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To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. France Chaar. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Conse- of your IT teams. The hybris Commerce Suite uses quently they must adopt more lexible business the hybris Platform to offer a single system for models, add new sales channels and interact with managing product content, commerce operations customers in new ways — all of which increase the and channels.

Thus helping retailers, manufactu- complexity and demands of managing businesses rers and others to create a uniied and seamless successfully.

In order to be able to handle this complexity while at the same time lowering costs, improving custo- Relying on the hybris Platform our customers are mer service and increasing sales, different depart- able to support their businesses and easily inte- ments and subsidiaries often start implementing grate with their existing systems; they are able to ad-hoc disparate IT solutions.

These provide no improve functional productivity, reduce costs and single view of customers, products, inventories or increase revenues.

Also they have a future-proof marketing information, which is scattered across technical foundation for growth which helps them organizations and systems.

Missing data, insufici- in gaining competitive advantage and delivering ent collaboration, duplications and uncoordinated even more innovative capabilities. The organization struggles to manage their of the hybris Platform. We irst discuss the key multiple business models, sales channels, cus- software layers and architecture.

Next, we show tomer interactions, transactions and processes. We then introduce the various options for features to gain competitive advantage. For example, this includes our Due to the open and extensible architecture of MDA-approach for the data model and the usage the hybris Platform, customers are able to easi- of the Spring Framework for extending or repla- ly extend and customize the data model and the cing core business services.

Integration options business logic to optimally it their business requi- with external systems are discussed next. We co- rements. Furthermore, using popular technology ver our built-in options such as automatically ge- nerated RESTful web services for the data model as well as custom integration options.

Finally, we provide several insights into managing operations and securing the hybris Platform. Later we will dive into individual topics, but before we do this we would like you to understand the lean and lightweight approach we have taken for the design of the hybris Commerce Suite. You will find out that our architecture is based heavily on Spring1, an open source framework primarily known for its de- pendency injection DI and aspect-oriented programming AOP features.

The hybris extension concept is based on this Spring foundation and allows the hybris Platform to be highly extensible and flexible as you will see. Architecture Overview The execution environment for the hybris Platform is a Java form of Spring beans to the global application context or may EE Servlet Container, for example Tomcat2 or VMware vFa- also choose to overwrite existing functionality.

Extensions are bric tcServer3, which is also based on Tomcat but provides either provided by hybris as part of the purchase of a module commercial support. The platform and all extensions to it are or written by yourself, in which case we call this extension a running within the Spring environment, which allows easy wi- custom extension. An extension may simply provide additio- ring and configuration of each component. It provides generic nal business logic without exposing a visible UI or it may also logic such as security, caching, clustering and persistence.

A natural framework choice to realize this web application in our Spring environment is to use the Spring 2. Service-oriented web applications typically implement web service endpoints.

The clients of these web servi- ces are often mobile devices, but may also be other presen- MVC Framework, but technically any Java Web Framework tation-oriented web applications e.

Presentation-oriented web applications are geared towards web browsers and will typically generate dyna- mic HTML markup. If you choose to offer a web-based store, hybris is completely open to whatever frontend technology you prefer. You may choose any Java-based web application you will either adapt one of our templates see for example framework which will allow you to directly interface with the the Accelerator template or create this web application from business logic APIs so-called hybris ServiceLayer API , or you scratch.

You are free to use whatever markup and combi- may choose to use a non-Java web technology, run your web nation of technologies you like, for example we recommend application on remote systems and integrate these web appli- Spring MVC, HTML5, CSS3 and the jQuery Javascript library.

As Figure 3 shows, web applica- The client will later use a standard web browser desktop tions can either be developed using Java Spring MVC, JSF, or mobile to interact with your web application. The hybris others or any other non-Java technology like a Rails-based Administration Console, an extension used to administrate the front end that communicates with hybris via web services can hybris Platform, is a good example of a presentation-oriented be used.

This API in that the mapping between business objects and database consists of a set of services, managed by the Spring environ- tables is taken care of behind the scenes with an ORM Object- ment and includes all business logic that the hybris Platform Relational-Mapping framework. However it is more flexible and extensions offer. The hybris Platform and each extension as it seamlessly and immediately supports all new custom may add services to the ServiceLayer, in which case all other business models that are created by our partners.

Each layer can be tested in isolation, which significantly reduces the time and Another key feature of any extension is the ability to add or setup cost for the tests. The hybris data model is defined in XML and can easily be adjusted If an extension also contains a web front end, the web front to your specific needs. Using this Model Driven Architecture end will have its own private Spring application context. This MDA approach, our customers have full flexibility in desig- allows you to separate the specific concerns of the web appli- ning their data model and do not have the need to wrap me- cation from the rest of the business logic that your extension aningful properties of a business object in general-purpose provides.

The web application context of a web application can containers. The hybris build process will create the supports MongoDB. This is very beneficial in case a The usage of Java and the JVM implies that these containers client would like to switch to another supported database. It moves hybris Commerce architecture of typical hybris Commerce Suite extension. The service layer contains service logic services. To ease develop- via RESTful communication. It fea- les' data directly only through their public API.

Compared to a project by one of our of the box solution. Both choices have advantages and disad- competitors, the implementation cost will already be lower vantages. Green field development typically involves high risk, due to our highly flexible and extensible architecture. As our high cost and will take considerably longer than an out-of the software makes better use of the provided hardware, overall box solution.

Yet out of the box solutions often are too inflexi- lower operational costs occur over the years after implemen- ble and have limited extensibility. In addition, out-of the box tation. Finally, upgrading to a new major release with hybris solutions tend to result in a lot of vendor lock-in. The hybris Commerce Accelerator, which helps our partners to further redu- Platform and its modules are built for extensibility and flexibi- ce the time and cost required for ecommerce projects.

The hybris lity. Our solution offers you a shorter time to market and tation and allows our partners to reduce the implementation time is based on standard technologies for which it is easy to find to 3 — 4 months for a typical client project.

Once unzipped into a local directory, the only Instead of using XML-based Spring configuration, you may requirement to run our software is an up-to-date Java instal- choose to use annotations for your custom extensions. One area lation currently Java 7 is required. Later, in production, While we encourage our partners to use annotation-based Spring the same code that runs on developer machines will also run configuration, the hybris Platform itself uses XML-based Spring on the server machines, but in this case of course with a DBMS configuration.

This provides benefits for partners as the configu- solution like Oracle RAC8. A typical startup of the preconfigured ration required is more centrally located and can be identified and hybris Tomcat server takes less than 30 seconds.

We recommend the open source and free work and JUnit. Basing our architecture on such solid founda- SpringSource Tool Suite9, but developers are free to choose tions brings several benefits: our partners are already familiar other IDEs IntelliJ IDEA, Netbeans, or specialized versions of with many of these and thus avoid steep learning curves, hybris Eclipse.

Our platform and all extensions are configured via text-based Many of the frameworks, libraries and standards that we use properties files one main properties file for the platform and can be seen in Figure 8.

Figure 8: Frameworks, libraries and standards used in the hybris Commerce Suite. The business model for example is very flexible and Layer can be tailored to your exact needs using an MDA approach. Each service that is exposed in the hybris ServiceLayer can be customized As hybris uses the Spring Application Framework, it is very easy or even completely replaced.

Our partners use the same extension to add or replace existing services in the ServiceLayer. By repla- concept that we use internally to extend our platform to build the cing default services, you are free to use any specific implemen- omni-channel solution for their customers.

Our own extensions tation. Find the service interface and Spring bean definition you to use tools that will generate all boilerplate code required for an wish to replace extension. Of course hybris is also strong in internationalization. The default business model supports multiple languages, currencies and sites.

Implement the new service using the same Java inter- face. Your new implementation can internally forward some of the method calls to the old, still available service or Even our built-in backend UIs — the hybris cockpits — can be custo- replace the logic completely.

Replace the alias of the service in the Spring configuration file and point to the new service implementation bean. The result is a business To create new extensions, hybris includes a command-line tool model that exactly fits your needs and does not require you to wrap called extgen. It can be used to create completely empty exten- any relevant data in meaningless container structures.

According to sions or to create template extensions that already offer certain the defined business model, the hybris platform will automatically functionality. It shows the next section for more details the XML-based format in which business objects are defined. To achieve this, the extension is simply added to localextensions. Figure 9 shows an example localextensions. It is a ready-to-use framework built on top of the hybris Platform and it includes numerous extensions from the hybris Commerce Suite.

It can easily be used by our partners using the extgen com- mandline tool. The hybris Commerce Accelerator applications are a best-practice reference implementations and allow our partners to reduce the implementation time to 3—4 months for a typical client project.

It provides a dience and language. The hybris Commerce Suite provides po- coarse-grained interface which is ideal for creating custom web werful support for such cases by allowing customers to specify services on top, e. The inheritance rules from a parent to child various Spring-related and custom events.

As each extension be- catalog are specified in hybris synchronization rules, which can comes part of a global application context, an extension can easily also be used for synchronizing staged catalogs with their online listen to all these events or publish its own, custom events.

SAP Hybris Commerce, Architecture and Technology

Additionally their systems are often rigid preven, show you how easy it is to get started with our. Due to the open and extensible architecture of the options for customization For example this in. We cover our built in options such as automa, tically generated RESTful web services for the. This section will give you a broad overview of the SAP Hybris Commerce architecture Later we will dive into individual topics. Hybris Commerce You will find out that our architecture is based heavily on Spring1 an open source framework primarily known. Hybris Platform Each extension may add additional services. Spring Framework http spring io, Apache Tomcat http tomcat apache org.

Architecture: SAP Hybris Deployment

SAP Hybris is a customer engagement platform which also functions as an e-commerce system. Its areas of business include commerce, billing, marketing, sales, and service. Hybris also allows users to develop a multi-channel platform where you can sell online, mobile, or in-store.

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Do your customers … SAP Hybris Commerce Management Module contains built-in-Omni-channel versatility and Hybris cloud platform engage that can transact with the customers any time using any device. SAP Hybris Billing Training Overview: This training helps you to learn key business processes in the framework of information technology systems. It is a cloud-based application that includes tools for CRM, marketing, sales and … A Digital Asset Management system is used to store images. Never worked on real Hybris Projects? ERP Hybris training works well in a virtualized environment with control over server resources.

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SAP Hybris provides a solution that helps an organization to cut costs, save time, reduce complexity and require less focus to achieve excellent customer experience. Learn all about Product management in this module. Thus, it offers unique management system for product content, channels and commerce operations on top of this Platform. SAP Hybris Tutorial. Enter Your Demo Date.

hybris Architecture and Technology

Consequently they must adopt more flexible business models, add new sales channels and interact with customers in new ways all of which increase the complexity and demands of managing businesses successfully 1. In order to be able to handle this complexity while at the same time lowering costs, improving customer service and increasing sales, different departments and subsidiaries often start implementing ad-hoc disparate IT solutions. These provide no single view of customers, products, inventories or marketing information, which is scattered across organizations and systems. Missing data, insufficient collaboration, duplications and uncoordinated activities lead to inefficient marketing and revenue losses.

Consequently they must adopt more flexible business models, add new sales channels and interact with customers in new ways all of which increase the complexity and demands of managing businesses successfully. In order to be able to handle this complexity while at the same time lowering costs, improving customer service and increasing sales, different departments and subsidiaries often start implementing ad-hoc disparate IT solutions. These provide no single view of customers, products, inventories or marketing information, which is scattered across organizations and systems.

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