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The 48 Laws of Power. This is a nonfiction book by the American author Robert Greene.

The 48 Laws of Power Summary and Review

Want to get the main points of The 48 Laws of Power in 20 minutes or less? Read a quick 1-Page Summary, a Full Summary, or watch video summaries curated by our expert team. The 48 Laws of Power is a self-help book that teaches readers how to gain and maintain power by using the lessons from historical figures. Power comes from the relationships between people. Powerful people must appear to be honest and trustworthy, eliminate doubt in their abilities, and use tactics that give them an advantage over others.

They need to understand timing and adapt quickly to changing situations. When seeking power, one should mirror the actions of those they want to control or limit their options for action. The powerful also need a relationship with audiences by creating spectacles that feed into their needs for entertainment and fantasy. There are many people who have acquired power in the past. Some of them did it by being sneaky and manipulative, while others were more honest about their intentions.

There are also generals from ancient times, as well as famous con artists and entertainers who use different strategies to become powerful. The laws of power can be used in a reverse manner if the situation demands it. For example, while appearing unintelligent is usually best for manipulating someone, intimidating them with intelligence may accomplish what feigned ignorance could not.

If you want to increase your power, you should get people to come to you rather than going after them. Never outshine your superiors. Appearances are important to the powerful, so they must never be jealous of anyone else or try to take their place.

Instead, the powerful should act like royalty and make it seem like everything comes easily for them. They also need to keep a good reputation while instilling fear in others. Secrecy preserves power because it conceals intentions, making it harder for opponents to predict what will happen next. Power can also be cultivated through timing decisions correctly so that results maximize benefits. People who want power should learn how adaptable they can be when necessary—they should become shapeless so that no one knows exactly what kind of person they are or what kind of thing will offend them most—and give up some control temporarily if necessary as long as doing so helps gain time or resources later on.

Powerful people attract followers who need to be managed. They are more concerned with maintaining their status and power than persuading others logically.

The powerful spend their own money, accept nothing for free, and look down on anything they cannot have in order to maintain their power. To be powerful, you must not outperform your superiors. Avoid being summoned by anyone and maintain a dominant position by forcing people to come see you if they want anything from you or want attention. The courtier is a person who serves the ruling class by appearing to be loyal and obedient while secretly working against them. Those seeking power must avoid isolation because it will cause people to lose interest in them or their ideas.

Today, there are few places where monarchs have courtiers attending them. However, many people still seek power by aligning themselves with those who already have it.

In politics, for example, politicians want to gain power by becoming close allies of those in power now. She persuades Thane Macbeth to kill King Duncan so that he can become king and she can be his closest advisor. She convinces him that the idea was all his own and minimizes her role so as not to appear guilty later on.

Like this summary? Have too much to read? You'll love my book summary product Shortform. Even better, it helps you remember what you read, so you can make your life better. What's special about Shortform:. Sound like what you've been looking for? Sign up for a 5-day free trial here. Dependability is the key to earning respect. In order to succeed someone with an established legacy one must maintain their image of success and never appear to work hard at anything or seem like you are trying too hard; this will help make them look better by comparison.

One way of appearing unpredictable can also earn fearful respect from others because it makes them feel as though you could do anything at any time and that they should therefore not mess around with you.

To do this, you must uphold policies that relate to your value of honesty and hold your employees accountable for their work. Meanwhile, your relentlessness will make them believe that if they back out of the deal, there are other ways that you could take over their company instead. Powerful people gain an advantage by being willing to use honesty and generosity for their own benefit.

Powerful people should seem ignorant so that they can manipulate others into thinking that they have control over the situation. In business and politics, honesty is hard to come by. In contract law, using public money or company money dishonestly can result in criminal charges. Lying about these things is not advised, but there are other ways to be selectively honest while increasing power in these two spheres. If he successfully made himself as vital to the processes in his department as he hoped, employees would accept that he is leaving for the vacation but soon realize that nothing can be accomplished without him.

If someone threatened to fire him later on, they would advocate for his work and fear what might happen if he were permanently unavailable. The timing of power is essential because it can result in success or disaster. For example, if you exercise your power at the wrong time, people will not respect you and may try to take advantage of you. If you use your power at the right time, however, people will look up to you and be more likely to follow your lead.

Business decisions are crucial and can make or break a company. Hiring the right people at the right time is critical to success. For example, hiring Carly Fiorina as CEO of Hewlett-Packard was a great decision because she doubled revenues and employee numbers following several mergers. However, her reputation suffered when she forced employees to take pay cuts after that merger failed to deliver results. She lost her job over this incident but later ran for president in with little success due to these issues from her past job performance.

Being adaptable is important because it allows you to be whatever the situation calls for. If one strategy fails, being able to adapt will help you succeed in other situations.

In every profession, adaptation is important. Politicians often change their strategy to gain more power and influence. For example, when Hillary Clinton ran for president, she accused Barack Obama of not having the right qualifications or perspective to be president. Later on, after he became the Democratic nominee for president, they worked together in his administration as secretary of state and vice-president respectively.

Everyone has a weakness to exploit; it is just a matter of finding it in time. Strategists should remember that they are planning for the long run instead of simply looking at how to win this battle right now. One could also find out what a rival organization is doing well and offer more money for that person to join your campaign instead. In debate, one should hit on weaknesses in his or her reputation while remaining calm when attacked by the opponent.

This will get under their skin and make them angry during the debate, which will help you win over voters later on election day. The best way to win respect and inspire fear in enemies is to act quickly without hesitation. Each target has its own strengths and weaknesses, so the attack should be customized based on those weaknesses. Businesses that follow these laws will have more confidence from their investors and customers.

Sometimes, telecommunications companies will divide a market into regions and allow one company to dominate each region. The fact is that there are no other choices for those customers. Great entertainers are the best examples of how to attract and keep an audience. They provide spectacles that audiences would like, and they appeal to emotions rather than logic. Any kind of attention is good attention, even if it seems negative at first.

It is well known that newspapers and magazines sell more copies when they have controversial articles. Some of the most widely read publications are tabloids and daily news magazines because they stir up negativity and make controversial allegations. Anything too drastic can turn readers away, though, so it would be bad if a partisan publication began attacking the party it had long supported. Powerful people gain power by giving favors and expecting to get something in return.

There are a few principles that can help an investor succeed. One of those is to make as much money as possible, while never taking gifts from clients and always looking successful. She should be careful not to chase after clients who quit her and never admit any mistakes she makes at work; instead, she should blame them on others or automation. Robert Greene writes in a scholarly style, like other books on power and leadership. Some recommendations are difficult to justify, including ruthlessness toward a rival or starting rivals.

There are many examples of people who followed or broke the laws of power, and they come from a variety of sources. A more modern-day example is Henry Kissinger; although he did break some rules in his political career, it worked out for him overall. The examples in this book sometimes follow a format.

For example, they begin with someone who broke the law of power and then continue with an analysis of why breaking that law was bad, followed by an example of someone who followed the law well and ended up succeeding. There are also sections about how to reverse situations where following or breaking the laws would be advantageous.

Robert Greene is an author and business consultant who graduated from a prestigious school. He wrote The 48 Laws of Power after meeting with book producer Joost Elffers at an Italian art school, where he went on to write additional books on seduction, war strategies for business, and subject mastery. These seven laws will focus on the most powerful ones. This passage tells us about three key points. Second, a minister was thrown into the dungeon for throwing a party for his king.

Third, sometimes your best chance of winning is to surrender and give up the fight.

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene [BOOK SUMMARY & PDF]

Fantastic stories broadly applicable to success in life, though a bit overwhelming in scope and heavy to work through. That said, it was banned from US prisons for a reason. In fact, you have more to fear from friends than from enemies. If you have no enemies, find a way to make them. Since honesty rarely strengthens friendship, you may never know how a friend truly feels.

If you are a leader or if you are aspiring to get to positions of power, this book is for you. However, use it at your own risk because some of these laws can be dark and manipulative. The following are my Top 8 favorite laws of power, the ones I feel good about. I struggled in my high-tech career back when I was a computer engineer. I was not getting promoted even after working hard in the company. I was getting mad and frustrated, until I came across this book. The first law totally blew my mind.

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A book like this depended greatly on the research material available and I am particularly grateful to the UCLA Research Library; I spent many pleasant days.

Concise 48 Laws of Power

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The 48 Laws of Power examines 48 key steps to understanding how to use and enforce your power. Greene understands and clearly outlines how power can be effective in furthering your business potential. American author Robert Greene is the author of 5 international best-sellers. The 48 Laws of Power was his first book and was a pivotal moment for his writing career. Greene has faced some controversy due to the nature of his books, some perceive them as problematic and manipulative. But Greene stands by his ideas and has continued to hold a strong following of fans in the business sector. He enjoys swimming and biking and lives with his girlfriend in Los Angeles.

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

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