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Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery Concepts Classification And Techniques Pdf

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The growing worldwide incidence of melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers has driven the development of effective treatment methodologies. Mohs is the gold standard surgical treatment for excision of skin cancers on the head and neck. Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery: Concepts, Classifications, and TechniquesInterest in the field of female genital rejuvenation, once neglected by physicians, has received increasing prominence as a result of media coverage of the topic.

It presents a personal and time-proven approach to all forms of aesthetic breast surgery. This book is a distillation of the author's extensive experience and provides her unique perspective on problem-solving and patient analysis. Hall-Findlay has spent years measuring and studying patient results to help other surgeons use "science" to improve the "art" of aesthetic breast surgery.

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Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body. It can be divided into two main categories: reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery includes craniofacial surgery , hand surgery , microsurgery , and the treatment of burns. While reconstructive surgery aims to reconstruct a part of the body or improve its functioning, cosmetic or aesthetic surgery aims at improving the appearance of it. Treatments for the plastic repair of a broken nose are first mentioned in the Edwin Smith Papyrus , [7] a transcription of an Ancient Egyptian medical text, one of the oldest known surgical treatises, dated to the Old Kingdom from to BC. Reconstructive surgery techniques were being carried out in India by BC.

Plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery, therefore, is generally considered ethical and beneficial when the intervention is able to improve the quality of life QoL and well-being of the patient. This scenario has resulted in a growing demand for cosmetic genital procedures and is based on the same premises as that of plastic surgery performed on other bodily structures, such as breast, face, and abdomen, without evidence of organic disease. The National Health Service in the UK has reported a fivefold increase in labiaplasty operations over a year period, although this procedure is being more restricted when performed primarily for cosmetic indications. Most labiaplasty studies reported that different techniques appear to offer excellent and equally similar esthetic results with high patient satisfaction and very low complication rates [ 1 ]. In addition, using validated symptom questionnaires in some studies, significant improvements in sexual satisfaction, pain during intercourse, and psychological state were found in patients after genital cosmetic surgery [ 2 ].

Aesthetic gynecology has seen increasing patient and physician demand. Although this typically falls in the reign of obstetrics and gynecology, plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons have also developed great interest in this field. Currently, few if any obstetrics and gynecology residency or fellowship programs teach this subject matter though inroads have taken place in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery training programs that had the foresight to include specific training in this field. Currently, many surgeons start by first training in various established certification and preceptorship programs based in the United States and the United Kingdom. New programs worldwide in have also been launched to offer certification training to interested physicians in both surgical and non-surgical treatments. A steady flow of certificate programs continues to evolve in Turkey, the Middle East, Spain, and South America, as a second wave of experts emerge.

Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery: Concepts, classification and techniques

This comprehensive and highly visual text covers the important issues of patient selection and patient consultation as well as fully covering all the different operative techniques along with accompanying surgical video. There is a special focus on dealing with complications and how to deal with secondary cases. Hamori et al. Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery.

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Aesthetic Breast Surgery: Concepts & Techniques 1st Edition PDF

Advanced Search. Androgenetic alopecia is the most common type of alopecia in both women and men. Although there are clear clinical differences between its male and female patterns, there are physiopathogenic peculiarities in each gender.

Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery: Concepts, Classifications, and Techniques Interest in the field of female genital rejuvenation, once neglected by physicians, has received increasing prominence as a result of media coverage of the topic. Women worldwide have learned that there are options to enhance the appearance of their external genitalia, which may have altered over time from childbirth or the effects of aging. To increase their self-confidence and sense of attractiveness, women are more frequently requesting aesthetic vaginal surgery. The editors have created this timely, unique, comprehensive resource for the field of female aesthetic vulvovaginal surgery.

Hamori, Paul E. Banwell, and Red Alinsod. The publication of this new resource is timely as we have seen a significant increase in the demand for female cosmetic genital surgery procedures over the past few years. Labiaplasty has been the most commonly performed of these procedures and has become familiar to most plastic surgeons but as public awareness and familiarity have grown, treatments to address concerns with other vulvar structures, including the clitoral hood and labia majora, are becoming more frequently requested. Additionally, procedures to improve sexual satisfaction such as vaginal tightening and G-spot enhancement are also being requested. This book has three parts. Part 1 includes topics to familiarize the reader with the anatomy and classification of female genitalia and delves into the psychological and social aspects that affect women considering these types of procedures.

A mini-review of aesthetic gynecology and leading gynecology associations’ approaches to this issue

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Female genital cosmetic surgery: the good, the bad, and the ugly

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