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Static And Dynamic Characteristics Of Instruments Pdf

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The performance of any measuring instrument is affected by several factors.

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Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Instruments

Characteristics of measurement systems The system characteristics are to be known, to choose an instrument that most suited to a particular measurement application. The performance characteristics may be broadly divided into two groups, namely static and dynamic characteristics. Static characteristics the performance criteria for the measurement of quantities that remain constant, or vary only quite slowly. Dynamic characteristics the relationship between the system input and output when the measured quantity measurand is varying rapidly. Static characteristics Determination of static characteristics is mostly done by calibration: Environmental Inputs, Ei Standard instrument s Element or System to be calibrated. Static and Dynamic Characteristics Instrument systems are usually built up from a serial linkage of distinguishable building blocks.


Journal of Vibroengineering, Vol. Kohut Piotr, Holak Krzysztof, Dworakowski Ziemowit, Mendrok Krzysztof Vision-based measurement systems for static and dynamic characteristics of overhead lines. In the paper, optical-based measurement methods for calculating the deflection and vibration of overhead lines are presented. The authors describe the state of the art in the field of non-contact examination of static and dynamic overhead transmission line characteristics, and propose concepts of vision-based measurement systems for both static and dynamic states of a structure. The system devoted to static measurements is based on a digital SLR camera and image-processing software used for the acquisition and interpretation of data. The digital image correlation method, implemented in Wiz2D software, is applied to compute the displacement of the transmission line cable with respect to a known baseline position.

Static & Dynamic Characteristics of Electrical Measuring Instruments

The static characteristics of instruments are attributes that changes slowly with time. Static characteristics can be divided in to desirable and undesirable. The true length of a steel beam is 6 m.

Measuring instruments are the device which indicates the measured quantity into a broadly displayed information. A measuring instrument can directly show the measured value or it can show the equivalent value to known measure value of the same quantity. To do the perfect performance, an instrument should have some quality, here in this article we will discuss that. In this article we broadly classified the characteristic of an instrument in two types:.

Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Instrumentation

Facebook Twitter. Characteristics of electrical measuring instruments: The performance characteristics of electrical measuring instruments can be divided into two categories:. Some applications involve the measurement of quantities that are either constant or vary slowly with time. Under these circumstances, it is possible to define a set of criteria that gives a meaningful description of the quality of measurement without interfering with dynamic descriptions that involve the use of differential equations.

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