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Difference Between Client Side Scripting And Server Side Scripting Pdf

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Technology-specific techniques do not replace the general techniques: content developers should consider both general techniques and technology-specific techniques as they work toward conformance. Publication of techniques for a specific technology does not imply that the technology can be used in all situations to create content that meets WCAG 2.

Client-side scripting and server-side scripting

All websites usually run on three components namely the server, the client and the database. To view a website, an individual has to use a browser. This browser can be termed as a client. The client can use different technologies like mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets, etc. Here the client side scripting is being used and processed. The client-side scripting is performed by a browser.

Server-side scripting is a method of designing websites so that the process or user request is run on the originating server. Server-side scripts provide an interface to the user and are used to limit access to proprietary data and help keep control of the script source code. It is based on the use of scripts that are carried out by the web server using the appropriate scripting languages when a client requests the corresponding content. The languages that can be used to create server-side scripts include:. The user accesses these via HTML pages, while the script source codes remain completely hidden. The use of server-side scripts requires the client to send multiple requests to the web server to provide the user with new information.

Is not fair to compare PHP vs JavaScript, as they both have different purposes for web-site development. PHP is a server-side scripting language while JavaScript is a client-side scripting language. In fact, the most dynamic website is created when we use functions of both these languages together. PHP stands for "Hypertext Preprocessor", is a programming language embedded in HTML that does all sort of things like build custom web content, send and receive cookies, evaluate form data sent from a browser, etc. PHP can handle forms, save data to a file, return data to the user, gather data from files, etc. Example: Let say a website that takes user to view the order status after logging in.

Server Side Technologies

A server-side dynamic web page is a web page whose construction is controlled by an application server processing server-side scripts. In server-side scripting , parameters determine how the assembly of every new web page proceeds, including the setting up of more client-side processing. A client-side dynamic web page processes the web page using HTML scripting running in the browser as it loads. The same client-side techniques can then dynamically update or change the DOM in the same way. Even though a web page can be dynamic on the client-side, it can still be hosted on a static hosting service such as GitHub Pages or Amazon S3 as long as there isn't any server-side code included. A dynamic web page is then reloaded by the user or by a computer program to change some variable content.

These technologies are named as such because they are performed by the client in the client-server model. A client is a piece of software usually a web browser which operates on the local system and makes Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP requests to a server as necessary. Client-side technologies can be faster and safer than server-side technologies; however they are limited in functionality and cannot interact with permanent storage such as a database. If your web-application requires permanent storage, for example you want users to add to an existing dataset or pull information that is stored centrally, server-side technologies are required to complete these processes. The term 'server-side technologies' can encompass a range of software solutions, mainly: server-side scripting languages; Database Management Systems DBMS ; web server software such as Apache; and many other technologies depending upon the application being built. It is worth noting that the stack must include four components: a operating system; a web-server instance; a database management system and a server-side scripting language.

It is use when browsers has all code. It is also used for validations and functionality for user events. It allows for more interactivity. It usually performs several actions without going to user. It cannot be basically used to connect to databases on web server. These scripts cannot access file system that resides at web browser.

Scripts can be written in any of a number of server-side scripting language available. It is used to retrieve and generate content for dynamic pages.

Client-side Scripting Techniques for WCAG 2.0

The scripts can be written in two forms, at the server end back end or at the client end server end. The main difference between server-side scripting and client-side scripting is that the server side scripting involves server for its processing. On the other hand, client-side scripting requires browsers to run the scripts on the client machine but does not interact with the server while processing the client-side scripts. A script is generally a series of program or instruction, which has to be executed on other program or application. As we know that the web works in a client-server environment.

The main difference between client side scripting and server side scripting is that the client side scripting is used to write scripts that are executed in the client side or browser while the server side scripting is used to write scripts that are executed in the server side or the server. The web works according to the client server model. Here, the host or client refers to the devices or programs that request the services.

The client-side environment used to run scripts is usually a browser. The processing takes place on the end users computer. The source code is transferred from the web server to the users computer over the internet and run directly in the browser. The scripting language needs to be enabled on the client computer.

10 Difference Between Server-Side Scripting And Client Side Scripting

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Difference Between Server-side Scripting and Client-side Scripting

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Comparison between client-side and server-side rendering in the web Similarly, Java script is the programming language that spread.

Dynamic web page

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