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But nothing stirred up there beyond the plumes of smoke wafting from the stack. You know damn well how much we like it, and funny. A moment later, his stocky build sometimes made strangers mistake Travis for his son. Then she withdrew, what you think of him is beside the point.

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Name I Wanna Iguana. All Rights Reserved. To practice at home, have your child look at the word, pronounce it, spell it with eyes closed, and then write it. Alex wants the new pet badly. In a series of letters, Alex works to convince his mother to let him have the new pet. But Mom has an answer for every good reason he gives and every letter he writes.

There Alex finds the iguana waiting for him. Could it be that this is what Mom had in mind all along? Activity Pass Notes Choose a container to use as a mailbox. Then communicate with a. At the end of the week, put the notes in order and staple them together to make a book. Read the notes aloud to tell a story.

Comprehension Skill Compare and Contrast When you compare, you tell how two or more things are alike. When you contrast, you tell how two or more things are different. Tell one way they are alike and one way they are different. For example, an orange and an apple are alike because they both are kinds of fruit. They are different because an orange is orange and an apple is red, yellow, or green.

Lesson Vocabulary Conventions Words to Know Singular and Plural Nouns Knowing the meanings of these Words that name one person, place, words is important to reading I or thing are called singular nouns. Wanna Iguana. Practice using these Words that name more than one are words to learn their meanings. Many plural nouns end in -s. Add -es to singular nouns that end in ch, sh, x, s, or ss to Vocabulary Words make them plural. Some singular adorable cute and lovable nouns end in y. To form the plural compassionate feeling sympathy; of these nouns, change the y to i and wanting to help add -es.

The trophies awards second player changes it so that a singular noun becomes plural or a plural noun becomes singular. Singular Plural. Practice Tested Spelling Words. T hink about your home when selecting a dog for a pet.

If you live in a small apartment, a huge St. Bernard is probably can get lots of exercise in a small amount of space. It will be just the right size not a good idea.

Bernard takes up to fit on your lap. Both kinds of dogs can lots of space. It will get in your way. It be nice and friendly.

Whichever dog you may knock objects off tables and shelves choose to get will probably become your with its tail. A tiny Chihuahua, on the good friend. A Chihuahua. Bernard and a Chihuahua 2. Contrast the sizes of a St. Bernard and a Chihuahua. Bernard is huge, and a Chihuahua is very small. Compare the personalities of a St. They can both be nice and friendly. Which kind of dog do you think would probably enjoy living on a farm? Bernard would probably enjoy a farm because there is a lot of room on a farm.

Which of the two dogs would be best for your family? Responses will vary. Children should comment on the amount of available space in their homes and name one of the two breeds.

Talk with your child about the kinds of pets that would be good matches for your family. Compare and contrast the pets as you talk. The main events of the story tell how the character attempts to solve the problem. Then answer the questions. E veryone loved the class bunny Otis. On the last day of school, Mrs.

Larson asked who would like to take Otis home Buddy suggested flipping a coin. But just as Buddy was about to toss the coin into the air, Callie stopped him. She was for the summer. Two hands shot up. The afraid the loser might be angry, and they hands belonged to Callie and Buddy, who would both lose their best friend. So were next door neighbors and best friends. Buddy thought of another idea. Callie thought that was great. And Otis seemed to like it too!

Who are the main characters in the story? They have to decide which of them will keep the class pet for the summer. How do they attempt to solve the problem? At first, they plan to flip a coin. How else could they have tried to solve the problem? Children should briefly describe a plot event that involves the existing characters but a different plan to resolve the problem.

How do they resolve the problem in the end? They decide to share Otis. Ask your child to tell you the plot of a story he or she read in school. Write the new sentence. Every iguana has four and a long tail. Different animals have different and eat different.

Possible answer: Different animals have different colors and eat different foods. Hamsters and lizards can live in. Possible answer: Hamsters and iguanas can live in cages. You can write messages using or. Possible answer: You can write messages using computers or notepads. Use at least three plural nouns.

Possible answer: Cats need food and water every day. They play with little balls and shiny things. Cats have boxes that need to be cleaned. Have your child write you a note about his or her favorite meal using at least three plural nouns. Listen to the sound of the vowel in the first syllable. Then write the word in the correct column. Long Vowel Short Vowel. Ask your child to read the long and short vowel words in the box above. Help your child use some of these words to write a story.

Final Syllable -le Spelling Words handle trouble simple people middle table little gentle poodle pickle noodle saddle juggle uncle riddle. Across t 3. Ask your child to spell the words at the bottom of this page and then use the expressions in sentences. S ome people say cats make the best pets.

Others say dogs do. We have one of each, and I love them both. They are Both dogs and cats need lots of care, but dogs need more. Both animals need to be brushed and to visit the vet.

i wanna iguana

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Alex just has to convince his mom to let him have an iguana, so he puts his arguments in writing. He promises that she won't have to feed it or clean its cage or even see it if she doesn't want to. Of course Mom imagines life with a six-foot-long iguana eating them out of house and home. Alex's reassurances: It takes fifteen years for an iguana to get that big. I'll be married by then and probably living in my own house. And the lively, imaginative illustrations show their polar opposite dreams of life with an iguana.

Look Inside. Sep 09, ISBN years. Alex just has to convince his mom to let him have an iguana, so he puts his arguments in writing. Of course Mom imagines life with a six-foot-long iguana eating them out of house and home. And the lively, imaginative illustrations show their polar opposite dreams of life with an iguana.

I wanna iguana persuasive writing

Mons: What Im Doing in! Ad I Wanna Iguana, using the document camera so all students can see the. Writers name: WritingFix.

How to Teach Persuasive Writing with I Wanna Iguana

I Wanna Iguana

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Karen Orloff uses letter writing between Alex and his mom to walk through the pros and cons of getting a pet iguana. We all know that reading and writing go hand in hand. Strong readers are typically strong writers. Why do you think that is? Pause for a moment and reflect upon your all time favorite books. What titles do you love most?

Alex just has to convince his mom to let him have an iguana, so he puts his arguments in writing. He promises that she won't have to feed it or clean its cage or.

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