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Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 48, pp. Danaher, John.

The first characteristic associated with modernism is nihilism, the rejection of all religious and moral principles as the only means of obtaining social progress. The reason that they did so was not necessarily because they did not believe in God, although there was a great majority of them who were atheists, or that they experienced great doubt about the meaninglessness of life. Rather, their rejection of conventional morality was based on its arbitrariness, its conformity and its exertion of control over human feelings. In other words, the rules of conduct were a restrictive and limiting force over the human spirit.

Technology and Human Vulnerability

Handbook of the Philosophy of Medicine pp Cite as. As the subject matter raised by the title is extremely large, this chapter can only focus on a few aspects for some detailed examination. The nature of technology in general would have to be looked at in order to set the scene for a later discussion of medical technology. Technology cannot be understood except as part of the philosophy of Modernism which involves the ontological volte-face of holding that all organisms, including the human organism are machines. This means that Modern Medicine not merely treats patients as machine but also uses machines to treat patients.


Dehumanization is the denial of full humanness in others and the cruelty and suffering that accompanies it. Dehumanization is one technique in incitement to genocide. Behaviorally, dehumanization describes a disposition towards others that debases the others' individuality as either an "individual" species or an "individual" object e. As a process, dehumanization may be understood as the opposite of personification , a figure of speech in which inanimate objects or abstractions are endowed with human qualities; dehumanization then is the disendowment of these same qualities or a reduction to abstraction. In almost all contexts, dehumanization is used pejoratively along with a disruption of social norms , with the former applying to the actor s of behavioral dehumanization and the latter applying to the action s or processes of dehumanization.

For most of the last 50 years, technology knew its place. Yes, we all spent a lot of time with it, but even five years ago, few people would seriously claim that technology had taken over their lives. Technology is not only ubiquitous but has become highly intrusive as well. On the Internet, people invent imaginary identities in virtual chat rooms, playing out the lives they wish they really lived. Children are growing up with interactive toy animals that respond to them like real pets.

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Technology, Culture, and Virtue

Computational Sociolinguistics View all 21 Articles. Dehumanization is a pernicious psychological process that often leads to extreme intergroup bias, hate speech, and violence aimed at targeted social groups. Despite these serious consequences and the wealth of available data, dehumanization has not yet been computationally studied on a large scale.

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Dehumanization in organizational settings: some scientific and ethical considerations


Dehumanizing attitudes and behaviors frequently occur in organizational settings and are often viewed as an acceptable, and even necessary, strategy for pursuing personal and organizational goals. Here I examine a number of commonly held beliefs about dehumanization and argue that there is relatively little support for them in light of the evidence emerging from social psychological and neuroscientific research. Contrary to the commonly held belief that everyday forms of dehumanization are innocent and inconsequential, the evidence shows profoundly negative consequences for both victims and perpetrators. As well, the belief that suppressing empathy automatically leads to improved problem solving is not supported by the evidence. The more general belief that empathy interferes with problem solving receives partial support, but only in the case of mechanistic problem solving. Overall, I question the usefulness of dehumanization in organizational settings and argue that it can be replaced by superior strategies that are ethically more acceptable and do not entail the severely negative consequences associated with dehumanization. Behind this view, there lie a number of commonly held beliefs about dehumanization.

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