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In general definition, minimum wage is the minimum amount of compensation that laborers must receive under the law and is regarded as the lowest wage employers are allowed to pay. Though a federal minimum wage is set in the US, individual states are still allowed to choose to make their own laws on this. In public economics, it is often treated as a measure to address problems associated with poverty by making sure all workers will be able to enjoy a minimum level of income to support their living standards.

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Salary

The potential benefits of higher minimum wages come from the higher wages for affected workers, some of whom are in poor or low-income families. The potential downside is that a higher minimum wage may discourage firms from employing the low-wage, low-skill workers that minimum wages are intended to help. Research findings are not unanimous, but especially for the US, evidence suggests that minimum wages reduce the jobs available to low-skill workers. Minimum wages may help policymakers address public demands to combat rising inequality. Some of the workers who gain from minimum wages are in poor or low-income families. Some studies do not find that minimum wages lead to fewer jobs.

If you grew up in a working-class family, you were either a traitor or a family miracle if you decided to become a salaried worker. Every kid had that one union-member uncle, ditch-digging father or factory-working grandfather who constantly berated them for not taking every educational advantage. Get cracking on those books! In other words, Nirvana. But is a salaried position everything it is cracked up to be?

Trade Union Cooperation in Europe pp Cite as. Most countries in Europe have minimum wage legislation, but there are some exceptions such as the Nordic countries. The issue has clearly divided European trade unions and Nordic unions represent a foothold for the resistance to this kind of regulation. There is obviously a deep cleavage within the European trade union movement and the chapter also describes how the ETUC has handled the diverging positions. We now turn to a topic that has caused a great deal of debate within the European trade union movement: the issue of statutory minimum wages. Most Nordic trade unions as well as some others take a negative view on minimum wage legislation—in sharp contrast to many other organizations in different parts of Europe e. Because of these differences of opinion, the issue has been repeatedly debated within the ETUC that has faced difficulties in finding a common policy on the matter.

The minimum wage

When a minimum wage law exists, it dictates what the lowest possible compensation is for an employee. The U. In , about 3. There are exceptions to these laws in the United States. Several minimum wage laws in the U. There are several advantages and disadvantages of a minimum wage for workers to review when looking at the effects of a guaranteed income when employment on society as a whole.

A minimum wage is a legal minimum for workers. It means workers are guaranteed a certain hourly wage — helping to reduce relative poverty. However, a minimum wage could have potential disadvantages — in particular, there is the risk of creating unemployment as firms cannot afford to employ workers. Firms in labour-intensive industries will be most affected. For example, hairdressers and cleaning companies will see a proportionately more significant increase in their wage bill.

A minimum wage became part of the U. Although there were several exemptions to the initial rule, it would become the foundation for future economic policies for the next generations of Americans. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was the primary force behind the idea of a minimum wage in the United States. He fought both political parties, corporations, and the Supreme Court to have the concept included in the legislation. The night before the minimum wage was instituted, FDR has this to say during a fireside chat about the subject. For over 80 years, the world has been debating the minimum wage pros and cons.

List of Advantages of Minimum Wage · 1. It can be helpful depending on the type of market. · 2. It can help with reducing tax burden. · 3. It can help certain families.

Minimum wage: Updated research roundup on the effects of increasing pay

According to information provided by the World Economic Forum, the countries with the highest minimum wage in the world today are Australia, Luxembourg, France, and the Netherlands. The United States currently ranks ninth on that list, falling behind Japan, Canada, and the United Kingdom for the amount of wages in terms of purchasing power that is available. Supporting workers in low-paid positions is a critical objective for governments around the world, especially after the economic crisis that began in uncovered the disparity that existed for income levels globally. About three decades ago, economists were confident that higher minimum wages had a negative impact on jobs.

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Others are raising wages above the federally mandated rate, according to the National Conference of State Legislators.