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He is also Head of Customer Experience at Mural, a software company that develops digital collaboration tools for organizations. In this book, the author ties together myriad applications of and different schools of thought about jobs-to-be-done JTBD.

These days, consumers have real power: they can research companies, compare ratings, and find alternatives with a simple tap. This book shows you techniques to make offerings people want, as well as make people want your offering.

Upgrade your user, not your product. Ten thousand years ago, we were hunter gatherers and used our feet to roam the earth. Today, we have fast food restaurants and autonomous cars.

The Hypothesis

Science is about process: observing, making inferences about those observations, and then performing tests to see if the inferences are indeed true. Toward that end, science employs a particular vocabulary for describing how ideas are proposed, tested, and supported or disproven. In scientific reasoning, a hypothesis is constructed before any applicable research has been done. When IBM announced the PCjr in , it was immediately declared a flop in the press — and as it turned out, they were right. As a humbled engineer on the IBM product team, I wondered how they were able to quickly and accurately predict the product would fail.

By the end, you will be able to run this process yourself or have a deep understanding of how I could implement it for you. That book is an absolute gold mine of actionable advice and insight for product designers and entrepreneurs. So where do you start, right? There are a hundred things the app could do Sound familiar? Stop and think for a second about what the answers to those two questions would tell you:. Ding ding ding!

The theory of Jobs to Be Done is a framework for better understanding customer behavior. While conventional marketing focuses on market demographics or product attributes, Jobs Theory goes beyond superficial categories to expose the functional, social, and emotional dimensions that explain why customers make the choices they do. A fast food chain interested in improving milkshake sales spent months doing market research, peppering customers with questions about their milkshakes. Was it chocolatey enough? Thick enough? Did it contain the right amount of syrup?

The Jobs To Be Done Playbook

He explains disruptive innovation and 4 other growth strategies through a Jobs lens and introduces new ideas, tutorials and templates that can be used to achieve predictable growth. Learn how to replace luck with a predictable innovation process. Companies that use ODI have found that the success rate for their innovation projects improves 5X. This jobs-to-be-done book reveals:. Tony has worked with dozens of Fortune companies, helping them make innovation more predictable. For 25 years he has worked to guide companies to success. He has done this by introducing us to Jobs-to-be-Done theory , and converting it to practice using his rigorous innovation process known as Outcome-Driven Innovation.

June 13, Helping a product team see a market through a Jobs-to-be-Done lens is often a transformational experience. The canvas can be downloaded in multiple formats. A special thanks to Mike Boysen for his contributions to creating the canvas. Please post suggested improvements to the canvas as a response to this article.

Such alignment and focus changes everything. So how can this be achieved? They want a quarter-inch hole! These are the basic constructs of Jobs-to-be-Done Theory, but these constructs are only the tip of the iceberg. The theory has a game-changing implication:. Moreover, when using this framework, a complete set of need statements can be captured in days — rather than months — and the statements themselves are valid for years — rather than quickly becoming obsolete. Historically, the primary cause of failed products and services is a misalignment with customer needs.

Tony Ulwick's latest Jobs-to-be-Done book, JTBD: Theory to Practice, details proven Outcome-Driven Innovation methods. Get this framework + tutorial FREE.

Jobs to Be Done

More than you would think. They are all products of an innovative approach called the Jobs Roadmap. The Jobs Roadmap is a straightforward process that enables companies to consistently uncover new opportunities and generate great ideas. By combining a deep understanding of customer needs, attitudes, and behaviors with hard data on the market landscape, the Jobs Roadmap enables companies to arrive at insights and solutions that are original and profitable.

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Book Review: The Jobs To Be Done Playbook

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