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People use clothing to make personality inferences about others, and these inferences steer social behaviors.

Psychological trait inferences from women’s clothing: human and machine prediction

Kim K. Johnson and Sharon Lennon. Please sign up or sign in to add the item to a folder. Johnson, Kim K. London: Bloomsbury Academic,

The Social Psychology of Clothing

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Fashion psychology is commonly defined as the study of the impact of clothing choices on the way in which we perceive and judge each other. And, its focus transcends clothing to also consider the impact of many other products that express self-identity and are influenced by the same forces that drive change in the apparel industry, such as home furnishings, cosmetics, and even automobiles. Fashion psychology is very important to marketers who need to understand the factors that make it likely a product will be adopted by a group of consumers, and who need to predict how long that product will continue to stay in fashion. So, part of fashion psychology focuses on changes in acceptance over time. For example, a classic is a fashion with an extremely long acceptance cycle that is adopted by a fairly large group.

I have always been interested in all aspects of the fashion industry, from apparel production to retail sales. The combination of textile and business classes, along with my independent research, have given me a better understanding of the core concepts involved in this project. I contend that college aged females have a tendency to prefer products based on psychological forces, not their own preferences. To test this hypothesis, I found products that were almost identical in appearance with vastly different price points and used them to create two different surveys. The first did not have the brand names or price associated with the product, and the second one did.

Cultural and sociological theories have frequently tried to give oversimplified ex- planations of the motives of human clothing. Dress is not motivated only by.

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF CLOTHING: Meaning of Colors, Body Image and Gender Expression in Fashion

Fashion consciousness is an important consumers' attribute affecting their purchase of luxury products. The existing research mainly focuses on certain factors of fashion consciousness in fashion markets. This research investigates the psychological and social factors of fashion consciousness in the luxury fashion market.

Metrics details. The purpose of this research was to provide a critical review of key research areas within the social psychology of dress.


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THE PSYCHOLOGY OF CLOTHING: Meaning of Colors, Body Image and Gender Expression in Fashion

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Psychology of Dress: the Role of Clothing in the Perception of a Personality

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PDF | We select clothes that we're purchasing and wearing Clothing, psychology of clothing, social interface, fashion communication.

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