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Myth — Protein shakes will make you lose weight.

Franklin Institute: The human brain. Accessed August 5, Centers for Disease Control: The power of prevention: Chronic disease the public health challenge of the 21st century. American Physical Therapy Association: Yearly costs of chronic pain exceed those of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Accessed August 10,

Exercise and Rheumatoid Arthritis: Facts & Fallacies

Franklin Institute: The human brain. Accessed August 5, Centers for Disease Control: The power of prevention: Chronic disease the public health challenge of the 21st century. American Physical Therapy Association: Yearly costs of chronic pain exceed those of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Accessed August 10, Mundell EJ: Rise in child chronic illness could swamp health care. Health Day. March 23, Accessed August 8, The Institute for Research on Poverty Web site. Available at tall2. Accessed August 12, Published Accessed September 20, Faigenbaum AD: Youth strength training: facts and fallacies. American College of Sports Medicine Web site. Accessed October 1, Parker S: Physical fitness and exercise: The facts.

Health Guidance Web site. Accessed September 3, American College of Sports Medicine: Exercise is medicine. Accessed September 11, Mayo Clinic: Exercise: 7 benefits of regular physical activity. Accessed October 3, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: A new view of physical activity.

Sullivan P: Exercise adherence. Eric Digest. Ther Recreation J. Long-Term Living, Accessed October 4, Accessed February 12, Strength Cond. Greenglass E, Firksenbaum L, Eaton J: The relationship between coping, social support, functional disability and depression in the elderly. Anxiety Stress Coping. Subscription Login to verify subscription. User Username Password Remember me.

Notifications View Subscribe. Journal Help. Font Size. About The Authors John R. Current Issue. Abstract This article examines the benefits of the recreation therapy intervention leisure fitness and its potential for positively affecting the health and well being of those with chronic health problems.

Working within a wide variety of settings, qualified recreation therapists facilitate a leisure-fitness LF process to promote endurance, strength, mobility, and psycho-social well being among consumers. This article provides a practical concept design for the development and implementation of a recreation therapy LF program.

Keywords recreation therapy, leisure fitness, chronic health problems, physical-fitness. Full Text: PDF. References Franklin Institute: The human brain.

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Learn how to incorporate these teaching materials into your class. Find out what's included with each module Learn how it can be adapted to work in your classroom See how your peers at hundreds of colleges and university across the country have used these materials to engage their students. These materials have been reviewed for their alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards as detailed below. Overview This unit emphasizes logical thinking and identification of types of fallacies based on the correlation of logic and factual information. There are no DCIs addressed but the context of the module is climate change.

You may come across other so-called facts about training, but you should be aware that some of them are actually fallacies or misconceptions. These oft-quoted statements are not true and have no basis in medical or scientific research. Although serious training is often difficult and sometimes unpleasant, it shouldn't actually hurt. Here is an important distinction: Pain is not a natural consequence of exercise or training; it signals a problem that you need to address. In fact, well-prepared athletes sometimes perform in a state of euphoria, free of pain and oblivious to discomfort.

Rheumatoid Arthritis RA is a chronic, autoimmune disorder in which your body attacks its own soft tissue structures, primarily the synovium or tissue lining of the joints. This inflammatory condition causes a painful swelling at the affected sites. Over time, chronic inflammation can cause eventual bone breakdown and visible deformities. Osteoarthritis OA , on the other hand, causes a breakdown of cartilage located at the joint interfaces only. It does not affect the organs of the body directly.

Facts & Fallacies of Fitness [Siff, Mel C] on drugtruthaustralia.org *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Facts & Fallacies of Fitness.

Practice update: Bone health and calcium

David Fukuda David. Fukuda ucf. The Kinesiology B. Sport and Athletic Coaching track is appropriate for students interested in coaching at all levels of competition, in a variety of sports, including strength and conditioning. Students are provided with a combination of course content as well as practical field and laboratory experiences.

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Food combining is controversial. Others swear by it.

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The more I work with student athletes, the more I realise the limited knowledge parents and their children have on the long term athletic development LTAD. This is such a huge topic with many misconceptions hiding in the thoughts of those involved. This 3-part article will be broken down to cover just a few topics in the LTAD model. So, for all those reading along, lets break down one of the biggest misconceptions the fitness industry presents. It is physiologically impossible to stunt the growth of kids and adolescents by undertaking in resistance training activities. Furthermore, the load kids experience in the gym is in a controlled space compared to the highly chaotic nature of most sporting environments. Things such as playing surface, weather conditions, collisions and impacts are all highly variable and are out of our control.

Master List of Logical Fallacies. Fallacies are fake or deceptive arguments, "junk cognition," that is, arguments that seem irrefutable but prove nothing. Fallacies often seem superficially sound and they far too often retain immense persuasive power even after being clearly exposed as false. Like epidemics, fallacies sometimes "burn through" entire populations, often with the most tragic results, before their power is diminished or lost.

Your muscles naturally contract in response to electrical signals sent from your brain, and EMS replicates this with electrodes placed on the skin and a current run through them from a power source Figure 1. Figure 1. An example of an EMS unit with the electrodes pads placed on the quadriceps muscles. There are a couple of interesting physiological differences between a voluntary contraction through the central nervous system and an involuntary contraction through EMS. First, while a voluntary contraction will recruit smaller motor units and slow-twitch, Type-I fibers first and then activate the Type-II fibers as needed, an EMS contraction reverses this order. Second, a voluntary contraction activates individual fibers in relays in order to conserve energy and not tire too quickly; EMS activates all of the motor units in the area at the same time, contracting all of the fibers with no holding back. For much of the 20th century, EMS was used for orthopedic rehabilitation and physical therapy, specifically neuromuscular reintroduction and prevention of atrophy.

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Do you have a question about the Educational Material section or about our resources? Please use the following form to send us an email. Insufficient calcium intake may have a detrimental impact on bone health, making calcium a nutrient of concern. But what does research say about bone health, calcium, and the role of dairy products? Using current evidence-based research on calcium and bone health, this document covers calcium requirements , calcium content and bioavailability in common foods, and the role of dairy products in bone health and preventing osteoporosis. To access the PDF version or order free printed versions of this resource, fill out the information below.

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Facts & Fallacies of Fitness

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