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Selection of type of mold is an essential task in the product development process. Choosing the wrong type of mold can cost thousands of dollars.

Selection of type of mold is an essential task in the product development process. Choosing a wrong type of mold can cost of thousands of dollar. Although there are plenty of injection mold types available, but in this article we will discuss about Two plate mold vs Three plate mold. Injection molding is a widely used manufacturing method to manufacture simple to complex plastic part at a very fast rate.

Two Plate Mold Vs Three Plate Mold

Show all documents In 3- plate mould the feeding system can be decided using different approach such as centre gate, off-centre gate and multiple gate systems.

The size and location of gate, runner and sprue play importance role for producing good quality plastic product. If wrong method used when choose the feeding system size and location, it will affect the product quality such as welding line, air trap and etc. A parameter setting and feeding system such as gate, runner and sprue inside the plastic injection mould are located by mould makers using trial and error method. At this situation, people that have a lot of experience in injection molding process who capable to decide the size and location of feeding system especially in two plate mould.

The problems occur when this person cannot perform the job with good method and needed to take much time to think and make an experiment.

Simulation software is the new technology that can examine the behaviors of plastic flow inside the cavity mould. It can decide the better method to select the best design for feeding system like runner, sprue, and gate and process parameter. The size of gate, runner and sprue is importance thing to consider for producing good quality plastic product. It can give effect to product if the unsuitable type or sizes are used. There are many type of simulation software now that can make work more easy and accurate.

These two types of mould design are analyzed by using Moldflow software. Moldflow software is used to run a simulation on these three mould designs without any fabrication or any experimental handy work.

Before the simulation starting, the three dimensional product plastic drawing is drawn by using CATIA software then the drawing is exported to Moldflow software to run a simulation.

Taguchi Method is responsible to design the experimental matrix and to find out significant parameters on the output response includes shrinkage, warpage deflection, residual stress and filling time while ANOVA is to optimize the output responses. As the plastic cools, it will solidify into the shape of the desired part. However, during cooling some shrinkage of the part may occur.

The packing of material in the injection stage allows additional material to flow into the mould and reduce the amount of visible shrinkage. The mould cannot be opened until the required cooling time has elapsed. The cooling time can be estimated from several thermodynamic properties of the plastic and the maximum wall thickness of the part.

A mold is the counterpart to a cast. The manu- facturer who makes the molds is called the mold mak- er. Typical uses for molded plastics include molded fur- niture, molded household goods, molded cases, and structural materials. Mate 1, Prof. Kadlag2 With the heavy demand in plastic products, plastic industries are growing in a faster rate.

Plastic injection moulding begins with mould making and manufacturing of intricate shape with good dimensional accuracy. To meet such requirements it is very important to adopt various advance technologies for the development of injection moulded components.

Plastic wheels, commonly used in standard bags, suitcases are manufactured by the injection moulding process all around the world. This wheel is manufactured in three steps.

Guide bush is used which acts as a sleeve is made by material Derlyin Polyacetal. Modelling is done by using Unigraphics NX6. The elements of injection moulding tool are designed and analyzed by Mould Flow Analysis software. A Design of Experiments DOE of the moulding process parameters is used to identify key moulding parameters by analysing a multi cavity injection system.

In injection moulding, process parameters play an important element since it give an impact to the quality of the product. This project studies the effect of injection moulding parameters on material characteristic of two plate mould with different material using flow analysis. It focuses on the effect of injection moulding parameters on the each response which are volumetric shrinkage at ejection, fill time, in-cavity residual stress and deflection by using Moldflow simulation software.

The parameters that have been selected in this study were melt temperature, mould temperature, injection time and cooling time. It is found that, the lowest value of each response for material PP shows deflection at run 9, fill time at run 1, volumetric shrinkage at run 1 and residual stress at run 3. While for PP filled Talc shows the lowest value of fill time at run 1, deflection at run 8, volumetric shrinkage at run 7 and residual stress at run 3.

Through ANOVA, it shows that melt temperature is the significant parameter for injection moulding process. With the help of analysis software, the designers can reduce the cost of mold to be discovered called Heuristic loops and shorten the development cycle.

By this, it is automatically solve the production problem on material property, product design and mold design. The process of time cycle in injection molding are very dependent on the product produce and other three parameters which include temperature, speed and pressure.

With a slight difference in these three parameters, the product produce may be not in a good conditions. Gate is also included in the factor of the most important parameter in injection molding. Without a proper selection of gate design, it really can influenced the manners of the plastics flow in the injection molding. The selection of gate size become most vitals variable to improve the part quality to reduce the rejection and also elimination in trial and error method.

The products in our surrounding, most products are made by plastic material. Many products that are made by other materials are replaced by the plastic material. According Moayyedian, et al. For example the ceramics cup is replaced by the plastic cup. The plastic material becomes familiar because its light weight characteristics and low cost. One of the method to produce the plastic products is carried out the plastic injection moulding process. Thus, the plastic injection moulding process is very important for producing the plastic parts.

Injection moulding is the manufacturing process that is able to produce products in very large production volume. Although the capital investment of injection moulding is very high, but its ratio of capital investment to total manufacturing cost is low, thus nowadays, the manufacturers are more prefer to use injection moulding.

Previous study is focus on the analysis and design the mould for Container Plastic Product. The development process of the mould is generally a critical way for the newcomer in the mould industry. Mould development require years of experience and knowledge or either the effort or money are sacrificed will just waste it without any return rate.

So it is very difficult for a new comer in this field to develop a mould without years of experience. Family moulds are an economical alternative because several parts of the same family group are produced with one shot and thus they are made available at the same time. This simplifies the logistics, because there is no longer any requirement for parts which have been produced at the different times and at different production sites to be brought together for assembly.

Advantages are also apparent for parts produced with self-coloured material, as the components produced within the same process are identically colour-matched.

Geometry Dependency of Filling Related Defects Development of defects like misrun, cold shuts, gas entrainment, mould erosion, hot tear and shrinkage porosity during mould filling process leads to poor part integrity and high casting rejection. A misrun defect occurs due to incom- plete filling of mould cavity. A portion of the casting may be not filled, and necessary sharp corners may be rounded. A cold shut is visual and structural discontinuity formed where two or more metal streams meet below liquidus temperature of the cast metal.

This can occur especially in large thin sections of the casting. The misrun and cold shut defects form when casting filling time is comparable with solidification time. These defects are attributed to casting design and pouring practice, and all casting methods green sand, chemically bonded sand, permanent and semi-permanent mould are susceptible [1].

Oscillatory rarefied gas flow inside a three dimensional rectangular cavity One of the features of oscillatory flow is that the damping force exerted on the oscillating lid has local dips and peaks when the oscillation frequency changes. This is due to the anti- resonance and resonance of rarefied gas flows, respectively. It is found that the lateral walls on a 3D cavity suppress the formulation of gas resonance and anti-resonance. Depending on the inverse aspect ratio of the cavity, the linear scaling laws for the anti-resonance and resonance frequencies are obtained from the near hydrodynamic to highly rarefied flows, which are in reasonable agreement with the theoretical values.

In addition, the obtained scaling laws are also compared with the solutions of 2D cases, which suggests that reducing the Knudsen number and increasing the aspect ratio of the cavity will enhance the 3D effect on formation of gas resonance and anti-resonance. Its availability, strength, and limited shrinkage all help make it widely used as the default choice for most plastic products. The ABS is an amorphous polymer with good impact strength and excellent appearance.

It is easy to process and is widely used for product has poor chemical resistance. Reverse Engineering Of Pharmaceutical Bottlepack Cap By Plastic Injection Mould recently developed technologies and techniques that assist manufacturers and designers in meeting the demands of reduced product development time.

For example, injection- molding companies must drastically reduce the tool and die development times. The electric control cooling system can satisfy the engine needs at high thermal load situations with lower pump and fan flow rate due to the active control of the coolant flow regardless the engine speed which leads to increase cylinder head, cylinder liner and oil temperature and engine thermal efficiency.

These features will make the engine runs more efficient, reduce wear and the oil life can be extended and decrease the specific fuel consumption. Design And Development Of Plastic Injection Mould With Concurrent Engineering It realizes that injection moulds are expensive to design and fabricate which require skills and experience.

Designers have their own approach to design an injection mould. Surely one of the most critical parameters to be considered in the design stage of the mould are the number of cavities, methods of injection, types of runners, methods of gating, methods of ejection, capacity and features of the injection molding machines.

Mould cost, mould quality and cost of molded product need to be considered. It involves development for mould made from plastic which is fast, uses inexpensive tooling and provides a wide variety of curved and contour shaping in the moulded article. On the other hand, the objectives also to invent new technique that can reduce costs and efficient for moulding trial products or a small quantity of productions. Design And Analysis Of Plastic Injection Mould Using Multiple Cavity Mould Nowadays, researcher in the plastic industry is investing heavily into plastic that is cheap, strong and biodegradable as environmental issues arises with the old plastic type.

The conventional synthetic polymer which obtained from petrochemical-derived monomers is non- biodegradable resulted to the environmental issues Sikorska et al.

From the objective, researchers came up with Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene ABS , which is a thermoplastic polymer that is biodegradable or recyclable.

Not only that, this plastic also has a high impact resistance, toughness and heat resistance.

Difference Between two plate mold and three plate mold

It has an additional mold plate between top clamp plate and cavity plate, called runner plate, which allows the runner scrap and plastic molded parts released separately. Another thing is that the three plate mold requires three times opening. The first opening is to break the gate and pull sprue, so the feeding runner can easily take by arm robot or manually by hand. The stripper plate will move after puller bolts pulled by cavity plate. The second time is called runner opening, which is to release the molded parts. This opening will make space between the stripper plate and the cavity plate.


With regard to appearance, the biggest difference between the two plate mold and the three plate mold is that there is a stripper plate between the upper clamping plate and the cavity plate of the three-plate mold. The main difference in the structure of the molds lies in the location and orientation of the guide pin, and that the three-plate mold has a small tie bar and a nylon lock on parting surface or latch on the side of the mold to control mold opening sequence and stroke. We can clearly see from the comparison in the above table that a two-plate mold is better than a three plates mold in most aspects, but why is there a three-plate mold in mold making and design?

Two plate mold 2. Two Plate Mold A two plate mold is the simplest type of mold. It is called a two plate mold because there is one parting plane, and the mold splits into two halves. The runner system must be located on this parting plane; thus the part can only be gated on its perimeter.

Show all documents In 3- plate mould the feeding system can be decided using different approach such as centre gate, off-centre gate and multiple gate systems. The size and location of gate, runner and sprue play importance role for producing good quality plastic product. If wrong method used when choose the feeding system size and location, it will affect the product quality such as welding line, air trap and etc. A parameter setting and feeding system such as gate, runner and sprue inside the plastic injection mould are located by mould makers using trial and error method.

Top PDF Analysis Of Plastic Flow Inside The Three Plate Mould

Selection of injection mold type depends on component design, budget and production volumes. During new product development, manufacturers always ask. What type of mold is required?

Two Plate and Three Plate Mold

Two plate mold and Three plate mold. Two plate mold Two plate mold is the easiest injection mold structure and has many advantages. It's consist with A side and B side 2 main parts, when it is load in ejection machine to do molding, A side is fixed and held still, B side is movable. See below figure to get the details of the 2 plate mold.

A three-plate mold is used when part of the runner system is on a different plane to the injection location. The runner system for a three-plate mold sits on a second parting plane parallel to the main parting plane. This second parting plane enables the runners and sprue to be ejected when the mold is opened.

Why should you choose a hot-runner mold system over a cold-runner mold system or vice versa? Each type of molding system has unique features that help determine exactly which one is best for you. Called a cold-runner mold system because the runners are the same temperature as the molds, there are two types of cold-runner systems: a three-plate system and a two-plate system. Three-plate systems allow the part to be ejected from the runner without an ejection system , but are a little more complicated than a two-plate system , which does require an ejection system to remove the part and the runner from the mold. Two-plate systems can handle most molds, however a three-plate system is friendlier when it comes to complex designs.

What is Two plate mold

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Two plate mold and Three plate mold

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Two Plate Mold VS Three Plate Mold

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Two types of gating systems which are side gate for 2-plate mold and pin point gate for 3-plate mold are tested. The results are obtained using Taguchi Method.

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Two-plate molds are the most commonly used type of injection molds. They consist of one parting plane and the mold splits at parting planes. In a multi cavity two.

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Structure. Three plate mold is also called small gate mold and it's more complex than 2 plate mold. It has an additional mold plate between top clamp plate.