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Trace The Growth And Evolution Of Political Theory Pdf

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Introducing Realism in International Relations Theory

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Analyses of politics appeared in ancient cultures in works by various thinkers, including Confucius — bce in China and Kautilya flourished bce in India. But the fullest explication of politics has been in the West. He distinguished political systems by the number of persons ruling one, few, or many and by whether the form was legitimate rulers governing in the interests of all or corrupt rulers governing in their own interests. Legitimate systems included monarchy rule by one , aristocracy rule by the few , and polity rule by the many , while corresponding corrupt forms were tyranny , oligarchy , and democracy. Aristotle considered democracy to be the worst form of government, though in his classification it meant mob rule. The best form of government, a polity, was, in contemporary terms, akin to an efficient, stable democracy. Aristotle presciently noted that a polity functions best if the middle class is large, a point confirmed by modern empirical findings.

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Introducing Realism in International Relations Theory

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Download your free copy here. In the discipline of International Relations IR , realism is a school of thought that emphasises the competitive and conflictual side of international relations. However, when looking back from a contemporary vantage point, theorists detected many similarities in the thought patterns and behaviours of the ancient world and the modern world. They then drew on his writings, and that of others, to lend weight to the idea that there was a timeless theory spanning all recorded human history. Other bodies exist, such as individuals and organisations, but their power is limited. National interests, especially in times of war, lead the state to speak and act with one voice.

Political theory seeks to understand, explain and analyse the political importantly it rejects the contention, which can be traced back to Plato, that The Evolutionary Theory contends that the state is a product of historical growth and gradual.

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The history of political thought dates back to antiquity while the history of the world and thus the history of political thinking by man stretches up through the Medieval period and the Renaissance. In the Age of Enlightenment, political entities expanded from basic systems of self-governance and monarchy to the complex democratic and communist systems that exist of the Industrialized and the Modern Era.

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