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Buy from Amazon. This esteemed text continues to meet the needs of students and professors by offering new chapters on RNA, genome defense, and epigenetics, along with expanded coverage of RNAi, CRISPR, and more ensuring topical content for a new class of students.

Heaton, at al. American Birds by William Lovell Finley, American Forest Trees by Henry H.

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The double-helical structure, held together by spe- cific pairing between the bases on the two strands, has become one of the iconic images of science. The image of the microscope was perhaps the icon of science in the late 19th century, displaced by the mid 20th century by the graphical representation of the atom with its orbiting electrons. But by the end of the century that image had in turn given way to the double helix. The field of molecular biology as we understand it today was born out of the discovery of the DNA structure and the agenda for research that that structure immediately provided. By the time the first edition of Molecular Biology of the Gene was published, just 12 years later in , it had been confirmed that DNA replicated in the manner suggested by the model, the genetic code had all but been cracked, and the mechanism by which genes are expressed, and how that expression is regulated, had been established at least in outline.

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The book is a choice selection of exciting topics in molecular biology organized in a logical sequence starting with a historical and biochemical background, progressing through the structure and functions of nucleic acids, the role of nucleic acids in protein synthesis including transcription and translation of genetic information and culminating in a concise account of our current knowledge about genes and genomes. While the close interlinkages amongst cell biology, biochemistry and molecular genetics in weaving the fabric of general molecular biology can be seen throughout the book, the electron microscopic aspects, usually termed supramolecular biology, have been avoided so as to enhance utility of the text for students in developing countries including India. The textbook has a glossary of useful terms and a list of recent books and papers for supplementary reading and reference. A short summary of some important points and rules of molecular biology is given at the end of each chapter for quick reference. Login Invalid login details. Register For New Account.

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It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This new edition provides a comprehensive look at the molecular genetics and biochemical basis of fungal biology, covering important model organisms such as Aspergilli while also integrating advances made with zygomycetes and basidiomycetes. This book groups a total of 15 chapters authored by expert scholars in their respective fields into four sections.

Watson is Chancellor Emeritus at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, where he was previously its Director from to , President from to , and Chancellor from to He spent his undergraduate years at the University of Chicago and received his Ph. Between and , he did postdoctoral research in Copenhagen and Cambridge, England. While at Cambridge, he began the collaboration that resulted in the elucidation of the double-helical structure of DNA in Later in , he went to the California Institute of Technology.

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Molecular Biology Books PDF

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