both export growth and survival rates.

These results are encouraging regarding the countercyclical potential of export promotion. The findings have significant implications for scholars, managers and policymakers. Keywords : export promotion; impact evaluation; propensity-score matching; small and medium-sized enterprise; longitudinal study; economic downturn. This study aimed to explore mediators of the relationship between ISO Effectiveness and Financial Performance of the Bosnian exporting companies.

Based on the recent literature, second-order structural equation model was proposed and tested. The empirical data was obtained from a questionnaire of ISO certified Bosnian exporting companies. Once data was collected, factory data analysis was made in SPSS to purify scales through items' loadings and Cronbach's Alpha values.

Convergent validity and confirmatory factor analysis has been done through partial least-square path modelling using Smart PLS 3 software. Results indicated that total effects of ISO Effectiveness on Financial Performance were significant and positive, and that Organizational Learning Capability fully mediated this relationship. Keywords : quality management; ISO ; business innovativeness; path modelling; organisational learning capability; financial performance; exporters; mediator.

Social network support is considered a proxy for value co-creation. Our findings show that IT skills are positively related to firm performance. Results showed a positive interaction effect of network support with management skills and with the ability to obtain financing on firm performance.

Implications and future research are discussed. Keywords : networks; value co-creation; firm performance; women entrepreneurs; developing economy; Poland. A qualitative research design was employed with focus group as the primary method. The sample consisted of top representatives of Slovak business and employer organisations. To address the complexity and interconnectedness of ethical issues identified in this study, a framework 'vicious circle of barriers to ethical business' was outlined, linking five components: 1 weak state as a bad role model for business community, 2 inadequate business regulations causing perceived injustice and lack of stability and predictability in business, 3 orientation of businesses to short-term quick gains, 4 mistreatment of stakeholders society, competitors, suppliers, customers and employees and 5 self-serving intrusion of business to politics, using alliances and networks to influence decision-makers in creating strategically important policies and business regulations.

These five elements interfere with and reinforce each other, thus impeding advancement of business ethics in Slovakia. Keywords : ethics; barriers; business ethics; unethical practices; business associations; employer organisations; entrepreneurship; stakeholders; Slovakia; CEE.

The purpose of this study is to examine the relationships between a social mission, product competitiveness and purchase intentions in a social enterprise. Data were collected from customers of Come True Coffee through the companys Facebook in January and February Multiple regression analysis was used to examine the relationships among the research variables and identify the final model.

The results show that good product competitiveness and a social mission will improve the intention to purchase. Moreover, the social mission of a social enterprise is an important issue in terms of encouraging consumers to feel concern.

Finally, product competitiveness is a mediating factor for a social mission in regard to the purchase intention. The outcomes of this study could help managers better understand the relationships among social mission, product competitiveness and purchase intentions.

Keywords : social enterprise; social mission; coffee; product competitiveness; purchase intentions. The method is applied to a novel panel dataset comprising a sample of Spanish multinational companies from non-financial sectors in The results reveal that a critical level of geographic diversification is needed to influence positively the product diversification-performance relationship.

Moreover, the geographic diversification-performance relationship is not influenced by the level of product diversification. Our results are relevant for understanding the complexity of these strategies Keywords : geographic diversification; product diversification; firm performance; Spanish firms; structural threshold regression.

With a comparative approach, the research had three primary objectives to focus on exploring relationship of subjective individual demands and consumers' attitude , objective factors price, quality and website credibility and online purchase intentions. The study revealed that the subjective factor wasn't relevant in affecting the Chinese consumers' online purchase intention and behaviour.

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The history of scientific method considers changes in the methodology of scientific inquiry, as distinct from the history of science itself. The development of rules for scientific reasoning has not been straightforward; scientific method has been the subject of intense and recurring debate throughout the history of science, and eminent natural philosophers and scientists have argued for the primacy of one or another approach to establishing scientific knowledge. Despite the disagreements about approaches, scientific method has advanced in definite steps. Rationalist explanations of nature, including atomism , appeared both in ancient Greece in the thought of Leucippus and Democritus , and in ancient India, in the Nyaya , Vaisesika and Buddhist schools, while Charvaka materialism rejected inference as a source of knowledge in favour of an empiricism that was always subject to doubt. Aristotle pioneered scientific method in ancient Greece alongside his empirical biology and his work on logic, rejecting a purely deductive framework in favour of generalisations made from observations of nature. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a debate over realism vs.

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The Web Developer assists in development and daily maintenance of websites Maintains continual awareness of new media applications and principles and. Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce, the 7th novel in a series Big Nate , a very interesting book full of humor. I recommend this book to anyone who.

Search this site. This book explains how the system works and where it may be moving. Drawing on Chinese and international sources, on extensive collaboration with Chinese scholars, and on the political science of state analysis, the author concludes that under the new leadership of Xi Jinping, the system of government has been transformed into a new regime radically harder and more ideological than the legacy of Deng Xiaoping. China is less strong economically and more dictatorial politically than the world has wanted to believe. In a lively and persuasive manner, the author vividly analyses key data in a comparative and theoretical manner.

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creator pdf 21st work careers and in century kamal kant the. Ntu hp(?) working in the 21st century elective. Textbook is essential for the elective! Good condition.

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These articles have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication but are pending final changes, are not yet published and may not appear here in their final order of publication until they are assigned to issues.

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Determinacin de los microorganismos e indicadores El recuento de conformes A nivel global se observ una disminucin de coliformes y un aumento de SF, for their critical reading of the manuscript, and Carmela Belloch for her help.

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