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The ascomycetous yeast Pichia anomala is frequently associated with food and feed products, either as a production organism or as a spoilage yeast. It belongs to the non Saccharomyces wine yeasts and contributes to the wine aroma by the production of volatile compounds. The ability to grow in preserved food and feed environments is due to its capacity to grow under low pH, high osmotic pressure and low oxygen tension.

Yeasts in Biotechnology. Yeasts are very important for many reasons. These microorganisms were the first species to be domesticated by man, although not intentionally. For millennia they were used in fermented beverages and foods without knowing their existence. Biochemistry as a science was born when physiologists looked deeper in sugar fermentation in the final of nineteenth century.

Stress tolerance: The key to effective strains of industrial baker's yeast

Yeast cells are often employed in industrial fermentation processes for their ability to efficiently convert relatively high concentrations of sugars into ethanol and carbon dioxide. Additionally, fermenting yeast cells produce a wide range of other compounds, including various higher alcohols, carbonyl compounds, phenolic compounds, fatty acid derivatives and sulfur compounds. Interestingly, many of these secondary metabolites are volatile and have pungent aromas that are often vital for product quality. In this review, we summarize the different biochemical pathways underlying aroma production in yeast as well as the relevance of these compounds for industrial applications and the factors that influence their production during fermentation. Additionally, we discuss the different physiological and ecological roles of aroma-active metabolites, including recent findings that point at their role as signaling molecules and attractants for insect vectors. When presented with the appropriate nutrients, yeasts produce complex bouquets of aroma compounds including esters, higher alcohols, carbonyls, fatty acid derivatives and sulfur compounds.

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Introductory Chapter: Yeasts in Biotechnology

Brewing Microbiology pp Cite as. Yeast is a eukaryotic, single-celled organism that, at the biochemical level, is very similar to all other eukaryotic cells. Indeed, much yeast research of recent times has used the organism as a model for more complex eukaryotes because of its ease of culture, the high level of genetic understanding, including the complete genome structure Goffeau et al. We thus have a very considerable amount of laboratory-derived information on the biochemistry and molecular biology of yeast, and the aim of this chapter is to discuss aspects that are important in the production of beer rather than attempting an overall survey of the topic. The background material is widely available in general textbooks Stryer; ; Lodish et al.

Yeast Biotechnology: Diversity and Applications (eBook, PDF)

Mankind has exploited the metabolic activities of yeasts in baking and brewing for several millennia. The invention of the fed-batch technology for production of bakers' yeast has been a cornerstone of modern biotechnology, enabling the development of efficient production processes for antibiotics, biopharmaceuticals and technical enzymes. Alcoholic fermentation, on the other hand, is a model for microbial metabolite production and has become a major research focus for the manufacturing of biofuels.

Yeast biotechnology

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Yeast Physiology and Biotechnology

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