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The purpose of art is to delight us; certain men and women no smarter than you or I whose art can delight us have been given dispensation from going out and fetching water and carrying wood.

It's no more elaborate than that. Years ago, I found myself writing a lot of complex hypertext software on very slow computers. Compilation took minutes — too little time to take up a fresh task, and too long to stare at the screen.

Returning now, I found the book just as enjoyable as I remembered. Indeed, at the end of The Corps, we even visit some of the locations where The Captains gets started. December 17, permalink. The record of the making of one of the great Quest Blogs :.

First edition, Louisette Berthole. Simone Beck. And, of course, Julia Child. The book that launched a thousand celebrity chefs. Julia Child taught America to cook, and to eat. Today we think we live in the world Alice Waters made, but beneath it all is Julia, 90 if she's a day, and no one can touch her. Government drone by day, renegade foodie by night.

Too old for theatre, too young for children, and too bitter for anything else, Julie Powell was looking for a challenge. Powell embarks on this quest knowing that she is searching not for the Macguffin but for some better idea of what she should be doing. This is a fine book. One might wish it took more pleasure pleasure in the food and that Powell had more fun cooking it; what remains in memory or what makes good copy , it seems, is the anxiety about eating so much top-quality butter and, of course, the disasters.

But the disaster was central to the weblog as so to the Project; failure is what makes drama dramatic. December 11, permalink.

A pleasant reconstruction of what we know about everyday life in the Pliocene, this small book offers a compelling argument that one key and very early driver of the transition from apes to people was the discovery of cooking. The effects of cooking on the diet of Homo Habilis would have been profound. Instead of dedicating 6 hours a day to chewing, as monkeys do, the cooking ape was free to explore hunting, honey-finding, and all sorts of other pursuits.

Even if the big one got away, you could come back for a home-cooked meal which you could eat before dark or by firelight. That meal would be a lot easier to digest than raw foods are, and so the cooking ape could make an early night of it and be ready at dawn to go gamble some more.

December 4, permalink. Reading one W. Griffin seems to lead me to reread another. Why, exactly, am I reading this additional, pages of narrative delight? Get the book. The tenth and, apparently, the last of book in The Corps, this brings the saga up to the Chinese intervention in Korea. Griffin excels at finding a good story about soldiers who are sitting around and waiting for things — bad things, most likely — to happen.

He is a master at generating plot from the commonplace, capturing the tension of waiting for something to happen, and the frustration of coping with omnipotent, arbitrary, and erratic superiors. Griffin is a guilty pleasure but also a more thoughtful writer than may first appear.

But illness and other commitments may have intervened, and we should be grateful for what we have. November 28, permalink. James Shapiro writes a fascinating intellectual history of the authorship question, ranging from early hopes that the plays could be traced to Francis Bacon, thence to wishes that Christopher Marlowe survived his murder, and finally to those who have long argued that Edward DeVere, 17th Earl of Oxford, wrote the plays. Much has been made of various biographical similarities between Oxford and Shakespearean characters — Oxford had three daughters and was once abducted by pirates — but Shapiro observes this entire line of argument has always assumed that fiction is essentially autobiographical, and that this Romantic notion was deeply alien to Elizabethan and Jacobean thought.

The Oxfordian cause has attracted a strange crew of followers — Mark Twain, Sigmund Freud, Antonin Scalia — many of whom have come to doubt that a common man with common experiences could write these plays. Shapiro suggests what these proponent have held in common, too often, has been a longing for a vanished world in which the authority of fathers held sway.

November 27, permalink. This extraordinarily proficient fantasy involves a film-noire police procedural in the Eastern European city of Beszel. The odd thing about Beszel is that it is divided, not by a Wall as was Berlin but by cosmology: Beszel intersects and, in places, cross-hatches the faery city of Ul Qoma.

From childhood, the citizens of Beszel learn not to wander accidentally into the parts of town that belong to Ul Qoma and not to see the buildings, parks, cars, and people that belong to that other city. November 14, permalink. She is cursed with the memory of having accidentally shot her brother and blessed with the partnership with a sloth. With the sloth, she gains a knack for finding lost things, and also gains the scorn of fear of a society that treats the animalled as a dangerous subculture, leaving them to live in derelict ghettos at the margins of a crumbling urban culture.

Adventurous, engaging, and sophisticated. I do wish that people did not always feel it necessary to place the heroine in extreme physical danger in the penultimate scene. Zinzi finds lost things; there's nothing in the job that says the case needs to involve gunfire and hand-to-hand combat. Her animal is a sloth! When the diaries begin, in , his career was largely over. Tynan was passionate about many things, but in his diaries he writes little about the theater and even less about books.

He was a straight man surrounded by talented gays, a fact that intrigued him but about which he says little. He greatly enjoyed spanking of all things , but in the early years he seldom mentions this passion and later, dying of emphysema and scouring the newspaper for sympathetic prostitutes, he has little to say.

Yet I read every word and relished many, and I have been looking forward to my daily visit with Tynan for weeks. This was yet another Michael Dirda suggestion — the Mitford-Waugh letters were this theme's kickoff — and rereading Dirda again I see that his reaction was oddly similar. November 7, permalink. A rollicking good time and final bow for Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist, this novel sorts out the chaos in which The Girl Who Played With Fire ends and delightfully weaves the loose ends into a lovely bow.

Amongst the numerous plot threads, we again have a fine workplace drama as Erika Berger takes the helm of a large but troubled newspaper and finds that her staff is not as welcoming as one might hope, and the management even worse than one might fear. This once was treacherous ground because the obvious police state, Nazi Germany, fits uncomfortably in satire.

But the Bushies? They would work just fine. October 24, permalink. Golden age plot elements identical twins! October 20, permalink. The idea of Europe as a continent or a trading zone is not dictated by geography and was, in point of fact, a very late development and, Heather argues convincingly, was by no means ordained by geography or demographics. Heather shows convincingly that the transition from late antiquity to the Medieval economy sharply reduced wealth inequality, ending a long dynamic of competition at the fringes of empire because the scale of economic development had ceased to be so starkly uneven.

We know astonishingly little about the Barbarian peoples, either in terms of their history or their material culture.

No one today has any idea what language the Huns spoke or just what they thought they were trying to do. No one really knows where the Russians came from, though the fact that "Rus" derives from the Finnish word for "Swede" is suggestive. The crucial fact of very late antiquity is the emergence of Slavic Europe in the East, but no one knows where the Slavs came from or how they lived and our memory of what must have been tumultuous events is limited to a few dim fables told about half-remembered missionaries.

But Heather shows that the traditional notion that people did move is both plausible and probable; that Vandals left Germanic Europe to wind up in North Africa is far from unlikely in a world where we are quite certain that millions of Irish people left home for North America and millions of Rwandans left home for anywhere they could go.

People leave when they must, or when opportunities seem vastly better in the developed world; in antiquity, that developed world was the Mediterranean economic zone. October 16, permalink. This nicely designed eBook with optional paper edition from Five Simple Steps surveys graphic design for graphs and charts.

Suda considers his audience to be design professionals, and he assumes that design professionals are innumerate. This might be a safe assumption — the amount of hand-wringing in some design-heavy books when fourth-grade fractions are mentioned suggests Suda is not alone here — but I doubt that Suda approaches this in the best way.

Error bars are treated here as a gloss on bar charts. If there is one lesson designers need, it might be the importance of representing statistical uncertainty. This is wrong: most data presentations, including those of greatest importance, are ephemeral.

Reports and analyses, newspapers and journals, all are meant to inform, guide, and convince the reader and their immediate goal is to do their work, not to immortalize their creator.

The most important virtue of the great posters of Cassandre or Toulouse-Lautrec was that they were effective as posters; whether or not they held up well over the years is a detail for curators.

This is also a deeply conservative book that avoids many interesting problems. Is there nothing more to say about textual visualization beyond word clusters and tag clouds? A very pressing concern today is representation in detail of large data sets — homeland security databases, social networks, the Web — where interaction seems essential because static summaries cannot anticipate our needs.

Getting extraneous grid lines out of our graphs is a good thing, but there is a great deal more to be done. October 14, permalink. When Churchill assumed office on May 10, many observers expected England to capitulate and to become a Nazi satellite.

Eighty days later, it was clear to all, including Hitler, England would never capitulate and would, in all likelihood, prevail. Yet nothing changed on the ground in this time, no battles were won, and in material terms England, unharmed in May, was by August battered by the blitz. October 7, permalink. Any extended family that includes Mycroft Holmes is bound is lead to an interesting collection of fuddlements, and this volume fuddles very satisfactorily.

October 2, permalink. Winner of both the Hugo and Nebula Awards, this is a remarkable first novel. In the 22nd century, the Kingdom of Thailand is an island of resistance in a world dominated by Calorie Companies and their plagues, carefully engineered to increase demand for their products and to punish their enemies.

Oil is long gone, coal is a preciously-hoarded military resource, and the Bangkok methane monopoly, overseen by the Dung Lord, is a source of untold wealth.

Julie Powell

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Powell was born and raised in Austin , Texas. She graduated from Amherst College in with a double major in theater and creative writing. Child was reported to have been unimpressed with Powell's blog, believing her determination to cook every recipe in Mastering the Art of French Cooking in a year to be a stunt. Child's editor, Judith Jones , said in an interview:.

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A full review of the Julie and Julia book, an autobiography following the life of Julie Powell for an entire year. Here is my take on this read.